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Garage Workshop Machines Lab

NaugraLabEquipments is universally recognized as a leading automobile garage lab workshop machines manufacturers, suppliers and exporters company in India. We are exporting superior quality automobile garage laboratory workshop machines at affordable prices to educational institutions, government organizations, research centers etc.

All automobile garage laboratory workshop equipments are designed by experienced members of our expert group using advanced quality raw material and modern technology to guarantee its smooth performance and long lasting service.

Our highly demanded automobile garage lab workshop machines around the world are cranshaft regrinder, hydraulic vertical honning machine, brake disc and drum lathe machine, vertical head block surface grinder machine, cone rod boring machine, valve seat cutting machine etc.

Cranshaft Regrinder

Cranshaft Regrinder....

Product Code: GWM0001 - (Cranshaft Regrinder)


Hydraulic Vertical Honning Machine

Hydraulic Vertical Honning Machine....

Product Code: GWM0002 - (Hydraulic Vertical Honning Machine)


Brake Disc & Drum Lathe Machine

Brake Disc & Drum Lathe Machine....

Product Code: GWM0003 - (Brake Disc & Drum Lathe Machine)


Vertical Head Block Surface Grinder Machine

Vertical Head Block Surface Grinder Machine....

Product Code: GWM0004 - (Vertical Head Block Surface Grinder Machine)


Cone Rod Boring Machine

Cone Rod Boring Machine....

Product Code: GWM0005 - (Cone Rod Boring Machine)


Valve Seat Cutting Machine

Valve Seat Cutting Machine....

Product Code: GWM0006 - (Valve Seat Cutting Machine)


Tool Grinder

Tool Grinder....

Product Code: GWM0007 - (Tool Grinder)


Connecting Rod & Cap Grinder

Connecting Rod & Cap Grinder....

Product Code: GWM0008 - (Connecting Rod & Cap Grinder)


Portable Cylinder Boring Bar

Portable Cylinder Boring Bar....

Product Code: GWM0009 - (Portable Cylinder Boring Bar)


Diesel Fuel Pump Test Bench

Diesel Fuel Pump Test Bench....

Product Code: GWM0010 - (Diesel Fuel Pump Test Bench)