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Metrology Laboratory Equipments

NaugraLabEquipments is a very well known name in the field of metrology laboratory equipments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. We are delivering high-quality metrology lab equipments machines around the world at the very cheapest price. Our metrology laboratory equipments are manufactured using advances technology and excellent raw material as per the set norms of the industry and widely accepted for their smooth performance and long lasting service. Some of our metrology laboratory instruments are metrology and quality control and many more.

Metrology and Quality Control

Metrology and Quality Control....

Product Code: MET0001 - (Metrology and Quality Control)


Naugra Torque Measurement Trainer

Naugra Torque Measurement Trainer....

Product Code: MET0002 - (Naugra Torque Measurement Trainer)


Naugra Autocollimator

Naugra Autocollimator....

Product Code: MET0003 - (Naugra Autocollimator)


Vibration/Shock Measurement Naugra Vibration/Shock Measurement SetupSetup

Naugra Vibration/Shock Measurement Setup....

Product Code: MET0004 - (Vibration/Shock Measurement Naugra Vibration/Shock Measurement SetupSetup)


Naugra Drill Tool Dynamometer

Naugra Drill Tool Dynamometer....

Product Code: MET0005 - (Naugra Drill Tool Dynamometer)


Naugra Venire Calipers

Naugra Venire Calipers....

Product Code: MET0006 - (Naugra Venire Calipers)