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Thermal Engineering lab Equipment

Manufacturer of Engine Test Setup - Multi-Fuel Research Engine Test Setup. Computerized Single Cylinder Diesel and petrol Engine Test Setup. Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine Test Setup. Computerized VCR engine test setup. Computerized multi Cylinder Petrol and Diesel Engine

Axial Flow Turbine test bed

Axial Flow Turbine test bed....

Product Code: THML0001 - (Axial Flow Turbine test bed)


Coil on Plug Ignition system Trainer

Coil on Plug Ignition system Trainer....

Product Code: THML0002 - (Coil on Plug Ignition system Trainer)


Cruise Control Trainer

Cruise Control Trainer....

Product Code: THML0003 - (Cruise Control Trainer)


Distributor Ignition System Trainer

Distributor Ignition System Trainer....

Product Code: THML0004 - (Distributor Ignition System Trainer)


Exhaust Gas Calorimeter

Exhaust Gas Calorimeter....

Product Code: THML0005 - (Exhaust Gas Calorimeter)