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Electrochemistry Instruments

NaugraLabEquipments is widely known as a leading electrochemistry instruments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters company in India. Our electrochemistry instruments are manufactured using modern technology and quality raw material as per the set norms of the industry. We are exporting electrochemistry equipments around all over the world and these products are appreciated for their high quality, durability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. Some of our electrochemistry instruments are microprocessor ph meter, microprocessor ph-ec-tds meter, digital tds meter, dissolved oxygen meter, digital turbidity meter, microprocessor colony counter etc.

Naugra Lab Microprocessor pH Meter

Naugra Lab Microprocessor pH Meter....

Product Code: ELTC0001 - (Naugra Lab Microprocessor pH Meter)


Naugra Lab Microprocessor pH-EC-TDS Meter

Naugra Lab Microprocessor pH-EC-TDS Meter....

Product Code: ELTC0002 - (Naugra Lab Microprocessor pH-EC-TDS Meter)


Naugra Lab Digital TDS Meter

Naugra Lab Digital TDS Meter....

Product Code: ELTC0003 - (Naugra Lab Digital TDS Meter)


Naugra Lab Digital TDS Meter

Naugra Lab Digital TDS Meter....

Product Code: ELTC0004 - (Naugra Lab Digital TDS Meter)


Naugra Lab Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Naugra Lab Dissolved Oxygen Meter....

Product Code: ELTC0005 - (Naugra Lab Dissolved Oxygen Meter)


Naugra Lab Digital Turbidity Meter

Naugra Lab Digital Turbidity Meter....

Product Code: ELTC0006 - (Naugra Lab Digital Turbidity Meter)


Naugra Lab Microprocessor Colony Counter

Naugra Lab Microprocessor Colony Counter....

Product Code: ELTC0007 - (Naugra Lab Microprocessor Colony Counter)