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Renewable Energy Lab Equipment

Naugra Lab Equipments is a trusted renewable energy lab equipment manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Our renewable energy laboratory equipment are made of premium quality raw materials from trusted sources. We offer quality renewable energy lab instrument at affordable price. Our renewable energy laboratory instrument are used in many schools, colleges, universities, hotels, industries, mnc, vocational training centers. Few of our Renewable Energy Lab Instruments are Wind Powered Generator, Fuel Cell Technology Trainer, Photovoltaic Solar Energy Unit, Educational Hydroelectric Micro Station, Industrial Refrigeration Unit etc.

Wind Powered Generator

Wind Powered Generator....

Product Code: REWL0001 - (Wind Powered Generator)


Fuel Cell Technology Trainer

Fuel Cell Technology Trainer....

Product Code: REWL0002 - (Fuel Cell Technology Trainer)


Photovoltaic Solar Energy Unit Trainer for engineering schools

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Unit Trainer for engineering schools

Product Code: REWL0003 - (Photovoltaic Solar Energy Unit Trainer for engineering schools)


Educational Hydroelectric Micro Station

Educational Hydroelectric Micro Station....

Product Code: REWL0004 - (Educational Hydroelectric Micro Station)


Industrial Refrigeration Unit

Industrial Refrigeration Unit....

Product Code: REWL0005 - (Industrial Refrigeration Unit)