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Pharmaceutical Instruments and Pharmacology Equipments

Pharmaceutical Instruments and Pharmacology Equipments

Naugra Lab Brodie Starling Kymograph

Naugra Lab Brodie Starling Kymograph....

Product Code: PHR0001 - (Naugra Lab Brodie Starling Kymograph)


Naugra Lab Student Electric Kymographs

Naugra Lab Student Electric Kymographs....

Product Code: PHR0002 - (Naugra Lab Student Electric Kymographs)


Naugra Lab Student Kymographs Digital

Naugra Lab Student Kymographs Digital....

Product Code: PHR0003 - (Naugra Lab Student Kymographs Digital)


Naugra Lab Muscle Twitch Assembly

Naugra Lab Muscle Twitch Assembly....

Product Code: PHR0004 - (Naugra Lab Muscle Twitch Assembly)


Naugra Lab Student Nerve-Muscle Assembly

Naugra Lab Student Nerve-Muscle Assembly....

Product Code: PHR0005 - (Naugra Lab Student Nerve-Muscle Assembly)


Naugra Lab Smoking Varnishing Outfits

Naugra Lab Smoking Varnishing Outfits....

Product Code: PHR0006 - (Naugra Lab Smoking Varnishing Outfits)


Naugra Lab Time Recording Devices

Naugra Lab Time Recording Devices....

Product Code: PHR0007 - (Naugra Lab Time Recording Devices)


Naugra Lab Manometers

Naugra Lab Manometers....

Product Code: PHR0008 - (Naugra Lab Manometers)


Naugra Lab Simple Electrode

Naugra Lab Simple Electrode....

Product Code: PHR0009 - (Naugra Lab Simple Electrode)


Naugra Lab Hook & weight

Naugra Lab Hook & weight....

Product Code: PHR0010 - (Naugra Lab Hook & weight)


Naugra Lab Tambours

Naugra Lab Tambours....

Product Code: PHR0011 - (Naugra Lab Tambours)


Naugra Lab Myographic Lever

Naugra Lab Myographic Lever....

Product Code: PHR0012 - (Naugra Lab Myographic Lever)


Naugra Lab Starling Crank Myograph

Naugra Lab Starling Crank Myograph....

Product Code: PHR0013 - (Naugra Lab Starling Crank Myograph)


Naugra Lab Frog Board

Naugra Lab Frog Board....

Product Code: PHR0014 - (Naugra Lab Frog Board)


Naugra Lab Frog Muscle Chamber

Naugra Lab Frog Muscle Chamber....

Product Code: PHR0015 - (Naugra Lab Frog Muscle Chamber)


Naugra Lab Boss Heads Stands & Fixing Devices

Naugra Lab Boss Heads Stands & Fixing Devices....

Product Code: PHR0016 - (Naugra Lab Boss Heads Stands & Fixing Devices)


Naugra Lab Standard X-Block

Naugra Lab Standard X-Block....

Product Code: PHR0017 - (Naugra Lab Standard X-Block)


Naugra Lab Open Sided X-Block

Naugra Lab Open Sided X-Block....

Product Code: PHR0018 - (Naugra Lab Open Sided X-Block)


Naugra Lab Muscle Grip

Naugra Lab Muscle Grip....

Product Code: PHR0019 - (Naugra Lab Muscle Grip)


Naugra Lab Heart Clips

Naugra Lab Heart Clips....

Product Code: PHR0020 - (Naugra Lab Heart Clips)