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Communication Lab Trainer

Naugra Lab Equipments is a trusted communication lab trainer equipments manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Our communication lab trainer instruments are made from tested raw materials from trusted sources under the supervision of our lab experts & lab engineers. Our communication laboratory trainer equipments are widely used in various engineering schools, colleges, universities, vocational training centers, government organizations, testing & research labs. Our communication laboratory trainer instruments are Telephone Trainer, Mobile Phone Trainer(GSM) etc.

Telephone Trainer

Telephone Trainer....

Product Code: COM0001 - (Telephone Trainer)


Mobile Phone Trainer (GSM)

Mobile Phone Trainer (GSM)....

Product Code: COM0002 - (Mobile Phone Trainer (GSM))


Binary Multiplier

Binary Multiplier....

Product Code: COM0003 - (Binary Multiplier)


QPSK DQPSK Modulation Trainer

QPSK DQPSK Modulation Trainer....

Product Code: COM0004 - (QPSK DQPSK Modulation Trainer)




Product Code: COM0005 - (BPSK DEPSK DPSK Trainer)


GSM Trainer

GSM Trainer....

Product Code: COM0006 - (GSM Trainer)


Data Communication Trainer

Data Communication Trainer....

Product Code: COM0007 - (Data Communication Trainer)


CRC Code Decode Trainer

CRC Code Decode Trainer....

Product Code: COM0008 - (CRC Code Decode Trainer)


MSK Modlation Demodulation Trainer

MSK Modlation Demodulation Trainer....

Product Code: COM0009 - (MSK Modlation Demodulation Trainer)


QAM DQAM Demodulation Trainer

QAM DQAM Demodulation Trainer....

Product Code: COM0010 - (QAM DQAM Demodulation Trainer)


DPCM / ADPCM Modulation Demodulation Trainer

DPCM / ADPCM Modulation Demodulation Trainer....

Product Code: COM0011 - (DPCM / ADPCM Modulation Demodulation Trainer)


QAM / DQAM Modulation Trainer

QAM / DQAM Modulation Trainer....

Product Code: COM0012 - (QAM / DQAM Modulation Trainer)


Base Band Transmission Reception Trainer

Base Band Transmission Reception Trainer....

Product Code: COM0013 - (Base Band Transmission Reception Trainer)


FDM Trainer

FDM Trainer....

Product Code: COM0014 - (FDM Trainer)


Data Reconditioning Trainer

Data Reconditioning Trainer....

Product Code: COM0015 - (Data Reconditioning Trainer)


Data Conditioning Trainer

Data Conditioning Trainer....

Product Code: COM0016 - (Data Conditioning Trainer)


Delta / Adaptive Delta Modulation / Demodulation Trainer

Delta / Adaptive Delta Modulation / Demodulation Trainer....

Product Code: COM0017 - (Delta / Adaptive Delta Modulation / Demodulation Trainer)


TDM Pulse Code Demodulation Trainer

TDM Pulse Code Demodulation Trainer....

Product Code: COM0018 - (TDM Pulse Code Demodulation Trainer)


QPSK DQPSK Demodulation Trainer

QPSK DQPSK Demodulation Trainer....

Product Code: COM0019 - (QPSK DQPSK Demodulation Trainer)