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MOE Tenders

Ministry of Education Tenders for Vocational Lab, School Lab

Full range of Ministry of Education and Vocational Lab Training Equipments and School Lab Teaching Materials, Testing Lab Instruments Tenders

NaugraLab - Supply of Tender Educational Lab Materials, Schools Project. - Bidding and Tendering for the Ministry of Education to provide Schools Lab Equipments (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Instruments) for Elementary, Middle and High Schools. In addition, we have customized projects for Vocational Schools, Vocational TVET Polytechnic Schools, Corporate Workshop Training Centers and Vocational Training Facilities.

NaugraLab help clients and partners participate on overseas tenders for global business development, preparation of prequalification documents and bids international tender, financed by the World Bank, African Development Bank, Council for Technical and Vocational Education Training, MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING for the Supply of Electrical, Mechanical and IT Equipment, the supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and training of automotive training equipment, delivery and installation of various didactic equipment, supply and the procurement of workshop equipment for technical schools including installation of electricity workshop, electronics workshop, computer maintenance and networking workshop, basic computer lab, and office equipment, solar power solutions through the use of a didactic trainer, tender for the supply and installation of workshops for the study of electricity and electronics for the vocational technical institutes, Vocational Classrooms Equipment , Teaching Technology, Furniture,.

NaugraLabs Correspondence (India):

6148/6, Guru Nanak Marg,
Ambala Cantt,

Email : sales@naugralabequipments.com
Telephone: +91-0171-2643080 , 2601773,
Website: www.naugralabequipments.com

Product Line for Tenders:

Biotechnology Equipments
Demonstration Equipment
Cell Equipments
Environmental Chemistry Equipment
Forensics Equipment
Green Chemistry Equipment
Lab Equipment
Lab Investigation Equipment
Micro Chemistry Equipment
Micro Science Equipment
Model Sets
Classification Equipments
Dissection Equipments
Electrophoresis Equipments
Enzyme Equipments
Genetics and Inheritance Equipments
Health Equipments
Human Biology Equipments
Microbiology Equipment
Molecular Model Equipment
Astronomy Equipment
Environment Equipment
Fossil Equipments
Geology Equipment
Atomic Physics Equipment
Density Equipment
Electricity Equipment
Electromagnetism Equipment
Electrostatics Equipment
Energy Transfer Equipment
Force Motion and Dynamic Equipment
Ultrasonics Laboratory Instrument
Light and Optics Equipment
Frozen Artificial Insemination Equipment
Renewable Energy Equipment
Sound and Waves
Laboratory Furniture
Cold Chain Equipment
Obstetrical and Gynecological Instruments
Plaster Cutting Instruments
Disposables Personal and Safety
Hospital Hollowares
Scissors and Forceps
Post Mortem Instruments
Education Kit
General Lab Equipment
Vocational Training Laboratory Equipment
Woodworking Workshop Machines
Wood Workshop Portable Tool
Plant Engineering and Welding Equipment
Welding Equipment and Workshop Lab Machine
Earth Resistivity Meters Equipment
Standard Welding Equipment Set
Electrical Work Bench
Manufacturer of Geophysical Instruments
Handheld GPS devices
Agriculture Lab Equipments
Workshop Tools
Plumbing Workshop Instrument
Concrete Laboratory
Soil Mechanics
Strength of Materials Lab Equipments
Applied Mechanics Lab Equipments
Hydrology Lab Equipments
Mechatronics Lab Equipments
CAD CAM Lab Equipments
Dynamics of Machine Lab Equipments
Metro logy Lab Equipments
Mechanical Workshop Lab Equipments
Refrigeration Air- conditioning Lab Equipments
Drawing Room Lab Equipments
Automobile Engineering Lab Equipments
Thermal Engineering Lab Equipments
Cement and Concrete Testing Equipments
Geotechnical Engineering Lab Equipments
Transportation Engineering Lab Equipments
Structural Engineering Lab Equipments
Analytical Instruments
Environmental Engineering Lab Equipments
Civil Engineering Models And Charts Equipment
Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Metal Manufacturing Training Machine
Washing Machine
Textile Technology
CNC Trainer Machine
Training Workshop Labs
Chemical Engineering Lab Equipment
Chemical Reaction
Physics Workshop Labs
Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipments
Civil Engineering Lab Equipments
Electrical Engineering Lab Equipments
Electronics and Telecommunication Lab Equipments
Pathology and Laboratory Equipments
Automobile Engineering
Theory of Machine
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab
I.C. Engine Lab"];
$( function() {
//var availableTags =["Animal Cage Twin Grill
Water Bottle
Animal Cage
Dropping Bottles
Dropping Bottles Euro Design
Reagent Bottle Narrow Mouth
Reagent Bottle Wide Mouth
Narrow Mouth Bottle
Temperature Control Apparatus Lab
Wide Mouth Square Bottle
Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottle
Carboy with Stop Cock
Aspirator Bottles
Wash Bottles
Wash Bottles New Type
Float Rack
Twin Rack
PCR Tube Rack
Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom
Process Control Rig
Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tube
Ria Vial
Test Tube with Screw cap
Micro Pestle
Connectors T and Y
Connectors Cross
Connectors L Shaped
Stop Cocks
Urine Container
Sample Container Press and Fit Type
Stool Container
Cryo Vial Internal Thread
Cryo Vial
Cryo Coders
Cryo Rack
Cryo Box (PC)
Absorption in Packed Column
Cryo Box (PP)
Funnel Holder
Funnels Long Stem
Buchner Funnel
Bernoullis Theorem Complete with Collecting Tank
Analytical Funnel
Powder Funnels
Industrial Funnels
Networking of Industrial Controllers
Speciman Jar
Desiccator Vacuum
Desiccator Plain
Kipps Apparatus
Test Tube Cap
Aerobic Digester
Policeman Stirring Rods
Pneumatic Trough
Plantation Pots
Storage Box
Simple Cell Pots
Leclanche Cell Pot
Atomic Model
Atomic Model Euro Design
Crystal Models Set
Pipette Pump
Microtip Box
Pipette Stand Horizontal
Pipette Stand Vertical
Pipettes Stands 94 Pipettes Rotary
Pipette Box
Reagent Reservoir
Universal Reagent Reservoir
Fisher Clamp
Funnel Holders
Separatory Holder
Flask Stand
Retort Stand
Rack Scintillation Vial
Rack Petri Dishes
Universal Multi Rack
Nestle Cylinder Stand
Test Tube Stand
Test Tube Stand Round
Rack for Micro Centrifuge Tubes
Test Tube Stand 3 Tier
Test tube Stand 3 Tiers
Test Tube Pegrack
Test Tube Stand Wire Pattern
Test Tube Stand Wire Pattern Fix
Micro Centrifuge Folding
Pipette Stand Horizontal
Interchangeable Glass Instrument
Pipette Stands 94 Pipettes Rotary
Draining Rack
Coplin Jar
Slide Mailer
Slide Box
Slide Storage Rack
Petri Dish
Reverse Osmosis Ultra Filtration Unit
Petri Dish Culture
Micro Test Plates
Cover All
Petri Dish Disposal
Rack For Petri Dishes
Staining Box
Soft Loop Sterile
L Shape Spreader
Magenta Box
Ria Vials
Storage Vial
Storage Vial With O Ring
Vail Internal Thread
Scintillation Vial
Rack For Scintillation Vial
Beakers Euro Design
Conical Flask
Volumetric Flask
Measuring Cylinders
Measuring Cylinders Hexagonal
Measuring Jugs
Measuring Jugs Euro Design
Conical Measure
Medicine Cup
Human Skeleton Tall 180 cm
Human Skeleton Medium Tall 85cm
Human Skeleton with Nerves and Blood Vessels Tall 85cm
Human Skeleton Life - Size Tall 170cm
Mini Human Skeleton 42cm
Disarticulated Human Skeleton 200 Bones
Vertebral Column with Skull
Cervical Vertebral Column with Neck Artery
Pelvis with Lumber Vertebrae
Female Pelvic Muscles and Organs
Adult Female Pelvis
Nichrome Wire
Birth Demonstration Model
Vertebral Column with Pelvis And Femur Heads
Lumbar Spinal Column
Lumber Set of 3
Shoulder Joint Life Size
Hip Joint Life Size
Elbow Joint Model
Knee Joint Life Size
Functional Elbow Joint Life Size
Hand Joint Model
Newtons Ring Apparatus
Adult Skull Life Size
Foetal Child Skull Model
Foot Joint With Ligaments Life Size
Hand Joint With Ligaments Life Size
Larynx Heart and Lungs Model
Cardiac Beat and Blood Circulation Model
Adult Skull Colored Life Size
Unisex Torso 23 Parts
Human Torso 15 Parts Tall 26cm
Unisex Torso and Human Torso
Human Torso 90cms
Model of the Head and Neck Horizontal Shears
Human Torso Vertical Shears
Digestive System Model
Newtons Color Disc
Jumbo Heart Model
Heart Model Life Size
Stomach Model
Liver Pancreas and Duodenum Model
Liver Model
Pumping Heart Model
DNA Structure Model
Protein Structure Model
DNA Activity Model
Transparent Lungs Segment Model
Magnified Human Larynx Model
Magnified Pulmonary Alveoli Model
Human Kidney with Adrenal Gland
Functional Eye Model
Skin Model Enlarged
Skin Block Model Enlarge
Hypertension Model 6 Parts
Eye with Orbit Model
Giant Eye Model
Ear Model
Navigation Compass
Shaper Machine
Tooth Hygiene Set model and dental care model with brush
Papilla Tome
Expansion Model of Human Teeth
Half Lover Jaw
Brain with Arteries on Head
Anatomical Nasal Cavity
Dental Model Small
IUD Training Model
Prostate Inspection Model
Human Body Anatomy Model
Ear Anatomy Model
Cranial Nerve Skull
Heart Anatomy Model
Transparent Human Skeleton Tall 85cm
Human Trachea Intubation Model
Human Respiration Model
Lung Demonstration Model
Neuron Model
Elderly Fully-Functional Nursing Manikin
Airway Intubation Simulator
Multi Functional Airway Mangement Model
Midwifery Training Simulator
High Quality Nurse Training Doll Unisex
Multi Functional Patient Care Nursing Manikin
Urinary Model Electronic
Basic Combination Nursing Manikin
Multi-Functional Nursing Manikin
Multi-Functional Child Nursing Manikin
Nursing Baby Unisex
Gynecological Examination Model
Human Female Pelvis Section
Human Male Pelvis Section
Human Female Pregnant Pelvis Section with Fetus
Human Male Pelvis Section 2 Part
Male Urogenital System
Female Urogenital System
Female Catheterization Training Simulator
Labour Delivery Model
Nurse Basic Practice Teaching Model
Ovary Model
Newborn Baby Model Female
Newborn Intubation Baby Model
Delivery Leopold Maneuvers Simulated Model
Body Basic CPR Manikin Female with Monitor and Printer
Half Body CPR Training Model Male
Half Body CPR Training Model Female
Basic CPR Manikin Half Body With Monitor
Magnified Uterus Model
Body Basic CPR Manikin Advanced Along With Printer
Brest Examination Model
Maternity Examination Model
Injectable Training Arm Model
Buttock Injection Model
Advanced Surgical Suturing Arm Model
Multi-Functional Adult IV Training Arm Model
Surgical Suture Leg
Valva Suturing Training Simulator
Neonate Scalp Venipuncture Model
Electronic Buttocks Injection Simulator
Advanced Blood Pressure Training Arm Model
Multifunctional Child IV Training Arm Model
Advanced Trauma Nursing Care Manikin
Electric Reachea Intubation Model
Heart Model
Plaque Building Anatomical Models
Death of an Artery Models
Heart With Arteries Models
Heart with Artery Blockage Model
Arteries with Heart Models
Artery Models
Cholesterol Model
Artery Model Showing Plaque Building
Heart Pen Stand
Clot Formation in Artery Chart
Lumbar Vertebrae with Sacrum Models
Human Vertebral Column
Shoulder Joint Model
Vertebrae Degeneration Models
Human Foot Joint Model
Hip Joint Model
Knee Joint Model
Mini Skeleton Model
Human Male Pelvis with Lumbar Vertebrae
Human Mini Spine Model
Disc Prolapse Simulator Model
Human Male Pelvis Model
Mini Hip Joint with Muscles
Mini Knee Joint Model
Cervical Spine Model
Ankylosing Spondylitis Spine Model
Human Spinal Column Model
Human Foot Model
Hand Finger Joint Functional Model
Mini Muscle Joint Model
Sectional Knee Joint Model
Hand Joint with Muscles Model
Deluxe Hip Joint Model
Fractured Spine Model
Lifting Demonstration Model
Lumbar Sacral Spine Model
Pelvis Fracture Model
4 Stage Hip Model
Fractured Pelvis Model
Shoulder With Muscles And Spines Model
Pelvis With Nerves and Muscles Model
Lungs with Heart Models
Back Muscle Model
Balloon Angioplasty Models
Piles Model
Rheumatoid Arthritis Generic Joint Model
Hip Osteoarthritis Model
Four-Stage Osteoarthritis Knee Model
Ripple Tank
Hand Arthritis Model
Knee Arthritis Model
Uterus Model
IUD Demonstration Model With Pullout Cards
Menopausal Osteoporosis Model
Fetal Development Set Model
Ovaries Model
Four Stage Liver Model
Brain Model with Tabbed Overlays
Brain Stroke Model
Brain Model Set of 8 Parts
Colon Model Set of 4 Pcs
Colon Model With Pathologies
Breast Cancer Model
Diabetes Model Set of 4 Piece
Diabetic Foot Model
Budget Diabetes Model
Knee Implant Model
Hip Implants Model
Deluxe Human Disarticulated Skeleton
Human Skeleton Dis-articulated
Ear Anatomical Model
Anatomical Ear Model
DNA Structure Simulation Kit Model
Suture Practice Pad
Adapters - Cone and Rubber Tubing Right Angled Connection
Adapters - Cone and Rubber Tubing Straight Connection
Expansion Adapters
Physics Lab and Light Waves Kit
Circular Motion Centripetal Force Physics Lab Kit
Measurement Kit Physics
9V Cell Battery Holder With Clips Lab
9V Cell Battery Holder With Wire Lab
9V Cell Lead With Clips Lab
AA Cell Battery Holder With Clips Lab
AA Cell Double Battery Holder With Wire Lab
AA Cell Double Battery Holder With Wire Switch Lab
C Cell Battery Holder With Wire Lab
D Cell Battery Holder With Wire Lab
D Cell Double Battery Holder With Wire Lab
Battery Holder 4 D Cell Mounted Lab
Battery Holder AA Cell Lab
Battery Holder Aluminum D Cell Lab
Battery Holder D Cell Lab
Magnetic Battery Connector AA Lab
Magnetic Battery Connector D Cell Lab
Characteristics of Matter
Copper Electrode Round Lab
Electrode Aluminium Strip Flat Lab
Electrode Brass Strip Flat Lab
Electrode Bronze Strip Flat Lab
Electrode Carbon Strip Flat Lab
Electrode Copper Strip Flat Lab
Electrode Iron Strip Flat Lab
Electrode Lead Strip Flat Lab
Electrode Nickel Strip Flat Lab
Electrode Stainless Steel Strip Flat Lab
Electrode Tin Strip Flat Lab
Electrode Zinc Strip Flat Lab
Fruit Potato Clock Lab
Leclanche Cell Physics Lab
Simple and Voltaic Cell Lab
Simple Cell Model Lab
Zinc Electrode Round Lab
Amperes Law Apparatus Lab
Battery Tester Handheld Lab
Bell Demonstration Lab
Bell Demonstrations Lab
Calorimeter Electric Lab
Calorimeter Electric 2 Lab
Conductivity Meter Tester
Conductivity Meter Tester Lab
Conductivity of Solutions Apparatus Lab
Copper Voltameter Electrolysis Apparatus Lab
Copper Voltameter Electrolysis Apparatus2
Dynamo Generator AC and DC Lab
Eddy Current Apparatus Lenz Law Lab
Electric Current and Magnetic Field Relationship Appts Lab
Electrical Energy Conversion Demonstration Lab
Electrolysis Apparatus Lab
Electromagnetic Flashlight Lab
Electromagnetic Kit Lab
Handheld DC Hand Generator Lab
Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus Complete with Stand Lab
Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus Glass Part And Electrodes Lab
Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus with Hardware and Power Supply Lab
Induction Coil High Voltage Power Supply Lab
Ladder Climbing Arc Apparatus Deluxe Lab
Lamp Board 3 Lamps Lab
Lenz Law Demonstration Lab
Mini Lamp Circuit Board 5 Lamps Lab
Motor Demonstration Lab
Motor Generator Unit Lab
Motor Model Demonstration
Motor Model Physics Lab
Multi meter Digital Lab
Oersted Law Apparatus Lab
Ohms Law Apparatus Lab
Power Wheel Water Turbine Hydro Generator Lab
Primary and Secondary Coils Lab
Resistance Board 10 Types Lab
Ring Thrower Lenz Law Lab
Simplest Motor Physics Lab
Solar Car Electricity Lab
Solar Cell Demonstration Lab
Thermocouple Demonstration Lab
Transformation of Energy Lab
Variable Plate Capacitor Lab
Water Turbine Apparatus Lab
Wheatstone and Meter Bridge Lab
Windmill Demonstrator Lab
Classroom Electricity Kit Lab
Concept of Resistance Supplied with Multimeters Lab
Concept of Resistance Supplied without Multimeters Lab
Demonstration Primary and Secondary Coil Lab
Electric Parts Kit Basic Lab
Electricity and Circuitry Classroom Set Lab
Electromagnetic Kits Lab
Energy Transfer Motors Generators and Sources of Electricity Lab
Ammeter 0 - 5A DC Lab
Ammeter Double range 0-1 and 0-5A DC Lab
Demonstration Ammeter Lab
Demonstration Galvanometer Lab
Demonstration Voltmeter Lab
Dual Ammeter and Voltmeter Lab
Galvanometer -35-0-35mA Lab
Galvanometer -50-0-50mA Lab
Galvanometer -500-0-500 Micro A Lab
Galvanometer Student Lab
Kill A Watt Meter EZ Lab
Multi-Meter Analog Lab
Multi-Meter Analog with Fuse and Diode Protection Lab
Tangent Galvanometer Lab
Test Leads for Multi-meter Set of 1 Red 1 Black Lab
Voltmeter 0 -10V DC Lab
Voltmeter 0 - 3V DC Lab
Voltmeter Double Range 0-1.5 and 0-15V DC Lab
Voltmeter Double Range 0-5 and 0-15V DC Lab
Voltmeter Triple Range 0-3 and 0-10 and 0-15V DC Lab
Voltmeter Triple Range 0-3 and 0-15 and 0-30V DC Lab
Contact Key Tapping Key Telegraph Key Lab
DC Motor with Alligator Leads Lab
DC Motor with Wire Lab
Electric Buzzer 6 - 24V DC Lab
Electricity Distribution Board Lab
Fahnestock Clip Lab
Knife Switch Double Pole Double Throw Lab
Knife Switch Double Pole Single Throw Lab
Knife Switch Single Pole Double Throw Lab
Knife Switch Single Pole Single Throw Lab
Lamp Bulb 1.5V 0.3A Lab
Lamp Bulb 1.5V 0.3A pk of 10 Lab
Lamp Bulb 12V 0.3A Lab
Lamp Bulb 12V 0.3A pk of 10 Lab
Lamp Bulb 2.5V 0.3A Lab
Lamp Bulb 2.5V 0.3A pk of 10 Lab
Reversing Key
Lamp Bulb 3.8V
0.2A Lab
Resonance Box with Tuning Fork
Lamp Bulb 3.8V
pk of 10 Lab
Lamp Bulb 6.2V
0.5A Lab
Lamp Bulb 6.2V
pk of 10 Lab
Lamp Socket Holder Miniature with Terminal Lab
Miniature Bulb Lamp Holder Lab
Miniature Lamp Sockets Plastic Base Lab
Resonance Apparatus
Motor Mount Clip Physics Electricity Lab
Simple Basic Switch Lab
9VCell Lead With Clips Lab
9V Cell Lead With Wire Lab
9V Battery Connector Lab
Alligator Clip Lead Black
Medium Clip 12 Inch Lab
Alligator Clip Lead Black
Medium Clip
36 Inch Lab
Alligator Clip Lead Green
Medium Clip
12 Inch Lab
Alligator Clip Lead Green
Medium Clip
24 Inch Lab
Alligator Clip With Screw Black Lab
Alligator Clip With Screw Black and Red Lab
Alligator Clip With Screw Red Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Medium Black Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Medium Black Pack of 10 Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Medium Multicolor Set of 10 Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Medium Red Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Medium Red and Black Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Medium Red and Black Pack of 10 Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Small Black Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Small Black Pack of 10 Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Small Multicolor Set of 10 Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Small Red Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Small Red and Black Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Small Red and Black pk of 10 Lab
Alligator Crocodile Clip Lead Small Red Pack of 10 Lab
Banana Plug Lead Stackable Black Lab
Banana Plug Lead Stackable Black Pack of 10 Lab
Banana Plug Lead Stackable Red Lab
Banana Plug Lead Stackable Red and Black Lab
Banana Plug Lead Stackable Red and Black pack of 10
Banana Plug Lead Stackable Red pack of 10
Bare Copper Wire 16 SWG 1lb Lab
Bare Copper Wire 18 SWG 1lb Lab
Bare Copper Wire 18 SWG 4oz Lab
Bare Copper Wire 20 SWG 1lb Lab
Enameled Copper Magnet Wire 16 SWG 1lb Lab
Enameled Copper Magnet Wire 16 SWG 4oz Lab
Enameled Copper Magnet Wire 18 SWG 1lb Lab
Enameled Copper Magnet Wire 18 SWG 4oz Lab
Mag leads Magnetic Leads Black 150mm Lab
Mag leads Magnetic Leads Black 300mm Lab
Mag leads Magnetic Leads Red 150mm Lab
Mag leads Magnetic Leads Red 300mm Lab
Nichrome Nickel Chromium Wire 16 SWG 4 oz Lab
Nichrome Nickel Chromium Wire 24 SWG 4 oz Lab
PVC Coated Copper Connecting Hookup Wire 100 ft Black Lab
PVC Coated Copper Connecting Hookup Wire 100 ft Blue Lab
PVC Coated Copper Connecting Hookup Wire 100 ft Red Lab
PVC Coated Copper Connecting Hookup Wire 100 ft White Lab
Wire Cutter Stripper Adjustable Lab
Electrophoresis Power Supply Lab
High Voltage Power Supply 6KV Lab
Multi-Voltage Regulated Power Supply Lab
Power Supply AC and DC 0 - 12V
10A Lab
Galvanometer Ballistic
Power Supply AC and DC 0 - 12V
3A Lab
Power Supply AC and DC 0 - 12V
4A Lab
Power Supply AC and DC 0 - 12V
4A with LCD Lab
Power Supply AC and DC 0 - 12V
5A Lab
Power Supply DC Regulated 0-30V
5A Lab
Resistance Box Physics Lab
Rheostat Slide Wire 5.6 ohms 8 amps Lab
Brownlee Electrolysis Apparatus
Rheostat Slide Wire 22 ohms 4.4 amps Lab
Rheostat Slide Wire 357 ohms 1.1 amps Lab
Rheostat Slide Wire 44 ohms 3.1 amps Lab
Slide Wire Rheostats Economy 50.0 ohms 1.5 amps Lab
Slide Wire Rheostats Economy 50.0 ohms 2.0 amps Lab
Electrolysis Apparatus
Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus Complete with Stand
Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus Glass Part And Electrodes
Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus with Hardware and Power Supply
Spot Reflecting Galvanometer
Electroscope Flask Form Lab
Electroscope Gold Leaf Metal Lab
Electroscope Pithball Economy Lab
Electrostatic Friction Rod and Fur Set of 8 Lab
Galvanometer EDSPOT
Electrostatic Kit Complete Lab
Friction Rod Hard Glass 280mm Lab
Friction Rod Hard Rubber Lab
Friction Rod Hard Rubber 200mm Lab
Gold Leaf Electroscope Rectangular Big Lab
Gold Leaf Electroscope Round Big Lab
Pith Balls Aluminum Paint Lab
Pith Balls Aluminum Paint With String Lab
Pith Balls Assorted Colors Lab
Pith Balls Assorted Colors With Strings Lab
Pith Balls Plain Lab
Pith Balls Plain With String Lab
Rotating Spin Electroscope Lab
Wimshurst Machine Deluxe Lab
Discharge Electrode
Hand Held Lab
Discharge Electrode
Jointed Arms Lab
Discharge Electrode
Mounted on Base Lab
Electrostatic DVD Demo Lab
Electric Plume Van De Graaff Lab
Electric Whirl with Base Lab
Electric Whirl without Stand Lab
Electrophorus Lab
Flying Ball and Silver Snake Lab
Hollow Cylinder Lab
Hollow Sphere Van De Graaff Lab
Insulating Stand Lab
Lightning Plate Lab
Neon Wand Van de Graaff Lab
Proof Plane Van de Graaff Lab
Van de Graaff Generator
Adjustable Speed Lab
Demonstration Four Stroke Diesel Engine
Demonstration Four Stroke Petrol Engine
Demonstration Two Stroke Diesel Engine
Demonstration Two Stroke Petrol Engine
Diesel Engine Model 4 Stroke
Petrol Engine Model 4 Stroke
Air Source For Air Track Table Lab
Air Table Projection Lab
Anemometer Lab
Ballistic Pendulum Shock Pendulum Lab
Ballistic Shock Pendulum Deluxe Lab
Bourdon and Vacuum Gauge Lab
Centrifugal Hoop Lab
Circular Motion Lab
Circular Motion Centripetal Force Physics Lab Kit Lab
Collision in 2 Dimension Apparatus Lab
Constant Velocity Car Lab
Converting Gravitational Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy Kit Lab
Coriolis Effect Kit Lab
Deluxe Air Track Complete Set
Air Source and Timer Lab
Deluxe Air Track with Accessories Lab
Deluxe Free Fall Apparatus with Pendulum Lab
Deluxe Free Fall Apparatus with Pendulum and Digital Timer Lab
Demonstration Pendulum Kit Lab
Digital Timer for Deluxe Free Fall Apparatus Lab
Digital Timer with Photo Gates Lab
Dynamic Car Set of 2 Lab
Dynamic Carts Trolleys Lab
Dynamic Trolleys Cart Deluxe Advanced Lab
Dynamo-meter Push Pull 10N Lab
Energy Transfer Waves Sound and Light Kit Lab
Newtons First Law Inertia Kit Lab
Filter Pump Aspirator Lab
Fire Syringe Boyles Law Lab
Force Meter 1000 grams and 1 kg Lab
Force Meter 3000 grams and 3 kg Lab
Ohm Meter
Force Meter 5000 grams and 5 kg Lab
Force Table Deluxe Lab
Force Table Student Lab
Free Fall Apparatus on Stand Lab
Free Fall Apparatus without Stand Lab
Free Fall Tube Physics Lab
Friction Apparatus Lab
Friction Block and Surface Set Lab
Halls Carriage Cart Lab
Hand Pressure and Vacuum Pump Lab
Hookes law
Impact Car Physics Lab
Inclined Incline Plane Deluxe Lab
Inclined Plane Basic Lab
Inclined Plane Basic with Hanger and Halls Carriage Lab
Inclined Plane Deluxe with Halls Carriage Lab
Inertia Apparatus Lab
Inertia Balance Lab
Knife Edge Clamp Lab
Marble Launcher Lab
Maxwells Wheel Physics Lab
Newton G Ball Lab
Newton's Cradle or Collision Balls Apparatus Demonstration
Newton's Cradle or Collision Balls Apparatus Large
Pendulum Clamp Heavy Duty Lab
Plastic Slinky Spring Lab
Meter Rectangular Dial with Front Terminal
Pneumatic and Hydraulics Kit Lab
Pneumatic Trough Plastic Lab
Predicting Trajectories Lab
Ring and Disc Set Lab
Rotating Turn Table Lab
Scale Pan Weighing Lab
Simple Pendulum Lab
Slinky Spring Metal Lab
Slinky Spring Set of 4 Lab
Springs Set of 5 Hooke's Law
Stroboscope Digital Lab
Stroboscope General Purpose Lab
Student Projectile Launcher with Photo gate Timer Clamp and Stand Lab
Student Projectile Launcher with Photo-gates Lab
Ticker Tape Spark Timer Lab
Timer with Photo-gates Lab
Trajectory Apparatus Lab
Trebuchet Kit Physics Lab
Vacuum Filter Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge Deluxe Dual Scale Lab
Vacuum Filter Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge Deluxe Single Scale Lab
Venturi Tube Glass with Manometers Lab
Wave Demonstration Springs - Set of 3 Lab
Wheel and Axle Physics Lab
Aluminum Pulley Double Parallel Lab
Aluminum Pulley Double Tandem Lab
Aluminium Pulley Single Lab
Aluminium Pulley Triple Parallel Lab
Aluminum Pulley Triple Tandem Lab
Large Pulley Demonstration Lab
Pulley Bench and Rod Mounting Lab
Pulley Bench Mounting Lab
Pulley Bench Mounting Adjustable Lab
Pulley Demonstration Magnetic Set Lab
Pulley Double Tandem Lab
Pulley Kit Set of 4 Lab
Pulley on Rod Physics Lab
Pulley on Rod Plastic Physics Lab
Pulley Plastic Double Parallel 50mm Lab
Pulley Plastic Quadruple Parallel 50mm Lab
Pulley Plastic Triple Parallel 50mm Lab
Pulley Plastic Triple Tandem 30-40-50mm Lab
Pulley Single Plastic 50mm Lab
Pulley Table Mount Adjustable Plastic Lab
Pulleys In Motion Kit Lab
Table Pulley 50mm Lab
Table Top D Type Pulley Lab
Ball and Ring Physics
Bar and Gauge Physics
Basic Linear Expansion Apparatus
Calorimeter Double Wall
Compound Bar Big Bimetal
Compound Bimetal Bar
Compound Bimetal Bar Aluminum and Iron
Compound Bimetal Bar Brass and Aluminum
Compound Bimetal Bar Brass and Copper
Compound Bimetal Bar Brass and Iron
Compound Bi-Metal Bar Copper and Brass
Compound Bi-Metal Bar Copper and Iron
Compound Bi-Metal Bar Set of 4
Concept of Heat and Temperature Student Version
Concept of Heat and Temperature Teacher Version
Conductometer Physics
Convection Tube
Crookes Radiometer
Crookes Radiometer Solar Powered
Digital Melting Point Apparatus LED Display
Ether Thermoscope Pulse
Gas Convection Apparatus
Heat Absorption and Radiation
Heat Absorption Apparatus
Hopes Apparatus
Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Lab Thermometer 6 Inch Red Alcohol
Lab Thermometer Enviromentally Safe Liquid -20 to 150 C Partial Immersion
Lab Thermometer Environmentally Safe Liquid -20 to 110 C Total Immersion
Lab Thermometer Environmentally Safe Liquid -20 to 150 C Total Immersion pack of 10
Lab Thermometer Red Alcohol Partial Immersion
Leslie's Cube Radiation Cube
Linear Expansion Apparatus
Thermometer Maximum Minimum Indoor or Outdoor
Maximum Minimum Indoor Outdoor and Hygrometer
Melting Point Apparatus Simple
Precision Linear Expansion Apparatus
Radiation Bottles Set of 2
100 mL
Specific Heat Specimen Set of 5
100 Grams Each
Steam Generator
Thermal Conductivity Bars
Thermometer Clamp
Thermometer Clamp Adjustable
Thermometer Metal Back Double Scale
Thermometer Plastic Back Double Scale
Acrylic Block Rectangular 100 x 45 x 25 mm Lab
Acrylic Prism and Lens Concave 75 mm Lab
Acrylic Prism and Lens Convex 75 mm Lab
Bibulous Paper Lab
Meter Round Dial with Front Terminal
Glass Block Rectangular 75 x 50 x 15 mm Lab
Lens Cleaning Paper Tissue Lab
Lens Demonstration Set Lab
Lens Demonstration Set 50mm In Wooden Box Lab
Lens Glass Double Concave Lab
Lens Glass Double Convex Lab
Neutralization Lens Set Lab
Optical Pin 2 Inch Lab
Acrylic Refraction Cell Rectangular Lab
Physics Lab and Light Waves Kit Lab
Color Mixer Addition Lab
Color Mixing Demonstration Lab
Color Mixing Mixer Apparatus Lab
Color Wheel Kit Lab
Color Wheel Adjustable Lab
Complete Laser Refraction Liquid and Solid Apparatus Lab
Concept of Light Student Version Lab
Concept of Light Teacher Version Lab
Diffraction Grating Glass Mount Lab
Diffraction Grating Slides-Double Axis 13
500 Line and inch Lab
Diffraction Grating Slides-Linear 1000 Line and mm Lab
Diffraction Grating Slides-Linear 500 Line and mm Lab
Digital Spectroscope Lab
Meter Round Dial with Top Terminal
Discs for Stroboscope
Set of 10 Lab
Educational Diffraction Grating Lab
Flame Salts Test Lab
Fluorescent Liquids Lab
Laser Pointer Red Lab
LED Light Source Individual Red
Green or Blue Lab
LED Light Source Set of 3 Multi-color Lab
Light Box with Accessories Lab
Lens Mirror Holder Wooden Lab
Light Color Filter Set of 6 Lab
Light Meter Lux Lab
Light Ray Box Physics Lab
Lucite Light Rod Lab
Mini Color Mixer Lab
Newton's Color Disc Wheel On Stand
Newton's Ring Apparatus
Optical Bench Student Complete Set of 13 Lab
Optical Path Demonstration Set of 2 Lab
Plane Mirror Image Formation Distance Lab
Polarizer Analyzer Lab
Prism Acrylic Set of 6 Lab
Ray Optics Kit Physics Lab
Refraction Tank with Laser Light Source Lab
Solar Spectrum Chart Lab
Spectrometer Prism Crown Glass Lab
Spectroscope Lab
Spectroscope Direct Vision Lab
Spectroscope Quantitative Lab
Spectroscope Set Kit Lab
Spectroscope Comparison Lab
Direct-Reading Spectroscope Lab
Spectrum Analysis Chart Lab
Stroboscope Analog Dial Speed Control Lab
Stroboscope Digital Speed Control Lab
Student Spectroscope Lab
Magic Illusion Concave Mirrors Lab
Mirror Glass Concave Lab
Mirror Glass Plane 100 mm x 100 mm Lab
Mirror Glass Plane 100 mm x 150 mm Lab
Reflection of Light Lab
Reflective and Transparent Mirror Symmetry Lab
Hollow Prism and Light Source for Refractive Index Experiments Lab
Glass Block Rectangular 75 mm x 50 mm x 18 mm Lab
Prism Acrylic Equilateral 75 x 25 mm Lab
Prism Acrylic Lab
Prism Acrylic Magnetic Back Set of 7 Lab
Prism Acrylic Set of 3 25 mm
50 mm
100 mm Lab
Prism Acrylic Set of 7 Magnetic Back with 3 LED Light Sources Lab
Prism Acrylic
Equilateral Lab
Prism Flat Glass Equilateral 75 x 9 mm Lab
Prism Glass Equilateral 25 x 25 mm Lab
Prism Glass Equilateral 50 x 50 mm Lab
Prism Glass Flat Right Angle 100 x 9 mm Lab
Prism Glass Right Angle 50 mm Lab
Dissecting Microscope
Spectral Analysis Set Complete Lab
Student Microscope
Spectral Analysis Set Deluxe Lab
Demonstration Meter
Spectrum Bulb Set of 6 Lab
Spectrum Bulb
Black Lab
Spectrum Bulb
Blue Lab
Spectrum Bulb
Green Lab
Pathological and Medical Microscope
Spectrum Bulb
Orange Lab
Spectrum Bulb
Red Lab
Spectrum Bulb
Yellow Lab
Monocular Inclined Microscope
Spectrum Tube Air Lab
Spectrum Tube Argon Lab
Binocular Microscope
Spectrum Tube Carbon Dioxide Lab
Spectrum Tube Helium Lab
Coaxial Binocular Microscope
Spectrum Tube Hydrogen Lab
Tissue Culture Microscope
Spectrum Tube Lodine Lab
Spectrum Tube Krypton Lab
Spectrum Tube Mercury Lab
Projection Microscope
Spectrum Tube Nitrogen Lab
Spectrum Tube Oxygen Lab
Spectrum Tube Power Supply Lab
Stereoscopic Microscope
Spectrum Tube Water Vapour Lab
Stereoscopic Zoom Binocular and Trinocular Microscope
Spectrum Tube Xenon Lab
Spectrum Tubes and Power Supply Set Lab
Wavelength and Spectrum Demonstrator Lab
Wavelength and Spectrum Demonstrator w and Switch Lab
Barometer Aneroid Wall Mounting
Barometer Demonstration Aneroid
Bourdon and Vacuum Gauge
Bourdon Gauge Deluxe
Boyles Law Apparatus Syringe Type
Capillary Tube Apparatus Deluxe
Concepts of Air Pressure Kit
Density Overflow Can and Catch Bucket Aluminum
Equilibrium Tubes Apparatus Deluxe
Filter Pump Aspirator
Achromatic Objectives
Fire Syringe Boyles Law
Mechanical Stage
Free Fall Apparatus without Stand
Gas Law Apparatus Advanced
Magdeburg Hemispheres Plastic
Binocular and Trinocular Head
Magdeburg Hemispheres Rubber
Magdeburg Hemispheres Steel
Magdeburg Hemispheres Steel and Vacuum Pump Set
Stage Micrometer
Manometer Demonstration
Osmosis and Diffusion Kit
Plastic Gas Syringe 100ml
Halogen Bulb 6volts
Plastic Gas Syringe 10ml
Plastic Gas Syringe 1ml
Plastic Gas Syringe 2.5ml
Plastic Gas Syringe 20ml
Blue Filter
Plastic Gas Syringe 30ml
Plastic Gas Syringe 3ml
Plastic Gas Syringe 50ml
Reflecting Mirror
Senior Dissecting Microscope
Plastic Gas Syringe 5mL
Plastic Gas Syringe 60 CC and ml 2oz
Pneumatic and Hydraulics Kit
Spouting Cylinder
Surface Tension of Bubbles
Student School Microscope
Venturi Tube Glass
Venturi Tube Glass with Manometers
Student Stereo Microscope
Student Compound Microscope
Student Projection Microscope
Epi Scopes
Student Medical Microscope
Monocular Laboratory Microscope
Binocular Laboratory Microscope
Advanced Monocular Research Microscope
Advanced Trinocular Research Microscope
Monocular Research Microscope
Binocular Research Microscope
Trinocular Research Microscope
Biological Microscope
Optional Accessories for RXLr Biological Microscope
Student Stereo Microscopes
Binocular Stereo Microscope
Universal Stereoscopic Binocular Microscope
Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope
Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope
Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope
Research Microscope Series for Advanced Microscope
Trinocular Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope
Advanced Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope
4 Floating Magnetic Rings with Stand
Amperes Law Apparatus
Inverted Tissue Culture Microscopes 1
Bar Magnets
Projection Microscopes
Bell Demonstration
Buzzing Magnets Set of 2
Compass Demonstration
Compass Large Magnetism
Concept of Magnets and Electromagnetism Kit Student Version
Plant Kingdom Chart
Concept of Magnets and Electromagnetism Kit Teacher Version
Projection Microscopes 1
Dip Needle Magnetism
Electric Current and Magnetic Field Relationship Apparatus
Electro-Magnetic Horseshoe
Electromagnet Demonstration
Electromagnet Physics
Electromagnetic Kit
Field Orienting Map Compass
Floating Magnetic Match Rings with Cards
Floating Magnets Set
Projection Microscope 2
Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope
Monocular Upright Metallurgical Microscope
Binocular Upright Metallurgical Microscope
Trinocular Upright Metallurgical Microscope
Universal Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope
Inclined Metallurgical Microscope
Research Coaxial Microscopes
Research Microscopes
Metallurgical and Industrial Inspection Microscope
Large Stage IC Inspection Microscope
Laboratory Polarising Microscope
Advanced Research Polarizing Microscopes
Laboratory Ore Microscope
Inclined Ore Microscope
Binocular Ore Microscope
Shop Microscope
Toolmaker Microscope
Large Tool Makers Microscope
Toolmakers Microscope
Fluorescence Microscope
Sound Level Meter
Power Output Meter
Clamp On Meter
Forensic Comparison Microscope
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
Pulse Generator
Absorption Wave Meter
Differential Voltage Sensor
Transistor Tester
Distortion Factor Meter
Q Meter
Vacuum Tube Volt Meter (V.T.V.M)
Digital Meter
A.F. Oscillator Function Generator Cum Digital
R.F. Oscillator
R.F. Oscillators
R.F. Oscillator AM and FM
A.F. Oscillator Digital
Conductivity Bridge
A.F. Oscillator Bridge Experiments
Dual Trace Oscilloscope
L.C.R. Bridge
Signal Tracer
Digital R.P.M. Meter
Handy Digital IC and Memory Tester
Digital Multimeter
Digital Milli Volt and Milli-Amp Source and Meters
A.C. Milli Voltmeter Type
Digital Frequency Meter Type
Digital Capacitance Meter Type
Digital Conductivity Meter
Photo Electric Colorimeter
Digital Mains Frequency Meter
Digital Lux Meter
Digital pH and mV Meter
Digital Potentio meter
Digital Flux Meter
Gauss Meter
Digital L.C.R. METER
Hand held L.C.D.
G.M. Counter Digital
Radio Active Source
Scintillation Counter
Photo Cell Mounted on Base
Planks Constant Apparatus
App. to determine Inverse Square Law in Photo Cell
LDR Characteristics Apparatus
Photoelectric Relay Apparatus
LED Characteristics Apparatus
Characteristics of Opto Electronic Devices Kit
Photodiode Characteristics Apparatus
Photo Transistor Characteristics Apparatus
Mercury Vapour Lamp Hg for use with above Photo Voltaic Cell
Solar Cell Mounted
Solar Cell Characteristics Apparatus
Planks Constant Apparatus using Solar Cell
Photo Multiplier Tube 931 with Housing
8085 Microprocessor Training Kit
e and m By Thomson Bar Magnet Method
e and m by Helical Method Solenoid Method
Millikan's Oil Drop Apparatus
Power Supply for Millikans Oil Drop App.
e and m by Short Solenoid Method Magnetron Method
e and m by Magnetic Focusing Method
Diode Valve Characteristics Apparatus
Work Function of Diode and Richardsons Equation Kit
Triode Valve Characteristics Apparatus with Stabilized Power Supply
Tetrode and Pentode Valve Characteristics Apparatus with Stabelized Power Supply
Ionization Potential of Mercury
Thyratron Valve Characteristics Apparatus
V R Tube Characteristics
H Parameters of PNP Transistor in Common Emitter Model
Transistor Characteristics Apparatus
SCR Characteristics Apparatus
FET Characteristics Apparatus
Semiconductor Diode and PN Junction Diode Apparatus
Voltage Stabilization Characteristics of Zener Diode
Zener Diode Characteristics Apparatus Forward and Reverse V-I Characteristics
PN Junction and Zener Diode Characteristics Apparatus Forward and Reverse V-I Characteristics
Energy Band Gap of PN Junction Diode
Thermistor Characteristics Apparatus
UJT Characteristics Apparatus
Resistivity of Semiconductors by Four Probe Method at Different Temperatures and Determination of Band-Gap
Susceptibility or Fe cl3 Solution
Hall Effect Experiment
Ultrasonic Diffraction Grating Experiment
Dielectric Constant Apparatus
Mosfet Characteristics Apparatus
Characteristics and Applications Thyristors
Diac Characteristics Apparatus
Triac Characteristics Apparatus
Helium Neon Laser He.Ne. Lasers
Laser Accessories
Measurement of Peak
Average and RMS Value of a AC Signal
Resistances in Series and Parallel Apparatus
Ohms Law Apparatus
Charging and Discharging of condensor
Flashing and Quenching of Neon
BH Curve Apparatus with Different Meterial
Conversion of Galvanometer Into a Voltmeter and Current Meter
LCR Resonance Apparatus Series and Parallel
LCR Impedance Circuit
RC Circuit Transient Response
Clipping and Clamping Circuit Apparatus
Half Wave
Full Wave and Rectifier Apparatus
Hand Held Tune-Up Analyzer
Demonstration televison Black and white
Demonstration Coloured Television
Demonstration Model of Transistor Cassette Player and Recorder Trainer Kit Two in One
Demonstration Model for Experiments of MW Radio Circuits
Demonstration Cathode Ray Oscilloscope CRO
Study of Transistor Amplifier Circuits
Study the effect of negative feed back of transistor amplifier
Push Pull Amplifier
FET Common Source Amplifier
Biasing of Transistor BJT
R.C. Coupled Amplifier Two Stage
RC Coupled with Inbuilt Two AC Millivoltmeter
Verification of Network Theorems
Verification of Superposition Theorem
Verification of Nortons Theorem
Verification of Thevenins Theorem
Verification of Nortons and Thevenins Theorems
Verification of Reciprocity Theorem
Verification of Maximum Power Transfer Theorem in DC Circuits
Operational Amplifier as Inverting and Non Inverting Amplifier
Study of Operational Amplifier
Study Characteristics of Operational Amplifier
Operational Amplifier kit BREAD BOARD TYPE
Study Operational Amplifier as Adder
Integrator and Differentiator
Study of Operational Amplifier as Differentiator and Integrator
Study of Operational Amplifier as Schmitt Trigger
Study of Operational Amplifier as Sine to Square Wave Converter
Study of Operational Amplifier as Square to Triangular and Triangular to Square wave convertor
Study of Operational Amplifier as Clipping and Clamping Circuit
Study of Operational Amplifier as Voltage Comparator
Study of Operational Amplifier as V to I to I to V Convertor
Study of Operational Amplifier as Voltage and Current Feed Back Amplifier
Study of Instrumentation Amplifier
Study of Logarithmic Amplifier
Monostable Multivibrator using IC 555
Astable Multivibrator using IC 555
Astable Multivibrator using Transistors
Bistable Multivibrator using IC 555
Bistable Multivibrator using Transistors
Monostable and Free Running Multivibrators using IC 555
Monostable and Free Running Multi vibrators using Transistors
Monostable and Bistable Multivibrator using Transistor
Hartley Oscillator
Colpitt Oscillator
Phase Shift Oscillator
Wein Bridge Oscillator using Operational Amplifier IC 741
Logic Gates Experiment
Verification of Booleon Identities and Demorgan Theorems
Verification of Logic Gates and Demorgan Theorems using TTL logic Gates
Verification of truth tables of Logic gates using NAND Gate
Study of 4 Bit Adder and Sub-tractor
Digital Trainer Kit to Verify Adders and Sub-tractors using OR
AND and NOT Gates
Digital Trainer to Verify Half Adder using OR
EX-OR and AND Gates
Digital Trainer to Verify Half Subtractor using OR
EX-OR and AND Gates
Digital Trainer to Verify Full Adder using OR
EX-OR and AND Gates
Digital Trainer to Verify Full Subtractor using OR
EX-OR and AND Gates
Digital Trainer to Verify Adders and Sub-tractor using NAND Gates
Study of 4 Bit Binary to Gray Code Convertor
Study of 4 Bit Ripple Counter Forward and Reverse
Study of 4 Bit BCD Counter and Decimal to Binary Encoder using IC 7490
Study of 4 Bit BCD Counter and Decimal to Binary Encoder using NAND Gates
To study and verify truth table of 4 bit Up and Down counter using IC 74193
Study of Left Right and Programmable Shift Register
BCD to Decimal Decoder Using IC 7492
Study of Encoder and Decoder Circuits Decimal to BCD Encoder and BCD to 7-segment Decoder
Digital Trainer to study and verify truth tables of Flip Flops
Digital Trainer to study RS Type JK and T Type flip-flop
Study and Verify Truth tables of RS D Type flip flop using NAND Gates
Study Verify Truth tables of JK and JK Master Slave flip flop
Study of 8-1 line four input and one output Multiplexer using IC 74153
Study of 2-1 Multiplexer using AND
OR and NOT Gates
Study of 16-1 Sixteen input and one output Multiplexer using IC-74150
Study of One input and Four output Demultiplexer using IC 74155
Study of 4-16 One input and Sixteen output Demultiplexer using IC 74154
Study of RAM Random Access Memory Circuit
Analog and Digital Trainer Bread Board Type
Logic Gate Circuit Trainer and Digital Computer-II [Bread Board Model]
Logic Gate Circuit Trainer using TTL IC
To Verify Switch Debouncer
To Measure the Clock Pulse IC 7400
Analog to Digital A and D Converter
Digital to Analog D and A Convertor using R-2R Network
Digital to Analog D and A Converter using Weighted Register Network
Study of Transmitter and Receiver using Fiber Optics Cable
Study of Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation
Study of Frequency Modulation and Demodulation
Pulse Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation
Pulse Position Modulation and Demodulation
Pulse Position and Pulse Width Modulation
Phase Locked Loop Circuit (PLL)
Power Supplies for Diode Valve Experiment Model
Power Supply Model
Power Supply for Triode Valve Experiment Model
Power Supply for Electrophoresis Experiment Model
Power Supply for Tetrode and Pentode Valve Model
Fixed Voltage IC Regulated Power Supplies
Fixed Voltage IC Regulated Dual Power Supplies
Regulated Power Supply Model
Digital Regulated Power Supply
High Voltage Power Supply Model
Dual Power Supply 0-30 Volt 1 Amp
Dual Power Supply 15 Volt 500mA
Power Supply 0-30 Volts 3 Amp
Battery Chargers
Battery Eliminators
Resistance Coils
Battery Eliminator
Transformers and Stabilizers
Dimmerstat Variac and Autotransformer
DC Ammeters and Voltmeters
High Voltage Test
Digital Panel Meters
External Shunts with 50 mV or 75 mV Drop
Power Factor Meter
Portable Meter
Cell Tester
High Meg Resistance Box
Demonstration Joint Meter
Frequency Meter
D Arsonal Galvanometer
Ballistic Galvanometer Reflecting
Insulation Tester
Ohms Meter
High Voltage Insulation Break Down Tester
Low Ohms Meter
Resistance Boxes
Resistance Coil
Slide Wire Rheostats
Standard Resistance
Decade Inductance Box
Decade Capacitance Box
Decade Resistance Box
Different type of 4 Arms Bridges
Post Office Box 6-Dials Constantan Coil
Post Office Box 6-Dials Manganin Coil
Universal Moisture Meter Digital
Digital Moisture Testing Machine
Digital Moisture Meter
Infra Red Moisture Balance
Digital Infrared Moisture System
Digital Seed Counter
Moisture Meter for Soil
Moisture Meter for Wood
Moisture Meter for Woods
Horseshoe Magnet Nickel Plated
Horseshoe Magnet
Iron Filings Bubble
Iron Filings Magnetism
Jumbo Magnetic Marbles
Lensatic Compass
Forces and Magnetic Field Apparatus
Magnaprobe Magnetic Gimbal
Magnetic Compass
Magnetic Compass with Glass
Magnetic Compass with Ring
Magnetic Needle
Oersted Law Apparatus
Pulley Demonstration Magnetic
Rectangular Magnet
Deluxe Trundle Wheel with Counter
Dynamometer Push Pull 10N
Half Meter Rule
Measurement Kit AP Physics
Measuring Tape
Meter Rule Meterstick
Micrometer Screw Gauge
Demonstration Lever Balance
Screw Gauge Micrometers
Screw Gauge Micrometer Demonstration
Spherometer Demonstration Model
Spherometer Laboratory
Stop Clock Mechanical
Stop Watch Digital
Tape Measure
Vernier Calipers Digital
Vernier Calipers Double Scale
Vernier Calipers Precision
Bell and Vacuum Sound Jar Glass
Doppler Effect Apparatus
Plastic Slinky Spring
Resonance Apparatus Complete Advanced
Resonant Tuning Fork Set
Ripple Tank for Overhead Projector
Ripple Tank With Projection Screen
Slinky Spring Metal
Slinky Spring Set
Sound Frequency Tester Digital
Tuning Fork
Tuning Fork Mallet Rubber Bong Plastic Handle
Tuning Fork Mallet Rubber Bong Wood Handle
Tuning Fork Set
Tuning Fork In Box Set
Tuning Fork Wooden Mallet Hammer
Tuning Forks Aluminum Set with Mallet and Calibration Certificate
Wave Model Demo Economical
Wave Motion Model
Gear Demonstration and Transformation of Energy
Hydraulic Brake Model
Hooked Weight Double Set
Hanger for Slotted Weight Steel Nickel Plated
Nailer Gun
Belt Sander
Hanger for Slotted Weight Economical
Hanger for Slotted Weights Brass
Hooked Weight Nickel Plated
Hooked Weight Steel
Hooked Weight
Hooked Weight Brass
Hooked Weight Aluminum
Hooked Weight Set
Plastic Hooked Weight Set
Slotted Weight Set
Slotted Weight Set Brass with Stand and Hanger
Slotted Weight Steel Nickel Plated
Slotted weight with Hanger Set
Slotted Weights Brass Set
Weight Brass Set
Steel Weight Nickel Plated Set
Weight Bottle Shape
Slotted Weight Brass
Buchner Funnel Porcelain Deluxe
Filter Adapter Filtration Set
Filtering Kit Vacuum Pump with Gauge
Hirsch Funnel OD Superior Quality Porcelain
Rubber Filter Aid
Porcelain Casserole Basin with handle
Crucible Support Stand
Crucible with Lid Porcelain High Tall
Crucible with Lid Porcelain Low Form
Crucible with Lid Superior Quality Low Form
Crucible with Lid Superior Quality Tall Form
Gooch Crucible Porcelain Superior Quality
Evaporating Dish Porcelain
Evaporating Crystallizing Dish Porcelain
Evaporating Dish Porcelain Superior Quality
Evaporating Dish Porcelain Superior Quality Flat
Cavity Reaction Spot Plate Porcelain
Clay Triangle
Mortar and Pestle
Mortar and Pestle Agate
Mortar and Pestle Set Deluxe
Mortar and Pestle Set Deluxe Deep Form
Wheatstone Bridge with pencil Jockey
Oscilloscope Digital Readout
Frequency Counter
Three Phase Half Controlled Thyristorized Bridge Converter
UJT Relaxation Oscillator
SCR And AC Phase Control
DV and DT Limitation of SCRS
Triac and AC Phase Control
SCR Converters and Reactive Loads
SCR Regulated DC Power Supply
Triac AC Line Switching
Thyristor Time Delay Relay
Thyristor Alarms
SCR Ring Counter
SCR Triggering Circuit
Universal Motor Speed Control
Trigger a SCR by using a LDR
Single Phase Fully Controlled Bridge Converter
SCR DC Circuit Breaker
SCR Lamp Flasher
Triggering Circuits for SCR
Single Phase Half Controlled Symmetrical
AC Regulators Using Triac Anti Parallel Thyristor
Single Phase PWM Converter
Firing Circuit Using Ramp Comparator Scheme
Firing Circuit Using OP AMPS And Gates
Firing Circuit Using Cosine Wave Scheme
Single Phase Series Inverter
Forced Commutated Circuits
Voltage Commutated Thyristorised Chopper
Lamp Dimmer Using Diac and Triac
Electronic Timer
Three Phase Full Wave Rectifier
Three Phase Fully Controlled Thyristorized Bridge Converter
Zero Voltage Switching
DC Step Down Mosfet Chopper
DC To AC Inverter
Stepper Motor Control Using IC SAA-1027
Current Transformer CT
T and P Network Trainer
Emitter Follower CC
RF Oscillators
Series and Parallel Resonance
Anderson Bridge
Passive Filters
Two Stage RC Coupled Transistor Amplifier
Training Board for Diode and Zener Diode
Training Board for Transistor
Silicon Controlled Rectifier
Determination of Energy Band Gap in Semiconductor Diode
Training Board for Triac
Training Board for DIAC
DE Sauty Bridge
Semiconductor Diode
Unijunction Transistor
Active Filters
Training Board for MOSFET
Junction Diode Rectifier and Filter
Charging and Discharging of a Condenser
Opto Electronic Devices
Ohms Law Series and Parallel Circuits
Measurement of Inductance and Capacitance
Wien Bridge
Conversion of Galvanometer into an Ammeter
Schering Bridge Trainer
Power and Differential Amplifier Trainer
Elementary Fiber Optics Trainer
Advanced Fiber Optics Trainer
BJT Amplifiers and Emitter Follower Trainer
Electricity Trainer
Rivers Landscape Chart
Sea Water Map
Digital Lab
Analog Lab
Digital Trainer
Logic Lab
Digital Lab Station
Power Project Board
Bread Board Circuit Lab
Digital Electronic Trainer
Digital Logic Trainer TTL and Logic Trainer Board
Digital Logic Trainer
Digital IC Trainer TTL
Logic Gates Circuit Trainer
Electricity Lab
Power Electronics Lab
DSB and SSB-SC Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation Trainer
Frequency Modulation and Demodulation Trainer
Pulse Width Modulation and Demodulation
Frequency Shift Keying Modulation and Demodulation
Phase Shift Keying Modulation and Demodulation
Amplitude Shift Key Modulation and Demodulation
Delta Modulation and Demodulation
Transmission Line Trainer
Digital Time Division Multiplexing and Demultiplexing
Pulse Code Modulation and Demodulation Trainer
Analog Signal Sampling and Reconstruction
Differential Pulse Code Modulation and Demodulation Trainer
Differential Phase Shift Keying Modulation and Demodulation
DSB and SSB AM Transmitter Trainer
DSB and SSB AM Receiver Trainer
Weights Slotted
LAN Trainer
Logic Training Board
Logic Training Board on Counters and Shift Registers
Analog to Digital Converter
Digital to Analog Converter
Binary to Decimal Encoder
Digital IC Trainer
Training Board for Gates
Training Board of Flip Flops
8-Bit Analog to Digital Converter
8-Bit Multiplying Digital to Analog Converter
Digital Multiplexer
1 : 8 Line Demultiplexer
4 Line to 16 Line Decoder
4- Bit Binary Full Adder and Subtractor
BCD to Seven Segment Display
Digital Storage Oscilloscope 40MHz
Clinometer Compass
Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
Digital Storage Oscilloscope Dual Channel
Digital Storage Oscilloscope Four Channel
200 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
300 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
70 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Fibre-Optic Simplex Digital Transceiver Trainer
Advanced Fibre Optic Analogue Transceiver Trainer
Advanced Fibre Optic Digital Transceiver Trainer
Fibre Optic Trainer for Numerical Aperture
Fibre Optic Voice Transmitter and Receiver Trainer
Laser Diode Intensity Modulation and Demodulation Trainer
Physics of Fiber Optics Trainer
Fiber Optic Power Meter
150 MHz RF Signal Generator
2 MHz Function Generator
5 MHz Function Generator
10 MHZ Function Generator
13 MHz Function Generator
15 MHz Function Generator
MHz AM and FM Function Generator
Single Phase Flush Back Of Panel Open
Variac Three Phase Flush Back Of Panel Open
Single Phase Portable Table and Floor Mounting Enclosednel
Variac Three Phase Portable Table
Adapters - Multiple
Two Necks
Adapters - Multiple
One Parallel and One 45 Degree Neck
Adapters - Multiple
Two Parallel and One 45 Degree Neck
Adapters - Receiver Intermediate Perkin All Glass Taps
Adapters - Vertical
Adapters - Vertical
Adapters - Receiver Vacuum to take 4 x 100 ml flasks
Adapters - Receiver
Vertical with Vacuum Connection
Physics Weight Box
Reduction Adapters
Adapters - Cone and Screw Thread
Adapters - Cone and Socket with T Connection
Adapters - Socket and Rubber Tubing
Straight Connection
Adapters - Stopcock Cone and Rubber Tubing Straight Connection
Wave Motion Machine
Adapters - Stopcock
Cone and Rubber Tubing
Bent Connection
Adapters - Stopcock
Socket and Rubber Tubing
Straight Connection
Adapters - Straight Delivery
Adapters - Swan Neck
Thread Size GL14
Squat Form Beakers
Borosilicate Glass
Water Distiller
4 Litres Hour
Telescopic Alidade
Squat Form Beakers
Borosilicate Glass
Squat Form Beakers
Heavy Duty
Graduated with Spout
Tall Form Beakers
Borosilicate Glass
Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus
Flash Point
Narrow Neck Conical Flasks
Borosilicate Glass
Wide Neck Conical Flasks
Borosilicate Glass
Narrow Neck Round Bottom Flasks
Borosilicate Glass
Heavy Wall Filter Flasks
Borosilicate Glass
Bends Plain
Bends - Plain
Bends - Socket to Cone
Digital Vernier Caliper
Bends - Recovery
Bends - Recovery
Bends - Receiver
Multiple Connections
Bends with Socket Connection
Vacuum Pump
Bends with Vacuum Connection
Bends with Vent
Borosilicate Glass
with PTFE Stopcock
Borosilicate Glass
with all PTFE Stopcock
Chromatography Columns with Sintered Disc
Condensers Air
Condensers Allihn
Condensers Coil Graham
Condensers Double Surface Davies
Pascal Law Experiment
Condensers Jacketed Coil
Coplin Jars
Distillation Columns
Spouting Cylinder for Fluid Pressure Apparatus
Multi Purpose Wood Working Machine
Distillation Heads
Distillation Heads - Claisen
Distillation Heads - Splash
Distillation Heads - Splash
Bernoulli Tube Apparatus
Magdeburg Hemisphere
Distillation Heads - Splash Head
Distillation Heads - Steam Distillation
Extractors Soxhlet
Filter Lab
Portable Vacuum Pump
Conical Erlenmeyer
Standard Wall Lab
lodine Flasks Lab
Iodine Flask Stopper Lab
Kjeldahl Flasks Lab
Pear Shaped Flask
Claisen Lab
Pear Shaped Flasks
Vigreux Lab
Pear Shaped Flasks
Distillation Lab
Flasks Pear Shape
Single Neck Lab
Pear Shape Flasks
Two Necks
Centre Neck and One Angled Side Neck Lab
Pear Shape Flasks
Three Necks
Centre Neck and One Angled Side Neck and One Parallel Side Neck Lab
Pear Shape
Vigreux with Angled Neck Lab
Rotary Evaporator Flasks Lab
Round Bottom
Short Neck Lab
Round Bottom
Two Necks
Angled Side Neck Lab
Round Bottom
Three Necks
Parallel Side Necks Lab
Round Bottom
Three Necks
Angled Side Neck Lab
Powder Filter Funnels Lab
Filter Funnels Borosilicate Lab
Filter Funnels Soda Lab
Filter Funnels Buchner Lab
Buchner Lab
Conical Lab
Semi Micro Lab
Buchner with Cone and Thread Lab
Conical with Cone and Thread Lab
Solid Addition Funnels Lab
Cylindrical Funnels
Plain Stem Lab
Cylindrical Funnels
Stem with Cone Lab
Pear Shaped Funnels
Plain Stem Lab
Pear Shaped Funnels
Stem with Cone Lab
Pressure Equalising Funnels
Pear Shaped Lab
Pressure Equalising Funnels
Cylindrical Lab
Bulb Pipettes
Class B Soda Glass
One Mark Lab
Graduated Pipettes
Class B Soda Glass Lab
Volumetric Flasks
Class A Borosilicate Glass Plastic Stopper Lab
Volumetric Flasks Class B Soda Glass Plastic Stopper Lab
Plastic Foot Measuring Cylinders Soda Glass Class B Lab
Glass Foot Measuring Cylinders Hexagonal Base Borosilicate Glass Class B Lab
Glass Foot Measuring Cylinders Round Base
Soda Glass Class B Lab
Plastic Cap
PTFE Washer
Rubber Ring
Cap Fittings
Both Ends Closed
Straight Through
Glass Key
Straight Through
Burette Stopcocks
Straight Through
Burette Stopcocks
Glass Key
Straight Through
Valve Type Stopcocks
Value Type Stopcocks
Right Angle
Double Oblique Stopcocks
Borosilicate Glass
Double Oblique Stopcocks
Borosilicate Glass
Glass Key
T Bore Stopcocks
Borosilicate Glass
T Bore Stopcocks
Borosilicate Glass
Glass Key
High Vacuum Stopcocks
Straight Through
Borosilicate Glass
High Vacuum Stopcocks
Double Oblique
Borosilicate Glass
Flat Flange
Economy Range Sintered Discs
Premium Brand Sintered Discs
Cone with Tip
Joint Clips
Push-in Caps Soda Glass
Tall Screw Neck Vial - Neutral Glass
Tall Form
With Closure
Squat Screw Neck Vial - Neutral Glass
Squat Form
With Closure
Rolled Rim Vials - Neutral Glass With Closure
Rolled Rim Vials - Neutral Glass With Closures
Wide Mouth Vials - Neutral glass
tall form
with closure
push-in plug type
Alcohol and Spirit Burners
Staining Jars
Collapsible Paddle
Fixed Paddle
Stirrer Gland
Ground Sleeve
Replacement Sleeve With Screw Cap to fit ST 1 And 1
Stirrer Guides
Laboratory Test Tubes
Tubes And Air Inlets
Bent With Cone
Tubes and Air Inlets
Straight With Cone
Thermometer Pockets
Thermometers With Cone
Watch Glasses Soda
Abel Flash Point Apparatus
Flash Point Pensky Martens Closed
Redwood Viscometer
Saybolt Viscometer
Standard Tar Viscometer
Flow Cup
Automatic Level
Laser Distance Meter Lite
Dumpy Levels Indian
Vernier Theodolite
Electronic Total Station
Electronic Total Station Reflectorless
Air Pump
Bell Experiment Apparatus
Typical Plant Chart
Typical Plant Cell Chart
Plant Cell Organelles Chart
Plant Cell Meiosis Chart
Plant Tissues Chart
Metal Cubes
Pendulum Bobs or Spheres
Vertical Band Saw
Electronic Theodolite
Spherometer Double Disc (Stainless Steel)
Water Bath Copper
Burner Bunsen with Stopcock
Burner Bunsen
Balance Electronics
Notch Apparatus
Electronic Balance Analytical
Balance Double Beam
Balance Single Pan
Center Gauge
Co-Efficient of Discharge Apparatus
Triple Beam Balance Mass Set
Triple Beam Balance
Balance Counter
Chemical Balance
Thread Gauge
Algebra Kit foam
Algebra Tiles
Angel Property of Cyclic Quadrilateral
Angel Sum Property of Quadrilateral
Angel Sum Property of Triangle
Arithmetic Charts Set of 7
Ascending Card Game
Attribute Block
Metal Cylinders
Balance With Bear family Weight set
Base Ten Block
Base Ten Stamp Set
Bucket Balance
Chemical Thermometer
Circle Kit
Circular Geoboard
Classroom Base Ten Set
Co-Ordinate Board
Co-Ordinate Geo Board
Conic Section
Counter Tiles
U-Tube Manometer
Counters Dia 30 mm
Counting Abacus Wooden with 55 Beads
Cross Vertical Staff
Cross Vertical Staffs
Cuisenaire Strips
Cup Set
Data Collection Board
Decimal Abacus
Decimal Plate
Derivation of Pie
Descending Card Game
Designer Fraction
Dish Balance With Weighted Number and Weights
Division Board
Dummy Clock
Dummy Currency
Early Learning Mathematic Kit
Exterior Angle of Regular Polygon
Factor Board
Factorization Tiles
Fil O Fun Weighing Scale
Flip N Fraction Geoboard with Circle Cuts
Folding Meter Sticks Plastic
Formation of Tetrahedron
Fraction Bar
Fraction From Pattern Block
Fraction Squares
Fraction Wheels Foam
Frame Abacus Wooden with Beads
Game of Place Value
Student Clock
Teacher Clock
Geo Geometry Sticks
Geoboard Transparent 11X11 Flat head Peg Grid
Hare Apparatus
Wood Working Lathe
Geometry Kit
Half Meter Scale Wooden
Hexagonal Weight Set
Hollow Cylinder
Hollow Sphere
Hook N Look Numerical Balance
Integer Board Game (with Dice and Counters)
Integer Counter
Integer Counters
Integer Number Line Bar
Inter Locking Cubes
Nicholson Hydrometer
Isometric Geoboard
Jug and Beaker Set
Jumbo Geometry Box Transparent and Magnetic
Junior Pythagoras Theorem
Kitchen Balance
Large Geoboard
Magic Ring
Magnetic Base Ten Block
Magnetic Counters
Bucket and Cylinder
Magnetic Fraction Disk
Magnetic Numbers
Magnifying Measure
Mathematic Experiment Kits
Maths Kit Junior-I
Maths Kit Junior-II
Overflow Vessel (Eureka Can)
Spring Balance Tubular
Maths Kit Senior-I
Maths Kit Senior-II
Analytical Balance
Measuring Tape 1 Meter
Measuring Tape 15 Meter
Measurement Tape 3 Meter
Mensuration Kit
Metric Wheel
Multi Purpose Geo Sticks Type
Multi Purpose Geo Sticks Type 2
Multi Purpose Geo Sticks Type 3
Multi Purpose Geo Sticks Type 4
Non Magnetic Fraction Disk
Number card
Number Mat
Number Planet
Number Planets
Optical Squares
Palm Clock
Pan Balance
Pattern Block Classroom set foam
Pattern Block Foam
Pattern Block (Student Set)
Pattern Block Plastic
Pattern Making of Triangle
Phases Fraction
Place Value
Place Value Board
Plastic Dice
Plastic Fraction Disk
Plastic Moulds
Polyart Chart set of 5
Polyhydron and There Net
Power of 2 for School Math Lab
Primary Mathematics Kit
PVC Chart Set of 3
Ray Box
Analytical Weight Boxes Brass Wt(A Grade)
Pythagoras Theorem By Reverse Method
Pythagoras Theorem By Small Square
Rain Gauge
Ratio of Area of Similar Triangles
Ring of Theorems
Roman Number Kit
Senior Pythagoras Theorem Magnetic
Set n Count With Measuring Counter
Sit and Set
Skip Counting Board
Sorting Ring
Spring Balance
Stacking Counter
Stop Watch
Student Clock Write and Wipe
Student Identity Kit
Student Time Indicator
Teacher Geometry Box
Theodolite Model
Time and Work Kit
Transparent Dice
Transparent Figure Set
Triangle Kit
Trick Stick Set
Trigonometry Board Kit
Unit Cubes
Upper Primary Charts Set
Cylindrical Lenses
Upper Primary Mathematics kit
Vector as Linear Combination of Vector
Vernier Caliper
Vertex Wonder
Volume Relation Between Cone and Cylinder
Volume Relation Between Cube and Sphere
Volume Relationship Set
Wall Thermometer
Wings of Ring
Working Model of Pythagoras Theorem
X Y Axes Co-ordinate Geoboard
Add and Count Rods
Math Lab Kit
Counting Abacus
Cross Staff Metal
Cylinder Cut In Parts
Derivation of Value of Pie
Efficiency in Packing
Fraction of Circle
Fractions of Square
Fractions of Triangle
Geo Board Circle
Geo board-square
Geometrical Solids
Geometry Box
Graph Roll up Chart
Half Meter Scale Steel
Identity Set
Identity Set- (ACRYLIC)
Identity Set-(Wooden)
Kitchen Balance Plastic
Magnetic Graph Co-Ordinate Board
Measuring Tape 3m
Mensuration Kit (ACRYLIC)
Meter Scale Steel
Numbers Flash Cards 1-20
Octant 3D
Optical Square Metal
Perpendicular Line Segment is Shortest
Polyhedron and Their Nets
Probability Kit
Pythagoras Theorem
Ranging Rod Metal
Set of Volumetric Cups
Volumetric Cups
Shapes Board Big
Shapes Sorter Moulds
Student Abacus
Time teaching Stamps
Transparent Geometrical Shapes
Triangle Kit (Group Activity set of kits)
Volume Relationship Set Crystal Plastic
Working Model of Pythagoras Theorem (Wooden)
ICU Bed Electric Remote Controlled
Autoclave Vertical
Autoclave Horizontal
Convex Lenses
Basin Pillar Taps
Autoclave Laboratory Portable
Water Bath Tissue Flotation
Centrifuge Angle Rotor Head Doctor Pattern
Ultrasonic Water Bath
Serological Water Bath
Water Bath Rectangular
Self and Mutual Inductance Coils
Concave Lenses
Water Bath Rectangular (Single Wall)
Water Bath Paraffin
Water Bath Precision
Oil Bath (High Temp) with Stirrer
Prism Acrylic
Refrigeration Liquid Bath and Cooling Bath
Water Bath Incubator Shaker
Laminar Air Flow Horizontal
Dispensing Sampling Booth
Biological Safety Cabinet
Prism Glass
Semi Fowler Bed Electric
Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus
Flat Cold Chisel
Fowler Bed (Deluxe)
Fowler Bed
Hospital Bed Full Fowler
Over Bed table
Over Bed table-A
Over Bed Table-B
ICU Bed Manual
Fowler bed (wire mesh)
Semi Fowler Bed (Deluxe)
First Aid Kit
T.S Leaf - Monocot Chart
Orthopedic Bed
Ward Bed
Fowler Bed (Super)
Pediatric Bed
Semi Fowler bed (Super)
Semi Fowler Bed (Wire Mesh)
Bed Side Locker
Bed Side Locker-A
Bed Side Locker-B
Bed Side Locker-C
Bed Side Locker-D
Dressing Trolley
Dressing Trolley A
Instrument Trolley
Medicine Trolley
Crash Cart
Instrument Cabinet
Medicine Cabinet
Surgeons Stool
Revolving Stool
Revolving Stool A
Revolving Stool B
Saline Stand
Foot Step
Foot Step A
Kick Bucket
Kick Bucket A
Wash Basin Stand
Wash Basin Stand A
Cylinder Trolley
Mayo Instrument Table
Ward Screen
Ward Screen A
Emergency and Recovery Trolley (Hydraulically Operated)
Proving Rings
Stretcher on Trolley
Examination Couch
Examination Couch A
Examination Table
Cement Sampler
Stretcher Trolley
Gilmore Needle Apparatus
Foldable Stretcher
Obstetric Labour Table
Operation Table
Delivery Table
Gyne Table (Three Section)
Delivery Bed
Delivery Table Hydraulic
Electromatic O.T. Table
Gear Matic Hydraulic O.T. Table
C Arm O.T. Table
Cylindrical Mould
Super Deluxe O.T. Table
Neuro Attachment
Neonatal Intensive Care Incubator
Neonatal Phototherapy Unit Cfl
Slump Test Apparatus
Neonatal Phototherapy Unit Cfl-A
Neonatal Radiant Warmer
Neonatal Radiant Warmer-A
Resuscitation System
Transport Incubator
Ceiling Shadowless Surgical Operation Theatre Light
Ve Bee Consisto meter
Ceiling Shadowless Surgical Operation Theatre Light A
Ceiling Shadowless Surgical Operation Theatre Light B
Ceiling Shadowless Surgical Operation Theatre Light C
Ceiling Shadowless Surgical Operation Theatre Light D
Ceiling Shadowless Surgical Operation Theatre Light E
Operation Theatre Light
Operation Theatre Light A
Operation Theatre Light B
Operation Theatre Light C
Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus
Mobile Led Operation Theatre Lamp
Mobile Examination Operation Theatre Lamp
Mobile Examination Operation Theatre Lamp A
Mobile Examination Operation Theatre Lamp B
Mobile Examination Operation Theatre Lamp C
Mobile Examination Operation Theatre Lamp D
Fume Hood
Floating Ring Magnet
Magnetic Kit
Centrifugal Pump
Deep Freezer Vertical
Horizontal Deep Freezer
Rectangular Muffle Furnace Laboratory Model
Rectangular Muffle Furnace Industrial Model
Hot Plate Rectangular
Hot Plates
Slide Warming Table
Investigating Heat Poster
Magnadur Magnets
Incubators Bacteriological
Leslie Cube
Orbital Shaking Incubator
Jolly Bulb with Gauge
Oven Vacuum
Vortex Shaker
Reciprocating Shaking Machine
Heat Sensitive Paper
Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter
Rotary Shaker
Heater Block Calorimeter
Rotary Shaker (VDRL Rotator)
Shaking Machine (Wrist Action)
Hopes Law Apparatus
Hot Air Universal Oven
Drying Oven Industrial
Heat Absorption Radiation Comparator
Overflow Vessel (Plastic)
Tray Dryer
Ferrite Discs
Incubator Bacteriological
Egg Incubator
B.O.D. Incubator
Water Still (Manasty Type)
Horse Shoe Magnet (Alnico)
Water Still Table Model
Convection in Air Apparatus
Magnetic Stirrer with Heating System
Laboratory Stirrer
Overflow Vessel (G.I.Sheet)
Tissue Homogeniser
Melting Point Apparatus
Melting Point Apparatus Automatic Microprocessor
Melting Point App.Microprocessor Controlled
Pipette Washer (Automatic)
Rectangular Centrifuge
Mortuary Chamber
Vacuum Pump (Oil Free)
Soxhlet Extraction Unit
Kjeldhal Digestion Units
Horse Shoe Magnet
Kjeldhal Digestion and Distillation Units Combined
Monocular Coaxial Focusing Beginner Microscope
Slotted Weight Brass C.P
Meter Rule
Superior Quality
Meter Rule
Good Quality
Meter Rule
Routine Quality
Vernier Caliper
Steel C P
Vernier Caliper Stainless Steel
Vernier Caliper IME Type
Micrometer Screw Gauge (Stainless Steel)
Spherometer Disc Type
Micrometer Moore and Wright
Spherometer Disc Type (Stainless Steel)
Spherometer Double Disc
Stop Clock
Digital Stop Clock
Collision Ball
Simple Pendulum
Physical Balance (7-Stone)
Physical Balance (3-Stone)
Double Beam Balance
Analytical Weight Boxes Brass Wt(B Grade)
Spare Analytical Gram Weights Brass C.P.
Fractional Weight Set Analytical
Analytical Weight Box -1g to 500g
Physical Weight Boxes (Brass C.P)
Spare Physical Gram Weights (Brass C.P)
Slotted Weight Iron Rust C.P.Proof (Set of five)
Slotted Weight (Iron Black Painted)
Digital Photo Colorimeter
Balanced Cell Photo Colorimeter
Semi Auto Analyzer
Haemoglobin Meter
Differential Blood Cell Counter
Double Beam Spectrophotometer
Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Lens in wooden box
Newton Mass Set
Digital UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
UV Spectrophotometer
Microprocessor Spectrophotometer
U-Shape Magnet (Alnico)
Digital Spectrophotometer
Visible Spectrophotometer
Microprocessor pH Meter
Microprocessor pH System
Magnetizing Box
Digital pH
Conductivity and Temperature Meter
Microprocessor Potentiometer
Digital Potentiometer
Metal Magnetic Needle Stand
pH mV Temperature Meter
pH Conductivity TDS Salt Temp Waterproof Tester
Digital pH Meter
Microprocessor pH-EC-TDS Meter
Microprocessor pH-EC Meter
Microprocessor EC-TDS-Sal Meter
Microprocessor Conductivity TDS Meter
Digital Conductivity TDS Meter
Cond. TDS Salt Temp Water Proof Meter
Digital TDS Meter
Digital Salinity Meter
Microprocessor Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Investigating Magnetism Poster
Digital Turbidity Meter
Microprocessor Colony Counter
Digital Colony Counter
Microprocessor K.F. Moisture Titrator
Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter
Digital Fluorometer
Microprocessor Dissolution Test Apparatus
Adjustable D.C. Current Source
Conductivity attachment
Universal Radiator Pressure Tester
Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus
Microprocessor Disintegration Test Apparatus Lab
Disintegration Test Apparatus Lab
Microprocessor Friability Apparatus
Digital Friability Test Apparatus
U-Shape Magnet
Auto Melting Point Apparatus
Digital Melting Point Apparatus
Digital Tele Thermometer
Tap Density Tester
Bulk Density Apparatus
LED Kohler Illumination Monocular Microscope
Leak Test Apparatus
Flocculator Jar Test Apparatus
Microprocessor Flame Photometer
Digital Flame Photometer
Microprocessor Water & Soil Analysis Kit
Water & Soil Analysis
Ampoule Filling and Sealing Device
Ampoule Washing Device
Antibiotic Zone Reader
Anderson Pipette
Bottle Cap Sealing Machine Hand Operated
Infinity Corrected Binocular Microscope
Ball Mill
Bottle Washing Machine
Bottle and Liquid Filling Machine
Infinity Corrected Digital Trinocular Microscope
Conical Percolator
Collapsible Tube Ointment Filling Machine
Wein Series Resistance Bridge
Capsule Filling Machine
LED Kohler Illumination Infinity Corrected Binocular Microscope
Cannula Borosil Glass
Double Cone Blender
Frequency Wein Bridge
Small Animal Cage
Cage Metabolic
Disintegration Test Machine
Maxwell Inductance Capacitance Bridge
Trinocular 5W LED Kohler Illumination
Dissolution Rate Test Equipment
Digital Trinocular Microscope 5W LED Kohler Illumination
Owen Bridge
Filtration Assembly
Membrane Filter Holder All Glass
Granulating Sieves
Hand Grind Mill
Trinocular Digital Microscope with LCD Touch Pad 5W LED Kohler Illumination
Laboratory Mill
Lipstick Molds
Schering Bridge
Membrane Holder
Ointment Slab
Bridge Oscillator
Propeller Type Mechanical Agitator
Fixed Condenser Boxes
Air Curtains
Air Showers
Portable Tissue Culture Rack
Fume Hoods
Tissue Culture Hood
Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinets
Laminar Flow Cabinet Digital
Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinets
Laminar Air Flow Cabinet (Stainless Steel)
Bio Safe Biological Safety Cabinet
Freeze Dryer
Vertical Autoclaves
Laboratory Autoclave
Rectangular Water Bath
Temperature and Precision Control Water Bath
High Temperature Oil Bath
Refrigerated Water Bath
Folding Ruler
Bacteriological Incubator
Donor Couch
Humidity Oven
Vacuum Oven
Seed Dryer Cabinet
Blood Bank Scale
Plasma Extractor
Syringe Needle Destroyer
Tray Dryers
Round Hot Plates
Compaction Factor Apparatus
Blood Bank Monitor
Round Hot Plates Lab
Blood Bank Freezers
Blood Bag Sealer
Distillation Stills Manasty Type Wall Hanging
Distillation Stills Barn stead Type
Sox let And Digestion Units
Kjeldahl Distillation Unit
Booster Cable Set
Kjeldahl Distillation Digestion Unit
Deep Freezer
Ultra Low Deep Freezer
Vaccine Deep Freezer
COD Digester
Universal Ovens
Blood Tube Roller Mixer
Low Temperature Cabinets
Cooling Compartment
Plasma Thawing Bath
Cement Mortar Mixer
Rotary Micro tome Erma Type
Paraffin Dispenser
Automatic Tissue Processor
Rotary Senior Micro tome
Fully Automatic Microtome
Semi Automatic Microtome
Digital Microtome
Freezing Microtome
Sliding Microtome
Wood Microtome
Cryostat Microtome
Paraffin Embedding Bath
Tissue Flotation Bath
Tissue Culture Station Single Unit
Microtome Accessories
Microtome Object Holder
Microtome Razor
Specimen Jar
Slide Mounter
Brodie Starling Kymograph
Student Electrical Kymographs
Student Kymographs Digital
Muscle Twitch Assembly
Student Nervemuscle Assembly
Bar Magnet
Bar Magnet (Alnico)
Common Interest Prepared Slide Set
Smoking Varnishing Outfits
Long Paper Extension
Varnishing Tray
Variety Set 50 Prepared Slides
Time Recording Devices
Simple Electrode
Hook Weight
Simple Lever
Brodie Universal Lever
Fixit Lever
Heart Lever Starling
Student Isometric Lever
Myographic Lever
Starling Crank Myograph
Frog Board
Frog Muscle Chamber
Boss Heads Stands and Fixing Devices
Standard X Block
Open Sided X Block
Muscle Grip
Heart Clips
Bicycle Ergograph
Student Physiograph
Psychology Equipments
Respiration Pump
Brodie Operating Table
Operating Table
Embalming Table
Rat Operating Table
Small Animal Operating Table
Power Table
Animal Holders
Small Animal Holder Lab
Animal Head Holders
Pneumograph Stethograph
Benedict Roth Recording Spirometer
Digital Respinometer
Organ Bath
Organ Jar Bath Digital
Isolated Organ Baths Digital
Four Unit Organ Bath
Perfusion Lagendroff Assembly
Dubois Raymond Key
Simple Key
Induction Coil
Student Induction Coil
Variable Interrupter
Mosses Ergograph
Compass Aesthesiometer
Hand Grip Dynamometer
Skin Fold Caliper
Bone and Meat Cutting Machine
Meat Cutting Machine
Autopsy Table
Cold Room
Cadaverous Injector
Electrical Incinerator
Electrical Incinerator With Scrubber
Sanitary Napkin Incinerator
Napkin Incinerator With Scrubber
CNC Semi Production Lathe
Automatic Horizontal Band Saw
CNC Semi Production Mill
Nano Sanitary Napkin Incinerator
Bio Waste Oil Fired Medical Incinerator
Spinner 15
Electronic Bio waste Medical Incinerator
Resistance Welding Machine
Spot Welding Machine
General Waste Incinerator
MIG Welding Machine
Spinner 18
Small Animal Incinerator
Large Animal Incinerator
Industrial Waste Incinerator
MIG MAG Welding Machine
Plastic Waste Shredder
Poultry Incinerator
Small Poultry Waste Incinerator
Large Poultry waste Incinerator
Glass Crusher Incinerator
Bottle Crusher Incinerator
Robotic Arm
Rotary Kiln Incinerator
Kitchen Waste Incinerator
Electro Hydraulic Trainer
Hydraulic Trainer Kit
Municipal Waste Incinerator
Automatic Razor Sharpener (Spencer Type)
Automatic Razor Sharpener ( Arthur Thomas Type)
Tablet Polishing Pan
Tablet Making Machine (Electrically Operated)
Tablet Making Machine Motorised
Tablet Making Machine Hand Operated
Tablet Hardness Tester Pfizer Type Lab
Tablet Coating Pan
Tablet Hardness Tester
Tablet Counter Tablet Counting Device Lab
Stability Chamber Microprocessor Control
Seed Germinator Single Chamber
Seed Germinator Double Chamber
UV Chamber with UV Tube Light
Frog Heart Chamber
Nerve Muscle Chamber and Lucas Moist Chamber
Plant Growth Chamber
Histamine Chamber
Apparatus For Isolated Uterus Intestine
Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe
Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall
Heat Pipe Demonstrator
Fluidized Bed Dryer
Solid Liquid Extraction Bed Type
Mass Transfer Lab Equipment
Adsorption in Packed Bed
Brinell Hardness Tester For Metallurgy
Composition of Water by Weight
Different Kinds of Cells
Electroplating and Corrosion
Cement and Concrete
Manufacture of Glass
Organic Acids
Soaps and Detergents
Synthetic Fibers
Blast Furnace
Copper Metallurgy
Extraction of Zinc
Prep.of Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Carbonate
Prep. of Chlorine and Hydrochloric acid
Prep. of Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphuric Acid
Prep. of Ammonia and Haber Process
Prep. of Oxygen and Liquefaction of Air
Prep. of Hitrozen and Carbon dioxide
Manufacture of Bleaching Powder
Manufacture of Phosphorus
Crystal Lattices
Close Packed Structures
Model of Disc Brake System Two Wheeler
Sodium Chloride Crystal
Aluminium Metallurgy
Changes Around Us
Metric Weights and Measures
Wave Motion
Simple Machine
The Lever
Archimedes Principal
Pascals Law
Reflection of Light
Refraction Through a Glass Slab
Refraction Through Prisms
Refraction of Light Through Lenses
Optical Instruments
Eye and its Defects
Eletric Current- Sources- Effects
Static Electricity
Valve Timing Diagram
Current Electricity
Ohms Law and Electrical Resistance
Eletric Circuits Components Symbols
Properties of a Magnet
Making a Magnet
Electromagnetic Induction
Electric Motor
Electric Bell
Electric Generator
Moment and Couple
Nuclear Fusion
Work and Power
Nuclear Reactor
Radio Telescope
Multistage Rocket
Wind Mill
Petrol Engine
Steam Engine
Diode Charts
Universal (Life Cycle of a Star)
Universe ll (Comets and Meteors)
Science Educational Charts
The Cell Theory
Variable Speed Air Blower Test Rig
Types of Soils in India
Main Cylinder Air Cooled
Levels of Organization
Origin of Life
Animal Husbandry
Three Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig With Morse Test
Economic Plants
Basic Agricultural Practices
Medicinal plants - I
Energy Needs
Air Blower Test Rig
Fossil Fuels
Air Compressor Test Rig
Petroleum and Natural Gas
Renewable Sources of Energy
Nuclear Energy
Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine Test Rig
Nitrogen Cycle
Oxygen Cycle
Variable Compression Ratio Engine Test Rig
Carbon Cycle
Pedigree Analysis-1
Fire and Fire Extinguishers
Multi Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig
Soil A Natural Resources
Four Stroke Four Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig With Morse Test
How Soil is formed and soil profile
Solar Cooker
Water Harvesting
Single Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig
Purification of Water
Model of Hydraulic Braking System with Vacuum Booster
Sericulture (L. H. Silkworm)
Cellular Respiration
Port Timing Diagram
Model of Fully Floating Differential and Rear Wheel Mechanism
Pedigree Analysis -2
Pedigree Analysis-3
Pedigree Analysis - 4
Pedigree Analysis - 5
Rack and Pinion Type
Pedigree Analysis - 6
Homologous Organs
Analogous Organs
Single Cylinder Two Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig
Hybridisation - 2
Hybridisation - 3
Human Skeleton Chart
Human Muscles Chart
Blood Circulation Chart
Nervous System Chart
Digestive System Chart
Human Eye Chart
Human Ear Chart
CNC Micro Mill
The Respiratory System Chart
Human Heart Chart
Endocrine System Chart
Reproductive Chart (Female)
Human Embryology Chart
Lymphatic System Chart
Human Brain Chart
Human Teeth Chart
Pregnancy and Birth Chart
Human Kidney Chart
Human Skull Chart
Urinary Tract Chart
Throat Chart
Gall bladder and Pancreas
Human Lungs Chart
Joints of Human Body Chart
Human Immune System Chart
Human Skin Chart
Human Spinal Cord Chart
Movable Joints Chart
Menstrual Cycle Chart
Elbert Einstein
Archimedes Chart
Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam
Birbal Shani
Charles Robert Darwin
Galileo Galilel
Homi Jehangir Bhabha
Jagdish Chandra Boss
Louis Pasteur
Marie Caurie
Meghnad Saha
Dmitri Mendleev
Isaac Newton
Raja Ramanna
Srinivasa Ramanuja
Ernest Rutherford
Satyendra Nath Bose
Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
Thomas Alva Edison
Our Food Chart
Proteins Chart
Fats Chart
Carbohydrates Chart
Vitamins Chart
Minerals Chart
Water and Roughage
Deficiency Diseases Chart
Foods Nutrition Value Chart
Health Rules Chart
Causes of Diseases Chart
Prevention of Diseases Chart
Effects of Alcohol Chart
Tobacco and Habit Forming Drugs Chart
Clean Body Chart
Clean Water Chart
Constituents of Food Chart
Malnutrition Chart
Immunization Chart
Cholera Chart
Malaria Chart
Aids Chart
Plague Chart
Tuberculosis Chart
Leprosy Chart
Influenza Chart
Jaundice Chart
Cancer Chart
Typhoid Chart
Viral Diseases Chart
Dysentery Chart
Hepatitis Chart
Heart Attack Chart
Diabetes Chart
Asthma Chart
Skeleton and Circulatory System Chart
Triangular Bandages Chart
Roller Bandages Chart
Fractures Chart
Artificial Respiration Chart
Transport of the Injured Chart
Unconsciousness Chart
Hemorrhage Chart
Electric Shock Treatment Chart
Emergency Resuscitation Chart
Removal of Foreign Bodies Chart
Burns and Scalds Chart
Snakes and their Bites Chart
Poisons and their Antidotes Chart
Outline of First Aid and Appliances Chart
Shuddhi Kriyas Chart
Shankh Prakshalan Chart
Surya Namaskar Chart
Padmasan and Matsyasan Chart
Paschimottanasana and Ardha Matsyendrasana Chart
Ustrasan and Supt Vajrasan Chart
Dhanurasan and Mayurasan Chart
Pawanmuktasana and Chakrasana Chart
Sarvangasan and Halasan Chart
Bandhas and Pranayam Chart
Spine and Related Organs Chart
Healthy Eye Chart
English Numerical Chart
Addition Chart
Subtraction Chart
Multiplication Chart
Division Chart
Multiplication Table Chart
Roman Numeral Chart
Heavenly Bodies Chart
Solar System Chart
Earth and Its Motion Chart
Structure of Earth Chart
Rocks and Minerals Chart
Atmosphere and Space Chart
Pressure and Winds Chart
Weather Map Symbols Chart
Ocean Charts
Surveying Chart
Conventional Signs Chart
Map Projection Chart
Storm and Ocean Current Chart
Phases of the Moon Chart
Solar and Lunar Eclipse Chart
Season Chart
Tides Chart
Sun and Planets Chart
Water Cycle In Nature Chart
Directions and How To Find Them Chart
Earth Is Round Chart
Physical Features of Earth Chart
Day and Night Chart
Earthquake Chart
Latitude and Longitude Chart
Two Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine Test Rig
Hill Features
Contours and Map Setting Chart
Factors that Affect Climate Chart
Weather Instruments Chart
Volcano Chart
Ocean Currents Chart
Sunlight and Rainbow Chart
Glacial Landform Chart
Coastal Landscape Chart
Streams (Rivers) Charts
Wind Eolian System Chart
Glaciers Information Chart
Ground Water Information Chart
Denudation Chart
Man and Environment Chart
Air and Noise Pollution Chart
Air Pollution Chart
Flora and Fauna Chart
Water Pollution Chart
Impacts of Forests Chart
Soil Conservation Chart
Population Explosion Chart
Impact of Environment Degradation on Humans Chart
Non Conventional Sources of Energy
January Map
February Map
March Map
April Map
May Map
June Map
July Map
August Map
September Map
October Map
November Map
December Map
English Alphabet Chart
Hindi Alphabet Chart
Hindi Barakhadi Chart
Tamil Alphabet Chart
Telugu Alphabet Chart
Tamil Barakhadi Chart
Telugu Barakhadi Chart
Malayalam Alphabet Chart
Animals Chart
Birds Chart
Vegetables Charts
Fruits Chart
Symbols of unity Chart
Flowers Chart
Means of Transport Chart
Road Traffic Signs Chart
Parts of the Body Chart
Flags of all Nation Chart
Historical Building Chart
Temples of India Chart
Good Manners Chart
Good Habits Chart
Festivals of India Chart
Brahmin and the Boatman Chart
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Humpty Dumpty Chart
One Two Buckle My Shoe
Pussy Cat Pussy Cat Chart
Nursery Rhymes Chart
Johny Johny! Yes Papa
Chubby Cheeks Chart
Jack and Jill
Ding dong bell Chart
Thirsty Crow Chart
Hare and the Lion Chart
Greedy Dog Chart
Monkey and Hawker Chart
Hare and the Tortoise Chart
Fox and the Crow Chart
Grapes are Sour Chart
Unity is Strength Chart
Who will bell the Cat Chart
Horse and Buffalo Chart
Think before you act Chart
Honesty is best Policy Chart
Pride has a fall Chart
Gold from the Earth Chart
King Mayadas Chart
The Great Scholar Chart
Graph Chart
Impact of British Rule Chart
Social Reformers Chart
The Revolt of 1857 Chart
Emergence of Nationalism Chart
Indian National Congress Chart
National Movement Chart
Militant Nationalism Chart
Non Cooperation Movement Chart
Revolutionaries Chart
Fight for Purna Swaraj Chart
India and World War ll Chart
Quit India Movement Chart
Muslim League and Partition Chart
India Achieves Independence Chart
India One Great Nation Chart
India is one Chart
Beware of Dangers Chart
Symbols of National Unity Chart
National Discipline Chart
Prosperity Through Public Cooperation Chart
Unity is Diversity Chart
Unity for National Development Chart
Reconciliation of Differences Chart
Mahatma Gandhi
Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
Dr. Radhakrishnan
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
Subhas Chandra Bose
MahaRana Pratap
Rani Jhansi
Rabindra Nath Tagore
Swami Vivekanand
Three Letter Words Chart
Four Letter Words Charts
Her Chart
The Chart
my Chart
Are Chart
Their Charts
Where Chart
Parts of Body Chart
Look and Say Chart
Here Chart
You Chart
Your Chart
The Chart
Open Chart
Activities Around You Chart
Sentence Chart
Noun Charts
Noun Gender Chart
Noun Number Chart
Noun Case Chart
Pronouns Chart
Conjunction Chart
Adjective Chart
Adverb Chart
Articles Chart
Verbs Chart
Present Tense Chart
Past Tense Chart
Future Tense Chart
What is Fieldcraft Chart
Field Signals Chart
Judging Distance Chart
Movements and Section Formation Chart
Indication and Recognition of Targets Chart
The Oath and Aims NCC Chart
Organization of NCC Chart
Principles of Musketry Chart
Rank Badges Chart
India Chart
Political Chart
Africa Political Chart
Asia Political Chart
Australia Political Chart
Europe Political Chart
North America Chart
South America Chart
Sri Lanka Chart
Acceleration Sensor
World Physical Chart
Assam and N.E. States Chart
Andhra Pradesh Political Chart
Bihar Political Cum Physical Chart
Chhattisgarh Chart
Delhi Political Chart
Haryana Map Chart
Himachal Pradesh Map Chart
Karnataka Political Map Chart
Kerala Political Map Chart
Punjab Political Map Chart
Rajasthan Political Map Chart
Tamil Nadu Chart
Uttar Pradesh Political Map Chart
Uttarakhand Political Map Chart
West Bengal Political Map Chart
Telangana Political Chart
Sikkim Chart
Type K Thermocouple
Charge Sensor
UT Bottle Top Dispenser
Crimping Machine
BT Bottle Top Dispenser
R M Bottle Top Dispenser
Glue Spreader Roll
Pipette Filling Device E-fill
Electronic Micro pipettes
Little Giant
Single Channel Micro pipette
Stands for Micro pipettes
Multi channel Micro pipette
Cross Staff
Ghat Tracer
Line Ranger
Measuring Chain
Test Sieves
Sieve Shaker
Total Station
Sokkia Total Station
South Total Station
Lockstitch Straight Button Hole Sewing Machine
Drum Compass
Locket Compass
Henry Huges Compass
Copper Dial Compass
Pocket Compass
Flat Compass
PLC Based Electro Hydraulic Trainer
Liburnia Warship Compass
Transparent Pneumatic Components
Advanced Electro Pneumatic Trainer
Four Way Compass
Pneumatic Trainer
Antique Compass
Condenser Lens Compass
Button Attachment Sewing Machine
Titanic Compass
Condenser Lens Wheel Compass
CNC Milling Machine Table Model
Computerized Embroidery Machine
Sundial Compass
Electro Pneumatic Trainer
Sliding Compass 3
Sewing Machine
CNC Milling Machine Floor Model
PLC Based Pneumatic Trainer
Pocket Sundial 1.75
Single Needle Lockstitch Machine
Advanced Hydraulic Trainer
Marry Rose Sundial Compass
Thread Compass
Hand Held GPS
Wrist Watch Sundial Compass
Steampunk Wrist Sundial
Pole Holder
Mirror Stereoscope
Levelling Staff
Ranging Rod
Plane Table
Digital Planimeter
Auto Level
Pentax Auto Level
Sokkia Auto Level
CNC Milling Machine
Vibrating Machine
Sand Pouring Cylinder
Prismatic Compass
Crushing Value Apparatus
Beam Moulds
Cube Moulds
Dumpy Level
Compaction Mould
Digital Theodolite
Brunton Compass
Concrete Vibrator
Watts Theodolites
Lathe Machine
CNC Milling Controller
Aggregate Impact Tester
Laser Theodolite
Water Current Meter Cup Type
Box Sextant
Spin Train
Mill Train
Tripod Stand
Wooden Tripod
Nautical Sextant
Prism Set
Prism Pole
Mini Prism
Student Desk
Brass Porthole
Porthole Nickel Finish
Porthole Green Finish
Multifunction Chair
Outdoor Display Units
Wire Gauze
Magnetic Counter
Marble Set
Two Color Counter
Counters Dia
Counter Sets
Bunk Bed Metal
Color Tiles
Cafeteria Chair
Skip Counting
2D Shape
Sorting Rings
Frame Abacus
3D Solilds
Cafeteria Dining Set
Pattern Block
Single Seater Desk
Executive Chair
Jumbo Geometry Box
Desktop Desk
Table Desk
School Desk
3D Solids Set
Tooth Shear
Water Still
High Current Sensor
Recovery Bed
Orthopaedic Bed Two Sectioned
Elit Fowler Bed Manual
Elit Fowler Bed Manual Two Function
Primo Fowler Bed Manual
Birthing Bed
Birthing Bed Motorized
3D Paper Nets
Electric I.C.U. Bed
Blood Collection Monitor
Electric Bed
X Y axis Coordinate Geoboard
Plain Hospital Bed
Geoboard (Transparent) 11X11 flat head peg grid
Flip N Fraction Geoboard with Cirlcle Cuts
Blood Bag Tube Sealer
Platelet Agitator
Blood Cell Counter
Blood Bank Centrifuge Counter Balance
Undercounter Blood Bank Refrigerators
Blood Bank Refrigerator Deluxe Model
Construction of Parabola
Angle Property of Cyclic Quadrilateral
Physiological Dental Chair
Hydraulic Dental Chair
Angle Sum Property of Triangle
Dental Compressor
Pneumatic Surgical Stool
Electronic Dental Chair
Angle Sum Property of Quadrilateral
Dental X-Ray Unit
Optical Square
Dental Compressor Oil Less
Dental Operating Light
Air Rotor Control Box
Foot Control Switch
Medical Compressor
Three Way Syringe
Analog Timer
Digital RVG Timer
Digital Timer
Class Room Base Ten Set
Ultrasonic Scaler
Light Turbo - 5 Watt Boost
Light Plus-1 Watt Advanced
Curing Light
Cusinare Strips
Automatic Sterilizer
Dental Hanging Engine
Dental Lathe
Power of 2
Dental Double Walled Acrylizer
Automatic Dental Amalgamator
Sand Blaster
Trick Sticks Set
Operation Theater Fumigator
Hook N Look
Eye Testing Apparatus for Near Vision
Rotating Eye Testing Drum
Clear Headlight
Interlocking Cubes
1 CM Interlocking Cubes
Fiber Optic Head Light
Auditory Trainers
Head Light with Loupe
ENT Equipment Set
Light Source
Fiber Optic Cable
Halogen Head Light
Halogen Operation Light
Operating Laryngoscope
Designer Fraction Forms
Wings of Rings
Horse Muzzle
Medical Telescopes
Fraction Wheel
Fiber Optic Bronchoscope and Esophagoscope
Phases of Fraction
Fibre Optic Nasal Speculum
Diagnostic Audiometer
Halogen Spot Light
Portable ENT Microscope
Endoscopy Diagnostic Mobile Unit
ENT Surgical Microscope
Medical Endoscopes
Volume Change Apparatus
Lower Jaw Model
ENT Patient Chair
Derivation of PL
ENT OPD Treatment Unit
ENT Doctor Chair
Bed Pan
Spittoon Mug
Sputum Cup
Geared Teacher Clock
Urinals Females
Dressing Drum
Solution Bowl
Kidney Tray
Obstetrical Instrument Set
Urinals Male
Flexible Spinal Column
Thermometer Jar
Hospital Kitchenware
Time and Work Kit
Geared Student Clock
Sphygmomanometer Aneroid Round Shaped - Mobile
Sphygmomanometer Aneroid Square Shaped
Sphygmomanometer Aneroid
Velcro Cuff for Sphygmomanometer
Senior Pythagoras Theorem
Magnifying Lens
Reflex Hammer
Examination and Diagnostic Set
Pythagoras Theorem By Small Squares
B.P. Apparatus Mercury
Streak Retinoscope
Fiber Optic Operating Light
Trial Lens Set
Manual Lensometer
Algebra Kit
Cardiac Monitor SSM Cardiotrace
Multichannel Patient Monitoring System
Parallel Walking Bar
Tubular Ankle Support
Calf Support with Extra Grip and Pad
Jogger Mortized Heavy Duty
Lower Rib Support with Removable Splints
Rib Cage Support with Removable Splints
Tennis Elbow Support with Extra Grip and Pad
Foldable Jogger
Multipurpose Exerciser
Exercise Physio Ball
Shoulder Wheel Wall Mounting
Student Identities Kit
Arm Pulley Exerciser
Static Cycle
Hand Gym Kit Board
Horse Body Brush
Extra Soft Abdominal Surgical Belt
Lumbar Sacro Belt
Mortar Cube Vibrating Machine
Shoulder Support Brace
Place Value Board Multiplication
Back Guard
Cervical Collar
Elastic Rib Support with Removable Splints
Elastic Rib Belt
Guinal Hernia Belt
Wrist Binder
Wrist Brace
Ankle Binder
Varicose Veins Stocking
Tubular Knee Support
Ancalf Support
Arm Sling
Tensile Strength Tester
Graph Board Game
Teat Injection Tube
Sling and Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer Lab
CO- Ordinate Geo Board
Clavicle Brace
Integer Board Game
Number Cards
Teat Cannula
Sterilizer Shallow Dressing Drum
Vertical Sterilizer
Instrument Sterilizer
Horizontal Cylindrical Sterilizer
Karman Cannula
Hot Water Bottle One Side Ribbed
Ice Bag
Air Cushion
B.P. Armlet Bag
B.P. Bulb
Pipette Bulb
Enema Syringe
Self Retaining Catheter
Corrugated Drainage Sheets
Douche Tube
Ring Pessary
Hand Gloves
Arithmetic Charts
Air Bladder
Eye Ear Ulcer Syringe
Ryles Tube
Rectal Tube
Suction Tube
Briquette Mould
Anti-Static Rebreathing Bag
Medical Keratometer
Polyart Chart
PVC Chart
Junior Maths Kit
Senior Math Kit
Teat Syphon
Upper Primary Maths Kit
Instrument and Medicine Cabinet
Medical Instrument Cabinet
Hospital Instrument Cabinet
Multi Function Cabinet
Clothing Cabinet
Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
10 Locker Cabinet
21 Locker Cabinet
Material Storage Cabinet
Cordless LED Binocular Stereo Microscope
Controlled Drug Cabinet
Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet
Burdizzo Castrators
Air Curtain
Bull Leader and Bull Ring
Tissue Culture Rack
Shoulder Cum Elbow Cycle
Quadriceps Boots
Nirmal Quadriceps Exercise Table
Leg Exerciser
Exercise Chair
Multi Exercise Therapy Unit
Complex Exercising Unit
Traction Treatment Table
Paraffin Wax Bath Unit
Shortwave Medical Diathermy
Vibrator Belt Massager
Horizontal Laminar Air Flow (Microprocessor Control)
Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet (Microprocessor Controlled)
Traction Machine Electronic
Diagnostic Muscle Stimulator
Traction Machine
Continuous Passive Motion System
Three Dial Inductance Box
LED Top and Bottom Lights Binocular Stereo Microscope
Interferential Therapy Machine
Wax Bath Unit
Tens Machine
Digital and Deluxe Ultrasonic Therapy Unit
Electronic Traction System Cervical And Lumber
Short Wave Diathermy
Digital Ultrasonic Physiotherapy Equipment
Traction Table
Interferential Therapy
Quadriceps Table
Axial Model Shoulder Wheel
Infrared Bulb
Hydrocollator Hot Pack
Fume Scrubber
Movable Cabinets
Hospital Filing Cabinets
Exhaust Blowers
Medical Filing Cabinets
Filing Cabinets
Surgical Cautery Unit
Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Poster
Oxygen Therapy Unit
Oxygen Concentrator Sequal
Oxygen Concentrator
Drop Infusion Pump
Syringe Infusion Pump
Semi-Fowler Bed for Children
Infant Bed
Head Phone
Infant Bed Child Cot
Swaddling Table
Infant Bed Child Cot S.S Adjustable Height
Binocular Stereo Microscope Frosted Glass Plate
Foot Stool Superior
Single Step Foot Step Stool
Foot Stool Single Step
Double Step Foot Stool
Foot Step Stool
Perchloric Fume Hoods
Lead Goggles
Junior Fume Hoods
Mono Fume Hoods
2 Seater Waiting Chair
Duo Fume Hoods
Acela Fume Hoods
Vital Signs Monitor
Multipara Patient Monitor
Digital Multipara Monitors
Multipara Monitors
M8B Multipara Monitor
Patient Multipara Monitor
HP Viridia 24
Fume Hood Deluxe Model
Vital Sign Monitors
Microslide Plant Mitosis
Fumigation Chamber
3 Seater Waiting Chair
Steel Waiting Chair
Environmental Chamber
Tri Power LED Stereo Microscope
Carbon Di-Oxide Incubator
Waiting Bench
Environmental Stability Chamber
Forced Convection Laboratory Ovens
X Ray Machine
Tray Drying Oven
Automatic X Ray Machine
100MA Mobile X Ray Machines
Corner Connected X-Ray Cassettes
X-Ray Film Viewing Boxes
Temperature Controlled X -Ray Film Processing Unit
Chemistry Demonstration Nylon 6-10 Rope Trick
60mA 100mA X-Ray Equipments
Microslide Meiosis
X Ray Machine-300 500 MA
C-Arm X-Ray Table Chassis
Revolving Doctor Stool
LED Illumination Dual Power Binocular Stereo Microscope
Adjustable Doctor Stool
Chair with Writing Table
Water Still Heavy Duty
Water Still Table Pattern (Barnstead Type)
Syringe and Needle Destroyer
Water Still Wall Mounting
Plastic Needle Cutter
Three in One Needle and Syringe Destroyer
Ultra Structure of Animal Cells Microslide
Quartz Distillation Apparatus
Needle and Syringe Destroyer- Electrical
Distillation Apparatus All Glass
Binocular Loupes
Fetal Monitors
Stereo Acuity Test Kit
Rotary Vacuum Evaporator
Defibrillator Machine
HP Codemaster Defibrillator
Physio Control Defibrillator
Dual Power Binocular Stereo Microscope 1X and 2X Objective
1200 V Electrical Defibrillator
Water Bath Incubator Shaker Metabolic Shaker
Osmosis Simulation Activity Model
Tissue Floatation Bath
Harpenden Skinfold Caliper
Water Bath Serological
3 Way LED Light Dual Power Stereo Microscope
Hand Held Single Channel ECG
Digital ECG Machine
Water Bath Rectangular (Double Walled)
6 Channel ECG Machine
Heated Bath Circulator
12 Channel ECG Machine
1 Channel ECG Machine
Electrical Surgical Ceiling Pendant
Refrigerated Circulating Liquid Bath
Circulatory Water Bath
Transport Ventilator
Respironics Lifecare Ventilator
Siemens 300 Ventilator
Siemens 900C Ventilator
Puritan Bennett 7200 Series Ventilator
LP6 Ventilator
Air Compressor Ventilators
Versamed lvent 201 Ventilator
LP10 Ventilator
Drager Oxylog 1000 Ventilator
Drager Savina
Drager Evita Ventilators
Bird VIP Infant Ventilator
Siemens 300A Ventilator
Pulse Oximeter System
Monocrome Display Finger Tip Oximeter
Hand Held Pulse Oximeter
Table Top Pulse Oximeter with NIBP
Key to Identifying Wild Flowers of Grassland
Syringe Pump Dual Channel
Medical Syringe Pump
Helpful Bacteria Microslide
Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner
Cryostat Baths Circulators
Viscometric Water Bath
Plasma Thawing Laboratory Bath
Water Bath Serioloica
Rectangular Hot Plate
Hot Plate Round
Magnetic Shaker
Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
Magnetic Stirrer
LCD Touch Pad Digital Wide Field Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope
Magnetic Stirrer Cum Hot Plate
Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope 6.7x-45x Magnification
Dry Bath Incubator
Mini Rotary Flask Shaker
Muffle Furnace
Muffle Furnace Deluxe Model
COD Digestor
Kjeldahl Distillation and Digestion Combined Unit
Horizontal Electrophoresis System
LCD Screen Digital Handheld Microscope
Digital Electrophoresis Power Supply
Butyro Refractrometer
1080P Full HD Wi-Fi Digital Microscope
Abbe Refreactrometer
Research Polarimeter
Abels Flash Point Apparatus
Red Wood Viscometer
Motorized Ring and Ball Apparatus
High Resolution Endoscope Camera
Simple Endoscopy Camera
Direct To Computer Endoscopy Recording Camera
Ultra Sound Machine
Digital Ultrasound Diagnostic Device
Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging Systems
Respironics Bipap Pro
Saybolt Viscometer Apparatus
Radiant Warmer with Detachable Trolley
Radiant Warmer with Under Surface Phototherapy
LED Phototherapy Stand
Dissecting Set
LED OT Lights
Pyrogen Testing Instrument
Inverted Microscope
Shadowless Operating Lights
Ceiling Mounted Operating Lights
Surgery Operating Lights
Ceiling Operating Lights
Dental Microscope
Dental Surgical Microscope
Economy Student Dissection Kit
Dental Surgery Microscopes
Dental Micro Motor
Applanation Tonometer
Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope
Slit Lamp
Slit Lamp Zoom Mag
Riester Schiotz C Tonometer
Fujitron Zeiss Type Slit Lamp
Portable Slit Lamp
Halogen Light Sources
Portable Surgical Microscope
Surgery Microscope
Digital Colposcope
Tongue Depressors
Post Mortem Knives
LED Mini Light Source
Power LED Head Light
Lenses Cylindrical Glass
Smoothed Power Supply
Light Energy Kit
Light Guide Demonstrator
Weighing Mass Set on Tray
Diffraction Grating
Single Phase Joulemeter
Red Laser Pen
Wooden Lens Holder
Micro Voltmeter
Lens Holder With Base
Lens Meniscus
Lock Type Micrometer Screw Gauge
Lens Meniscus 2.5 D
Lenses Biconcave Glass
Lenses Biconcave and Convex
AC DC Power Supply
Lenses Biconvex Glass
Variable Power Supply 0-25V
Optical Bench
Optical Pins
Pencil Jockey
Pendulum Bobs
Platinum Electrode
Plug Key
Fire Extinguisher (Powder Type)
Magnet for Floating Ring Magnet Apparatus
Survey Chain
Frequency Signal Generator
Vibration Box For Physics Lab
Tangent Galvanometer
Stirrup For Physics Lab Exporters
Physics Simple Galvanoscope
Steel Rod For Physics Lab
Oersteds Apparatus For Physics Lab Educational
Magnetic Needle with Stand
Magnetic Needle Jewel Bearing
Magnetic Needle Brass
Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Solenoid
Magnetic Field Chamber
Magnetic Field Apparatus
Iron Filings for Physics Lab
Induction Coil Demonstration
Force on A Conductor Balance
Worcester Electromagnetic Kit
Electromagnet For Physics Lab Educational
Dip Needle
Deflection Magnetometer
Deflection Magnetometer Compass
Thompson Indicator Straight Line Motion
Crank and Slotted Lever
Electrophorus Brass N.P.
Copper Plate
Conductor Set 3 Brass N.P.
Acrylic Block Rectangular
Semi Circular Acrylic Block
AC Moving Coil Meter
Balance Weights
Compound Bar
Electric Blower
Zinc Plate
Water Permeability Test Kit
Carrier Slide (with Safety Device)
Pin Hole Camera
Sprinkler for Physics Lab Exporters
Soft Iron Plate
OPH Helix Coil for Physics Lab Exporters
OPH Conductor for Physics Lab Exporters
OPH Circular Coil for Physics Lab Exporters
Materials Set for Magnetism and Electricity
Coarse Aggregate Density Test Set
Electric Motor Kit
Water Still (Wall Mounting)
Water Distillation Unit (Flask Type)
Resolving Power of Telescope
Connected Leads
Electrical Ohm Meter
Linear Air Track Experiment
Capacity Box Dial Type
Anchor Ring
Solenoid Inductor
Tellurium Earth Moon Sun Model
Collision In Two Dimensions
Wooden Dynamic Trolley
Elliptic Trammel
Loci Board
Crank and Connecting Rod
Whitworth Quick Return
Scott-Russell Straight Line Motion
Rapson Slide (Boat Rudder)
Peaucellier Straight Line Motion
Claw Mechanism Science Labs
Slotted Link (Scotch Yoke)
Toggle with Single and Double Action
Clips and Collet Pencil
Ackerman Steering Gear
Simple Pantograph
James Watt Straight Line Motion
Electron Spin Resonance and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Digital Multimeter Model
Cut Sectional Model of 2 Stroke Engine
Personal Weighing Machine
Hysteresis Curve Apparatus
Different Impellers of Pumps and Turbines
Young Modulus Apparatus Searles Pattern
Ni Fe Cell
Van De Graff Generator
Bio Chemical Oxygen Demand
Four Stroke Diesel Engine Model
Digital Electronic Circuit Trainer Bread Board Model
Convex Mirror Glass
Concave Mirror Glass
Carbon Electrodes Mounted
Analog Lab Trainer Bread Board Model
Autosampler Vials for Chromatography HPLC Vials
DC Regulated Power Supply Dual Output
Electrostatic Equipment
Wimshurst Machine
Physics Lab Kit
Travelling Microscopes
Function Generator
Hand Operated Casagrande Equipment
Physics Apparatus
DC Regulated Power Supply Single Output
Archimedes Principle Kit
Ticker Tape Timer
Aepinus Condenser
Bar and Gauge
Biots Conductor
Circuit Modules
Conductivity Apparatus
Demountable Transformer
Dip Circle
Digital Stop Clock.
Demonstration Gear System Model
Electric Whirl
Electromagnetism Coil
Electroscope Pith Ball
Equality of Pressure in Liquids
Electrostatic Kit
Expansion of Liquids Apparatus
Expansion Apparatus
Falling Bodies Apparatus
Fly Wheel
Force Pump on Stand
Simple Cell Battery
Analytical Weight Boxes
Fractional Weights Set
Dry Electrolyte
Telegraph Set
Electrical Demonstration Bell
Spare Terminals
Plug Keys and Switches
Post Office Box
Different Types of wires
Portable Traveler Balance
Circular Plate Heater
Electromagnetic Agitator without Heating
Consolidation Apparatus
High-Voltage Power Supply
High-Efficiency Switching Power Supply Unit of 15 A
0-12V 6A Ac Dc Low Voltage Power Supply Unit
Direct Current and Alternating Current Generator
Model of Direct Current Generator
Demonstration Electric Motor
Hydroelectric Energy Generation Kit
Solar Energy Mini Laboratory
Solar Energy
Wind Power System
X-Ray Spectrometer
Automatic Mechanical Soil Compactor
Spectrometer and Automation System for Studying Nuclear Physics
Rutherford Scattering
Multi Pump Test Rig
Planck's Constant By LED
Floating Carriage Diameter Measuring Machine
Computer Interfaced Fluid Machines
Franck-Hertz Experiment with Neon
Optical Interferometer
Electronic Diffraction
Diffusion Chamber of Alpha
Beta Particles and of Electrons
Experimental Setup for V and Curves of Synchronous Motor
Slip Ring Induction Motor
Synchronous Motor with Exciter
Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
Mechanical Vernier Caliper
Dial Vernier Caliper
Digimatic Vernier Caliper
Long Range Vernier Caliper
Digital Gear Tooth Vernier
Bunsen Burners
Cork Borer
Electric Water Still
Filter Pump
Gas Taps
Hoffman Screw
Handle Spatula
Spirit Lamps
Beaker Tong
Copper Water Bath
Tongs for Crucibles
Retort Stand
Set of 3 Items (Retort Stand Set)
Retort Stand- Superior
Base (8x5 Heavy) and Rod
Retort Boss Head
Retort Clamp
Manual Metal Arc Welding Machine
Rubber Corks Rubber Stopper
Rubber Tubing
Spirit Lamp
First Aid Kit Box
Reciprocating Spindle Surface Grinder
Z Test Tube Stand
Revolving Bosshead
Retort Rod
Retort Ring with Bosshead
Upright Drilling Machine
Universal Clamp
Light Demonstration Guide
Pendulum Clamp
Suspension Clamp
Double Adjustable Two Three Prong Clamp Lab
Four Prong Clamp
Flat Work Ironer
Clamp Holder
Square Bosshead
Retort Plate Side Cut
Minimum Maximum Thermometer
Thin Section of Rocks
Hand And Table Microtome
Thin Section of Minerals
Engine Stethoscope
Thin Section of Rocks and Minerals
Solar Radiation Sensor
Collection of 9 Rocks
Collection of 20 Rocks
Tubular Heat Exchanger
Collection of 25 Rocks
Collection of 50 Rocks
Collection of 10 Rocks
Collection of 15 Igneous Rocks
Collection of 15 Sedimentary Rocks
Collection of 15 Metamorphic Rocks
Collection of 20 Minerals (A) Different Minerals from (B) or (C)
Collection of 20 Minerals (B) Different Minerals from (A) or (C)
Collection of 20 Minerals (C) Different Minerals from (A) or (B)
Collection of 25 Minerals
Collection of 30 Minerals
Collection of 50 Minerals
Collection of 70 Minerals
Collection of 20 Earthy Minerals
Collection of 20 Metallic Ores
Collection of 20 Stones
Collection of 20 Rocks and Minerals
Collection of 50 Rocks and Minerals
Collection of 100 Rocks and Minerals
Collection of 12 Metals
Collection of 20 Alloys
Collection of 24 Metals and Alloys
Rocks and Minerals Test Kit
Collection of 9 Mohs Hardness Set
Minerals Fracture Collection (Set of 10)
Minerals Cleavage Collection (Set of 10)
Minerals Streak Collection (Set of 10)
Minerals Luster Collection (Set of 10)
Minerals Tenacity Collection (Set of 10)
Minerals Specific Gravity Collection (Set of 10)
Minerals Colour Collection (Set of 10)
Minerals Feel Property Collection (Set of 10)
Minerals Odor Taste Collection (Set of 10)
Minerals Crystal Collection (Set of 15)
Gems Collection (Set of 20)
Collection of Soil and Clays
Collection of 12 Woods
Collection of 6 Plastic Material with Properties and Uses
Collection of 9 Glass
Collection of Fibres
Minerals Collection Used in Different Industry
Set of 50
Minerals Collection Used in Cement Industry
Set of 15
Minerals Collection Used in Ceramics Industry
Set of 10
Minerals Collection Used in Paint Industry
Set of 20
Minerals Collection Used in Paper Industry
Set of 10
Minerals Collection Used in Building a House
Set of 10
Minerals Collection Used in the Kitchen
Set of 6
Minerals Collection Used In Around The Home
Minerals Collection Used in Transport and Technology
Set of 6
Minerals Collection Used For Neat and Tidy
Set of 6
Minerals Collection Used In Health and Medicine
Set of 10
Collecting River System Model
Transporting River System Model
Ice Sheet and Icebergs Model
Convergent Plate Boundaries Model
Divergent Plate Boundaries Model
Transform Plate Boundaries Model
Structural Basin Model
Plateau Model
Fold Mountain Model
Normal Fault Model
Reverse Fault Model
Anticlines and Synclines Model
Horsts and Grabens Model
Groundwater Model
Sand Dunes - Barchans Model
Archipelago Model
River Meander and Ox Bow Lake Model
Delta Model
Valley Model
Gorge and A Mountain Model
An Irrigation Dam Model
A Mountainous Pass Model
Glacier Model
Island and Lagoon Model
Peninsula Model
Bay Model
Cape Model
Estuary Model
Confluence Model
Concave and Convex Slopes Model
Undulating Slopes Model
Interior of Earth 3D Model
River in Action 3D Model
Geographical Terms 3D Model
Rocks and Volcanoes 3D Model
Air and Water Pollution 3D Model
The Volcanic System 3D Model
3D Model of Restless Earth
Formation of Rocks 3D Model
Glacial Landscape 3D Model
Origin of Earth 3D Model
Earth Quake 3D Model
Fold and Fault 3D Model
Structure of Earth 3D Model
Story of Earth 3D Model
Cycle of Erosion 3D Model
Deformation of The Earth Folds and Fault 3D Model
Mass Movement on Earth 3D Model
Features of the Dry Desert 3D Model
The Earths Interior 3D Model
Hand Microtome External Milled Knob
Rotary Microtome
Insect Storage Box
Herbarium Press
Dissecting Set - 20 Instruments
Double Beam Spectrophotometer Wavelength Range 190-1100nm
Split Beam Spectrophotometer Wavelength Range 190-1100nm
Dissection Forceps Sharp
Mathematical Signs
Time Teacher
Time Teacher Handy
Clock Face Dials
Clock Stamp
Dice Large Wooden
Base Board (Magnetic)
Base Board Ink Stamps
Skip counting Game
Circle Fraction (Magnetic)
Circle Fraction (Non-Magnetic)
Rectangular Fraction (Magnetic)
Subtraction of 2-digit number (Magnetic)
Abacus Junior 3 Rows
Abacus Junior 10 Rows
Abacus Senior 5 Rows
Abacus 10 Rows Place Value Board
Sum of 3 angles of triangle
Sum of 4 angles of quadrilateral
Finding the Incenter of different types of triangles
Circumcenter of a triangle (Magnetic)
To illustrate the mid-point theorem (Magnetic)
Ratio of area of similar triangles (Magnetic)
To draw a triangle equal in area of parallelogram
Equal Chords of Congruent Circles
To Verify Pythagoras
Geo Board (Junior) Double Sided
Geo Board (Senior) Double Sided
Geo Board Ink Stamps
Geometrical Instrument Box
To study volume relation between cone and cylinder
To study volume of cylinder
3 D Model of Tetrahedron
3 D Model of Hexahedron
3-D Model of Octahedron
3-D Model of Pyramid
3-D Model of Pyramid Vertical
3-D Model of Cube Prisms
3-D Model of Cylinder In Two Semi Cylinders
3-D Model of Frustum of Cone
3-D Model of Truncated of Cone
3-D Model of Sphere Section in Two Hemispheres
3-D Model of Cone Section in 5 Parts
Geometrical Models
Stamps Set For 3 D Models
3-D Geometrical Models Spare
Area of a Parallelogram
Properties of Parallelogram
Area of Right Angle Triangle
Area of Acute Angle Triangle
Area of Obtuse Angle Triangle
Area of Rhombus
3 D Model of Dodecahedron
3 D Model of Icosahedron
3 D Model of Parallelepiped
Geometrical Model
Ecology of Vernal Pools Poster
Map Measurer Rota Meter
Parallel Rulers Brass In Wooden Box
Drawing Models
Service Protractors
Architectural French Curves
Ink Bow Compass
Beam Compass
Meter Scale Wooden
Plastic Protractors Circular
Drawing Instruments Box
Foot Rulers Plastic
Set Square of Transparent Plastic
Dissection Kit With 14 Instruments
Dissection Kit With 18 Instrument
Dissecting Needles With Plastic Handles
Dissecting Scisors
Dissecting Trays
Dynamic Trolley
Dynamo Working Model
Dynamo (AC DC) - Motor Working Model
Ebonite Rod
Electric Motor Model With Newton Colour Disc
Electric Motor Model
Electrode Plates
Electrode Rods
Electrophorus Strip
Petrol Engine Model
Diesel Engine Model
ESR Tube Stand
ESR Tube
Eureka Can (Overflow Cans Plastic)
Evaporating Dish (Porcelain)
Expansion of Liquid Apparatus
Fire Extinguisher
Ferrite Magnet
Floating Ring Magnet Apparatus
Force Pump
Free Fall Apparatus
Gas Jar with Lid
Gas Lighter
Glass Block (Rectangular)
Semi Circular Block Glass
Stirring Rod Glass
Acid Alkali Proof Gloves
Disposables Latex Gloves
Examination Gloves
Disposable Gloves
Gold Leaf Electroscope
Basic Fossil Set
Hand Lens (50mm)
Hand Lens with Bakelite Handle
Hares Apparatus On Stand
Hoffman Clip
Hoffman Voltmeter with All Accessories
Human Brain Model
Human Circulatory System Model
Human Digestive System Model
Human DNA Structure Model
Human Ear Model
Human Eye Model
Human Excretory System Model
Human Heart Model
Human Kidney Model
Identifying Sedimentary Rocks
Human Liver Model
Human Lungs Model
Human Nervous System Model
Human Pelvis Male Model
Human Pelvis Female Model
Human Respiratory System Model
Human Reproductive System Male Model
Human Reproductive System Female Model
Human Skin Model
Human Skull Model
Human Stomach Model
Human Teeth Model
Human Tongue Model
Human Torso Model (Life Size)
Human Torso Model (Full Size)
Human Skeleton Model
Animal Mitosis Model
Animal Meiosis Model
Plant Mitosis Model
Plant Meiosis Model
Hydraulic Press
Battery Hydrometer
Hydrometer Liquids
Hygrometer Wet and Dry
Digital Hygrometer with Temperature
Incubator Electrical 14'x14'
Kinetic Theory Apparatus
Knife Switch
Lab Coats
Lactometers (In a Plastic Container)
Leclanche Cell (Standard Size)
Lens Cleaning Tissue
Lift Pump
Liquid Level Apparatus
Litmus Paper
Loop Holder
Magdeburg Hemisphere (Aluminium Powder Coated)
Magnesium Ribbon (25 Grams)
Magnetic Bar Chrome Steel
Natural Draft Tray Dryer
Magnets Bar Alnico
Magnets Horse Shoe Chrome Steel
Magnets Horse Shoe Alnico
Magnets Round with a Hole Ceramic
U-Shaped Magnets Chrome Steel
Magnets U-Shaped Alnico
Magnetic Needle on Stand
Needle for Magnetic Needle
Magnetic Plotting Compass (Transparent)
Magnetic Plotting Compass
Magnetic Demagnetising Coil
Manometer on Stand
Meter Bridge and Pencil Jockey
Digital Ammeter
Milliammeters (Dual Range)
Voltmeters Dual Range
Microscope Cover Slips
Microscope Condenser
Microscope Eyepiece
Microscope Lamp
Microscope Mechanical Stage
Microscope Mirrors
Microscope Mirror Holder
Microscope Objective Lens
Microscope Slide Box
Microscope Stage Clips
Molecular Model
Motor and Pestle
Navigating Compass
Optical Bench Wooden
Oven Electrical
Pendulum Bobs (18mm)
Periscope (Wooden)
pH Indicator Paper
pH Meter
Photo Cell
Pipe Clay Triangle
Pipette Filler- Bulb
Pipette Filler (Three Way 50ml)
Pith Ball on Stand
Polythene Rod
Porcelain Boat
Porous Pot (30x75mm)
Potometer Ganog (For Photosynthesis)
Photometer Student
Battery Eliminator (0-12 Volts)
Power Pack
Proof Plane
Pulleys with Aluminum Borders and Hook
Rain Gauge with Plastic Measuring Cylinder
Ray Box with Optical Kit
Ray Box (Metal)
Ray Box with Slits (Superior Type)
Resistance Loose Type (Pack of 100)
Resistance Box Plug Type (Superior Type)
Resistance Box Electronic Type
Resistance Box Plug Type (Economy Type)
Resistance Box Decade Type (Single Dial)
Resistance Coils with Bell Terminals
Resistance Coils with Sockets
Coin cell Battery
Alkaline Battery D
Retort Stand (Set of 3)
MES Bulb Holder
Retort Stand Base
Retort Clamp (4 Finger)
Retort Clamp (3 Finger)
Retort Clamp Fisher Type
Rheostats (Nichrome Type)
Rheostats (Continuous Constantine Type)
Cell holders on base with terminal cell
Rubber Corks (without Holes)
Rubber Corks (with One Hole)
Rubber Corks (with Two Holes)
Rubber Tubing Silicon
Bulb Holder Circuits Kit
Scalpel Blades
Scalpel Handles Stainless Steel
Scalpel Knife Stainless Steel
Scalpel Knife Stainless Steel Heavy
Siphon Pump
Smoke Cell
Solenoid with Terminals on Stand
Electrode Holder Circuits Kit
Spatula Chattaway Type
Spherometer (50mm)
Spring Balance (Tubular Transparent)
Filter Paper
Crocodile leads Pack of 10
Diode Mounted
Dissecting Board
Deflagrating Spoon With Lid
Demonstration Transformer
Daniel Cell
Crucible (Squat Form)
Cork Borer Sharpener
Crocodile Clips
Electrode Foil Holders
Cork Borer (Brass)
Electrode Rod Holders
Copper Wire
Ores of Common Metals Collection
Constantan Wire
Copper Calorimeter
Conductivity Rods
Convex Mirror (Vacuum Type)
Convex Mirror
Convex Lens
Concave Mirror (Vacuum Type)
Concave Lens
Concave Mirror
Colour Filters
LED Blue
LED Bright Red
Combustion Tube
Colony Counter (4 Digit)
Digital Colorimeter
Cobalt Chloride Paper
Clinostat Clock Type
Charts Plastic Coated
Periodic Table Chart
LED Yellow
Centrifuge Electrical
Centrifuge Manual (Hand Type)
Centre of Gravity Apparatus
Cavity Tiles (12 Holes)
Cell Holders Plastic
Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
Bunsen Burner (Brass Pipe)
Bunsen Burner with a Spare Jet
Bunsen Burner with a Gas Regulator
Bunsen Burner Economy
Carbon Rod
Bulb Holder
Bulb Holders Regular
Beaker Brush
Brush Pipette
Bottle Brush
Test Tube Brush
Blow Pipe
Boyles Law Apparatus
Bimetallic Strips with a Wooden Handle
Blood Pressure Machine (Student Model)
Bell in Bell Jar
Bernoulli Tube Set
Bell Electric
Pylons Kit
Beehive Shelves (Porcelain)
Fortins Barometer
Resistance Coil 1 OHM
Bar for Bar Breaking Apparatus
Barlows Wheel Apparatus
Bar and Gauze Apparatus (Aluminium)
Ball and Ring Apparatus
Banana Plug (Red and Black)
Resistance Coil 100 Ohm
Electronic Balance
Electronic Balance (0.01-600gm)
Electronic Balance (0.001- 200gm)
Triple Beam Balance (0-2610gm)
Weather and Climate Poster
Double Beam Balance (2000gm)
Predicting the Weather Poster
Balance Lever Arm Type
Audio Signal Generator
Autoclave Electrical
Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Clock
Aneroid Barometer
Aneroid Barometer Demonstration
Acid Accumulator
Aluminium Foil Roll
Mercury Free Max Min Thermometer
Charles Law Apparatus
Rheostat 125 OHM
Botanical Vasculum
Herbarium Cabinets
Rheostat 135 ohm
Platinum Loop Holder
Jumbo Clamp
Tapping Key
Amoeba Prepared Slide
Stomata Leaf Prepared Slide
Spirogyra Prepared Slide
Histology Animal Prepared Slide
Histology Artery Prepared Slide
Histology Bone Prepared Slide
Histology Capillary Prepared Slide
Histology Nerve Cell Prepared Slide
Histology Vein Prepared Slide
Human Blood Prepared Slide
Female Egg Slide Prepared Slide
Male Sperm Prepared Slide
Meiosis Prepared Slide
Modular Bacteria Prepared Slide
Nerve Cell Prepared Slide
Onion Prepared Slide
Plant Cell Prepared Slide
Protozoa Amoeba Prepared Slide
Tissue Chlorenchyma Prepared Slide
Animal Cell Model
Human Artery and Vein Model
Human Antagonistic Muscle Model
Capillary Tube Stand
Human DNA Model
Dropping Bottle
Dry Block Incubator
Dynamo meter
Earth Layers Model
Electric Heater
Flask Tong
Hand Centrifuge Machine
Intestinal Villus Model
Wooden Joule Calorimeter
Human Knee Joint Model
Laser Light
Leclanche Cell
Metal Plate
Metal Plate Aluminum
Milli Ammeter
Hand Magnifier
Moment of Force Apparatus
ABBE Refractometer
Anatomy Table
Ishhara Chart
Ishihara Chart
Medico Centrifuge Machine
BOD Incubator with Shaker
Slip Roller Machine
Student Polarimeter
Student Spirometer
Aluminum Retort Clamp
Iron Retort Stand
Iron Tripod Stand
Kitchen Sink
Mild Steel Burette Clamp
Mild Steel Retort Clamp
Mild Steel Retort Rings
Mild Steel Retort Stand
Mild Steel Universal Clamps
Lab Wear
Surface Dust Chip Remover Machine
Laboratory Masks
Mantle Spare
Porcelain Triangles
Quartz Crucible
Silica Basins
Stainless Steel Forceps
Auto mizer Bulb
Blood Pressure Tube Superior Green
Crucible Holders
Flask Holder
Hand Grip
Laboratory Rubber Tubing and Corks
Ordinary Pressure Rubber Tubing
Pipette Filter
Green Pressure Tube
Rubber Cone
Silicon Rubber Cork
Satellite and Radar Trainers
High School Experiments Setup
Engineering Training Equipment
16-Channel Strain Meter Expansion Unit
2 Channel Digital Strain Meter
Analogue Dial Gauges
Digital Dial Gauges
Digital Analogue Oscilloscope
HI-Load 5000 (5kN Loading Device)
Mobile Weight Trolley
Newton Weight Hangers
Newton Weights
Spare Polythene Cover
Vertical Stand and Extras
Digital Interactive Smart Board
Interactive White Board Type 1
Magnetic Glass Compass
Directional Compass
Pocket Size Mariner Compass
Lock Type Compass
Digital Chess Clock
Mechanical Chess Clock
Diamond Stop Watch
Digital Stop Watch Economy Model
Thermo Hygrometer Digital Clock
Thermo Hygrometer Clock
Square Analogs Stop Clock
Analogs Stop Clock
Aneroid Barometer with Pump
Mechanical Aneroid Barometer
Dial Thermometer
Botanical Klinostat
Welch Type Tuning Fork
CP Tuning Fork
Ragg Type Tuning Fork
Electronic Timer Winner
Electronic Timer Economy Model
Electronic Timer Racer
Topper Stop Clock Digital
Blood Cell Counter Digital
Digital Stem Thermometer
Steam Engine Model
Two Way Force Meter Beige 10N
Mechanical Stop Clock
Student Binoculars
Glass Syringe
Two Way Force Meter Blue 2.5N
T.S Leaf Model
TDS Meter Bench Top
Telephone Trainer
Solar System Model
Terrestrial Telescope
Test Tube Borosilicate Glass
Wooden Lever
Galvanometer 3.5-0-3.5mA
Lever Kit
Test Tube Holder (Wire Type)
Test Tube Holder (Wooden)
Third Hand Magnifier
Three Pin Top
Manometer Glass
Micropipette Tips
Wrench Tool Set
Plastic Box
Pendulum Ball 13 mm
Tuning Forks Set
Turbidity Meter
Friction Board Inclined Plane
Pendulum Ball 19 mm
Pendulum Ball 25 mm
Vacuum Flask
Digital Joulemeter and Wattmeter
Water Turbine Model
Water Turbine Model (With Dynamo)
Slotted Weight Hook
Wheel and Axle
Windmill Model
Wire Gauge
Wooden Cork Stoppers
Wooden Hammer
Woulff Bottle
Youngs Modulus Apparatus
Chart Cabinet
Literature Cabinet
Reference Card Cabinet
Reprint Boxes
Wax Block Cabinet
Brass Mass Set Incl. Hanger 500g
Regulated Variable (Power Supply)
Hand Vacuum Pump
Extension Steel Spring
Mild Steel Retort Clamps
Aluminium Retort Clamp
Universal Brass Clamp
Aluminium Universal Clamp
Brass Condenser Clamp
Aluminium Condenser Clamp
Brass Coaxial Clamp
Aluminium Coaxial Clamp
Iron Boss Head
Large Format Slotted Mass
Brass Boss Head
Aluminium and Zinc Boss Head
Mild Steel Boss Head
Measurement in the Laboratory
Diffraction Grating Slides
Iron Teclu Burner
Hand Held UV Lamp
Brass Cork Borer
Spirit Burner
Iron A Stand
Cylinder Metals
Cube Materials
Aluminium Boss Head
Cast Alloy Slotted Mass
Double Spatula
SS Micro Spatula with Handle
Hotplate Stirrer Digital
Stainless Steel Flask
Brass Ring and Ball
SS Pan Tip Spatula
Brass Hoff Man Screw Clip
Brass Pendulum Bobs
Brass Filter Pump Edward Type
Zinc Boss Head
My Temp Mini CO2 Digital Incubator
SS Ointment Spatula
Trulla Spatula Type
Wooden Stand
Round Magnetic Stirring Bar
Triangular Magnetic Stirring Bar
Dumb Bell Magnetic Stirring Bar
Trapezoidal Magnetic Stirring Bar
Spin Wings
Incu Shaker 10L and 10LR
Simple H Type Potometer
Cross Spin Magnetic Stirring Bar
Multi Therm Cool Heat Shaker
Variable Volume Micropipette
Laboratory Helmet
Acrylic Test Tube Stand
Silica Crucible
Porcelain Gooch Crucible
Evaporating Dishes (Porcelain)
Agate Pestle and Mortar
Swab Holders
Wooden Test Tube Stand
Polygon Magnetic Stirring Bar
Magnetic Retriever
Dropper Teats
Lens Box
Prism Laboratory
Glass Beads
Obstetrical Gloves
Mini Centrifuge
Roll Litmus Paper
Artificial Insemination Guns
Glass Manometer Tube Mounted
Sheaths for Artificial insemination Guns
Diffusion Tube
Fractional Distillation Column
Spare Glass Bulb
Cast Alloy Mass Small Form Hanger
Fixed Volume Micropipette
Sheath Container
Laboratory Cap
Porcelain Wire Gauge
Porcelain Buchner Funnel
Porcelain Pestle and Mortar
Dissecting (Set of 14 Instruments)
Wooden Slide Box
Spatula Knife (Wooden)
Burette Funnel Wooden Stand
Octagon Magnetic Stirring Bar
Glass Bottle with Teat
Inoculating Loop Nichrome Wire
Chloroform Below with Cotton Net
Laboratory Heat Sealer
Bottle Neck Cutter
Sealer Machine
Digital Photo Fluorometer
Spectroscope Set
Laser Pointer
Microprocessor Based Centrifuge Machine
Direct Vision Spectroscope
Respirometer Model
Student Stimulator
Travelling Microscope
Vertical Autoclave
Calcium Chloride Tube
Darwin Potometer
Digital Spirometer
Digital Thermometer
ENT Head Lamp
Hand Microtome
Magnifying Sheet
Paper Electrophoresis Kit Chamber
Petri Dish Rack
Simple Cell
Solar Pump Model
Steam Copper Boiler
Hydrostatic Balance
Asbestos Sheet
Male Urinal Pot
Copper Turning
Zinc Metal Granular
Iron Filling Powder
Micronodular Cirrhosis Model
Lobar Pneumonia Grey Hepatisation Model
Straight Operating Scissors
Lung Abscess Complicated by Fungus Ball Model
Mu cor Mycosis of Foot Model
Lymphoma Model
Oesteosacoma of Mandible Model
Meningioma Model
Vitamin A Deficiency Model
Gum of Scurvy Model
Rickets Model
Amoebic Liver Abscess Model
Contracted Kidney Model
Wilms Tumor Model
Angular Stomatitis Glossitis Model
Nodulation Lepra Reaction Model
Mantoux Test Model
Primary Syphilis Model
Tetanus of Baby Model
Marasmus Model
Dissecting Forcep Plain
Poliomyelitis Effecting Child Model
Kwashiorkor Model
Tubectomy Model
Trachoma Model
Copper T Model
T.B. Infiltration in Lungs Model
Diphtheria Model
Elephantiasis Model
Measel Face Model
Leprosy Face Model
Small Pox Face Model
Child with Chiken Pox and Small Pox Model
Common Goiter Model
Small Pox Scab Model
Intestinal T.B. Model
Dressing Probe
T.B. with Lung Cavity Model
Lung Cancer Model
Familial Polyposis of Large Intestine Model
Cirrhosis Liver Model
Colon Cancer and Polyp Model
Cholalithiasis Gall Stone Model
Cystic Fibrosis Model
Malignant Nephrosclerosis
Flea Bitten Kidney Model
Urinary Tract Calculi Model
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Model
Erythroblastosis Fetalis Model
Hydrocephalus Model
Anencephaly Model
Koilonychia Model
Small Pox Pustules Model
Claw Hands in Leprosy Model
Anopheles Male Female Model
Anopheles Life Cycle Model
Culex Male
Female Model
Culex Life Cycle Model
Cyclops Model
Life Cycle of Hard and Soft Tick Model
Sand Fly Life Cycle Model
Housefly Life Cycle Model
Life Cycle of Guinea Worm Model
Life Cycle of Hook Worm Model
Life Cycle of Mosquito All Species Model
Life Cycle of Rat Fly Model
Aedes Aegypti Model
Life Cycle of Scabies Model
Phthirus Pubis Egg Adult Model
P. Capitis Model
P Corporis with Egg Model
Hook Worm Male Female Model
Bed Bug Model
Culex Head Model
Anopheles Head Male Female Model
Bacteria Structure Model
Cultivation of Virus in Egg. Mode Model
Bacteriophage Virus Model
Rhabdo Virus Model
Helical Structure of Virus Model
HIV Virus Model
Influenza Virus Model
Hepatitis Virus Model
Adeno Virus Model
Cytamegalo Virus Model
Swine Flu H1na Virus
Herpes Simplex Virus Model
Delivery Birth Set Model
Cell to Embryo Stages Model
Male Reproductive Model
Female Reproduction Model
Foot Pump
And Gate Trainer
Atomic Model Set Senior
Digital Electronic Balances
Beranger Balance
Metal Sphere
Logic Gate Trainer
Battery AA
Battery 9 Volt
Battery Bulb
Beehive Shelf
Demonstration Bell
Bell Jar
Bell Jar Knobbed
Bicycle Dynamo
Bio Gas Plant Model
Bio Viewer
Bioviewer Slides
Blood Test Kits
Blotting Paper
Blue Filter Metallurgical Microscope
Bramah Hydraulic Press
Bulb Holders
Burette Brush
Burette Stand
Cat Skeleton Model
Sodium Vapour Lamp with power supply
Sodium Vapour Lamp
Cathode Ray Tube
Cathode Ray Tube Stand
Cavity Slide
Cell Holder
Centrifuge Tube
Milk Centrifuge Machine
Chromatography Paper
Circuit Board
Worcester Circuit Board
Modelling Clay
Clinical Thermometer
Connecting Leads
Crystal Model Set
Insulated Copper Wire
Absorbent Cotton
Cotton Swabs
Cotton Thread Roll
Lid for Copper Calorimeter
Crucible with Lid
Cryo Vials
Cylindrical Magnets
Dark Germination Chamber
Day Night Model
Candle Type
DC Regulated Power Supply
Desoldering Pump
Demonstration Motor Model
Gas Engine Model 4 Stroke
Digital Altimeter
Digital D.O cum Temperature Meter
Digital Penetrometer
Digital Stop Watch
Dissecting Kit
Drawing Board
Drawing Board with Stand
Drawing Pins
Dual Chamber Incubator Shaker
Human Internal Ear Model
Elastic Material Kit
Electric Switch
Electrode Set
Electronic Compact Scale
Entomological Pins
Evaporating Dish
EX-OR Gate Trainer
Extension Board
Face Mask
Fetal Pig Model
Fire Blanket
Force Table
Fractional BI Prism
Frog Development Model
Astronomical Telescope
Ganong Potometer
Gas Chromatograph
Gas Cylinder with Burner
Gel Electrophoresis System
Black Board Geometry Set
Glass Cutter
Glass Dropper
Glass Marking Pencil
Glass Rod
Glass Stirring Rods
Grit Paper
Guedel Airway
HOD Enclosure
Surgeon Cap
Human Heart Disease Model
Heating Mantle
Helical Spring
Hooke Law Apparatus
Hot Air Oven
Memmert Type
Human Baby In Uterus Model
Hydro Power Model
Ice Making Machine
Inclined Plane
Insect Net
Iron Rod
Lens Holder
Liebig Condenser
Solar Cell
Metallic Ores Set
Meter Rule
Haemoglobin Meter
Microprocessor Based
Moisture Meter
pH-mv Temp. Meter
Microscope Binocular Head
Mini Centrifuge Machine
Max and Min Thermometer
Micropipettes Multi Channel
NAND Gate Trainer
Neubauer Chamber
Second Law of Motion Apparatus
Nor Gate Trainer
NPN Transistor Module
OR Gate Trainer
Overflow Can
Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Paint Brush
Pipette Filler Pump
Plane Mirror
Plastic Pot
Polishing Alumina
Polishing Cloth
Polishing Powder Embry
Bourdon Gauge
Primary and Secondary Coil Apparatus
Reading Telescope
Reagent Bottle Amber Colour
Retort Ring with Boss Head
Round Bottom Flask with Joint
Microscope Slides
Slide Staining Rack
Rubber Hammer
Safety Goggles
Oersted Apparatus
Set Square with Protector
Test Sieve
Slinky Spring
Slotted Weights with Hanger
Soil Hydrometer
Soil Moisture Meter
Stage Micrometer Slide
Staining Jar
Bacteriological Test Vials
Anaerobic Culture Jar
Blood Bag Tube Sealer Automatic
Centrifuge Machine Digital
Electrophoresis Accessories
Electrophoresis Horizontal
Electrophoresis Power Supply
Analog Fixed
Electrophoresis Power Supply
Haemoglobinometer Digital
Micro Centrifuge
Paper Chromatography Kit Portable
U.V. Transilluminator
Vertical Electrophoresis System
Handy Copier
Handy EPROM Copier
Demo Unit Gas Burner
Domestic Gas Supply Training Panel
Domestic Heating Circuit Training Panel
Domestic Heating Furnace
Domestic Water Heating System
Exhaust Gas Analyser
Animals CD Rom
Forced Air Gas Burner Training Panel
Instantaneous Gas Heater
Oil Tank Safety Trainer
Safety and Control in Heating Systems
Safety Devices Training Panel
Training Panel Function of Gas Heater
Ventilation System Trainer
Ventilation Trainer
Current Meters
Shaft Sensor
Submersible Level Sensor
Suspended Soil Indicator
Temperature Logger
Water Flow Indicator
Water Level Indicators
Water Temperature Recorder
Dial Type Resistance Box
Platinum Resistance Thermometer
Intermediate Spectrometer
Biohazard Bags Disposal
Cold Light Source
Color Vision Testing
Plastic Milk Can
Aluminium Milk Can
Double Stage Glass Distillation
Kjeldhal Distillation Unit
Dry Cleaning Apparatus
Concentrated Enzyme Buffer Ph 7.0
Pig Acupuncture Model
Lizard Dissection Model
Plastic Microscopes
Round Table Microscope
Schistosoma in Copula
Dog Acupuncture Model
Embalming Machine
COD Digestion Apparatus
Ice Cube Making Machine
Sledge Microtome
Sharpening Stone
L. Moulds (Brass)
Poppit Beads Green
UV Cabinet
Barnstead Type Water Still
Glassware Dryer
Water Bath Rectangular Thermostatic
Action Reaction
Laboratory Deep Freezer
Lab Refrigerator
Butyro Refractometer
Cadavar Tank
Preservation Tank
Kjeldahl Digestion and Distillation Unit
Harpenden Calliper
Millipore Type Membrane Filter
Sparkler Filters
Supercritical Fluid Extraction
Forced Convection Apparatus
Forced Vortex Flow
Conservation of Angular Momentum
Funicular Polygon and Forces Apparatus
Rubber in Shear Apparatus
Shear Legs
Shearing Force Apparatus
Tension Coefficients Apparatus
Three Wire Suspension Apparatus
Advanced Conduction Unit
G.I Test Sieve
Flow Table Electric Operated
Knee Hammer T Type
Antiquity Globes
Political Globe
Physical Globe
Trio Globe
Illuminated Globe
Floating Globe
Darcys Law Apparatus
Micropipettes Single Channel
Glass Tubing
Evaporating Basin
U-Tube Glass
Spot Plates
Plant Press
Disposable Syringes
Cover Slip
Dropping Pipette Glass
Inoculating Needle
Rheostat 56 ohm
Rubber Band
Balloons Rubber
General Purpose Scissors
Laboratory Spatula
Burette Clamp
Boss Clamp
Cotton Wool
Bungs Rubber
Watch Glass
Molecular Models Beads
Retort Stand Bases
Retort Stand Rod
Retort Stand Ring
Retort Stand Clamp
Black Stack able Plug Leads
The Stem of a Flowering Plant
Solar Cell Unit
Simple Motor Circuit
Dicot Woody Stem Model
Dicot Stem T.S. Model
Dicot Root T.S. Model
Boney Fish Model
Leaf Model
Mitosis Model
Meiosis Model
DNA Model
RNA Model
Prepared Slides
Laboratory Microscope
Microscope Accessories
Bottle Reagent
Test Tubes Borosilicate
Dropping Pipettes
Reagent Bottles
Filter Funnels
Distilling Flasks
Glass Plates
Potometer Apparatus "H" Type
Ganong Potometer Apparatus
Eye Wash Bottle
Thistle Funnel
Measuring Cylinder
Radiation Effects on Plant Growth
Test Tube Holder
Copper Bare Wire 1.60 dia
Copper Bare Wire 2.00 dia
Rotating Protractor Microwave Accessories
Hollow Prism
Dissecting Dishes
Microwave Transmitter and Receiver
Water Bath Single Wall
Dual Channel Oscilloscope
Dissecting Needles
Pin Entomological
Eye Shield Goggles
Algebraic X and Y Bosse Tiles
Bunsen Burner
Water Bath
Hot Plate
Butterfly Nets
Pond Net
Nichrome Bare Wire 22 Swg
Nichrome Bare Wire 30 Swg
Nichrome Bare Wire 32 Swg
Conductor Set
Tall Form Beaker
Electromagnetic Power Supply
Tubing Connectors
Fractionating Column
Reed Relay Capacitor
Aluminium Tuning fork Boxed Set of 8
Funnel Glass
Funnel Plastic
Gas Collection Apparatus
Steel Tuning Fork on Resonance Box
Malvern Electrostatics Kit
Molecular Models Sets
Measuring Jug
Graaff Generator Belt
Boss Head
Coil turns (200)
Wave Motion Apparatus
Test Tubes
Test Tube with Side Arm
Coil turns (500)
Test Tube Rack
Maximum Minimum Thermometers
Tong and Tweezers
U-Core and Clamps
Digital Pocket pH Meter
Flask Round Bottom
Two Stroke Diesel Engine
Flask Flat Bottom
Erlenmeyer Flask
Buchner Flask
Flask with Side Arm
Volumetric Flask (Polypropylene)
Delivery Tube Glass
Malvern Energy Transfer Lamp
Large Motor Generator
Electrical Meter
Hand Lens
Melting Point Tubes
Latex Gloves
Transformer Accessory Set
Transformer Accessory Set 2
Gas Syringe
Electronic Laboratory Balance
Vernier Calliper
Pulleys Aluminium
Dynamic Trolleys
Trolley Runway
Carbon Paper Disc
Bar Spares for Apparatus
Linear Air Track
Ammeter 0-1A
Inertia Balance
Air Blower
Variable Inertia Steel Bar
Centripetal Force
Springs Steel
Low Friction Platform
Oil Film Apparatus
Capillary Tube Apparatus
Youngs Modulus
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 5A AC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 5A DC
Kinetic Theory Model
Metal Rivets for Specific Heats
Calorimeter Blocks
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 500mA DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 300V DC
Spotlight Bulbs
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 50V AC
Ring Magnet
Nichrome Bare Wire 26 Swg
Lenzs Law Apparatus
Electric Fields Apparatus
Water Circuit Board
Power Supply
Digital Multi Meter
Basic Electronics Parts Kit
Electric Bell Buzzer
Circuit Board
Current Balance Kit
D.C. Ammeter
Equal Arm Beam Balance
Track and Accessories Dynamics Kit
Ray Box Kit
Convex Mirrors
Optical Glasses
Tuning Forks
Force Meter Tubular Balance Colour Coded
Plano Concave Lenses
Two Way Force Meter Set of 6
Embryo Model on Board Model
Model of Ovary Model
Homicidal Multiple Incised Wounds Model
Contusions by Blunt Weapon Stick Model
Case of Sodomy Model
Abrasion of Forearm Concrete Road Accident Model
Decomposed Body of Man Model
Degree of Burn Model
Cadaver Spasm
Electrical Wire Firmly Grasped Model
Fractured Lacerated Wound by Lorry Running Over Model
Surgical Cap
Grass Firmly Grasped in Hand Model
Laceration of Brain Model
Adipocere of the Leg Model
Maggot on Top Underneath Skin Model
Post Mortem Staining Model
Lightening Injuries Model
Punctured Wound Chest Model
Self Inflicted Wounds on Forearm Model
Skull Injury Model
Cadaver Spasm a Case of Suicidal with Razor Model
Snake Bite by Viper Model
Sulphuric Acid Viterage Model
Tattoo Marks on Forearm
Tyremarks Lorry Passed Over Skull Model
Suicidal Shot with Pistol Model
Breast Virgin Model
CAPS Physical Science kit
Hand Wipes
Injury in Cutous Hymen Cribiriform Model
Hymen Annular Model
Hymen Cribriform Model
Hymen Elastic Distensible Model
Hymen Imperforate Model
Hymen Septate Model
Hymemn Ring Model
Fingerprint Whorl Model
Fingerprint Loop Model
Fingerprint Composite Model
Fingerprint Arch Model
Multiple Homocidal Stabs on Abdominal Model
Human Body Torso
Mini Electricity Kit
Human Torso 150 Cm Long Model
Human Head and Neck L.S. Model
Human Head and Neck Model
Human Head and Neck Muscular System Model
Human Nose Model
Cell Biology Model
Compartmentation of Cell Model
Cell Membrane Model
Relationship Between Structure and Function Model
Cell Membrane Transport Model
Function of Carbohydrates
Lipids and Amino Acids Model
Nutrients Model
Biological Molecules Model
Fat and Steroid Metabolism Model
Multiple Proteins Model
Functions of Lipids Model
Glycogen Cycle Model
Sickle Cell Anemia Model
Genetic Modulation of Sickle Cell Disease Model
Mechanism of Muscle Contraction Model
Blood Plasma Proteins
Lipoprotein Model
Haemoglobin Model
Haemoglobin Buffer System Model
Single Pass Transmembrane Protein Model
Unit Membrane Model
Lipid Bi-Layer Bilayer Membrane Model
Uniport Symport
Antiport Model
Endocytosis and Exocytosis Model
Bio Chem Osmosis Model
Interactive White Board Type 2
Transparent Lung Segment Model
Heart Model (Jumbo)
Pulmonary Alveoli Model
Bull Holder
Portable Jig Saw Machine
Cow Catheter
Brain with Arteries
Nasal Cavity Model
Portable Circular Saw
Cattle Pro Bang
Eye Model
Male Female Urogenital System
Human Torso (Unisex)
Full Size Human Body
Human Torso (Sexless)
Visible Expectant Mother Anatomy Kit
Skulls and Infant Skulls
Adult Male Female Pelvis
Human Body Joints
Elbow Foot Hand Joint
Belt Sander Portable Pipe Polishing Machine
CPR Training Manikin
CPR Training Manikin (Adult)
Trauma Simulator
Advanced Infant CPR Training Manikin
Embryotomy Knife
Multi-functional Airway Management Model
Infant Airway Management Model
Advanced Delivery and Maternal and Neonatal Emergency Simulator
Multi Functional Nursing Manikin
Nursing and Wound Care Manikin
Nursing Baby
Delivery Training Model
Child Birth Model
Breast Examination Model
Portable Drill Machine
Development Process for Fetus
Peritoneal Dialysis Simulator
Acrylic Distillation Training Trays
Electric Router
Fixed Tube Sheet Multi Pass
Fixed Tube Sheet Single Pass
Embryotomy wire Saw
Kettle Type Reboiler
Multi Pass Floating Head
Band Saw Machine
Multi Port Plate Exchanger
Palson Handle
Plat former Reactor Training Model
Jig Saw Machine
Chiller Water Bath
Vertical Thermosyphon Reboiler
Hoof Cutter
Acrylic Centrifuge Demonstration Unit
Acrylic Cooling Tower
Dehorner Electric
Acrylic Distillation Tower
Acrylic Heat Exchanger Circulation Trainer
Chisel Mortise Machine
Acrylic Vacuum Trainer
Custom Dual Pump Demonstration Model
Kiln Drying Oven
Floating Roof Tank Demonstration Model
Lubrication Training Unit
Angle Grinder
Pump Demonstration Working Model
Power Hacksaw Machine
Three Phase Separator
Hacksaw Frame
Waste Water Treatment Model
Dicot Leaf TS
Dicot Leaf VS
Dicot Root Tip
Dicot Stem TS
Fertilization of the Angiosperms
Fish Skeleton
Flower (Prunus)
Faults and Dislocations Model
Herbaceous Dicot Stem
Welding Shield
Horizontal Strata
Monocot Leaf TS
Torso Half Size with Head
Grinding Goggles
Safety Helmet
Torso Sexless -10 Parts
Torso with Interchangeable Sex Organs
Torso with Interchangable Sex Organs
Torso with Muscles and Open Back
Prehistoric Man Skulls
Muscle Figure
Welders Apron
Human Head Brain
Half of the Head
Human Half Head and Neck
Human Head with Brain
Leather Welding Jacket
Human Nose LS
Hypertension Models
Larynx with Tongue and Teeth
Upper and Lower Jaw
Dentition Development
Human Teeth
Lower Jaw with Teeth
Dental Care Model
Heart and Lungs Model
Human Heart
Human Heart- 4 Parts
Heart with Lungs and Larynx
Human Heart Muscle
Human Eye 5 Times
Portable Electronic Scale
Left Testis T.S.
Human Eye with Lid
Human Eye Demonstration
Plant Cell
Eye in Bony Orbit
Plant Cell Division Meiosis
Room Thermometer
Plant Cell Division
Human Ear-5 Parts
Rat Dissection
Human Ear-6 Parts
Human Digestive Canal
Human Kidney Section
Human Bladder
Human Abdomen Section
Human Lung Right
Human Fetus
Human Fetal Circulation
Laboratory Oven
Human Urinary Organs
Fetal Circulation Model
Fifth Cervical Vertebra
Human Skin
Human Skin-4 Parts
Human Spleen
Kidney Section
Nephrons and Blood Vessels
Larynx Full Size-2 Parts
Liver Fluke Model
Locust Model New
Enamel Tray
Model of Cat Skull
Model of Anterior Foot of Cat
Model of RNA
Model of DNA
D.N.A. Model Kit
Human Brain Stem
Human Long Backbone
Micro Anatomy
Digestive System
Micro Anatomy Kidney
Micro Anatomy
Muscle Fiber
Micro Anatomy of Eye
Muscle on Bone
L.S. Insect Eye
Human Placenta
Human Spinal Cord and Vertebra
Human Testis
Human Tooth Model
Human Foot Bow
Pregnancy Pelvis with Baby
Portal System Natural
Nasal Cavity and Pharynx
Nephron Kidney Globule
Model of Amoeba
Bird Dissection- Pigeon
Bird Dissection-Domestic Hen
Anterior Foot of Rabbit
Male and Female
Cockroach Model
A Dissection of the Right Side of the Neck
Animal Cell
Anatomy of Dicot Stem
Autonomic Nervous System
Aids Virus
Geography Teaching Models
Osmosis in Animal and Plant Cell Model
Enzymes and Reaction Model
Glucose Metabolism Model
Anthimus Glucose Metabolism Model
Bio Lipid Metabolism Model
Model of Cochran Boiler
Diabetic Ketoacidosis Model
Model of Lancashire Boiler
Pancreas Anatomy Model
Model of Locomotive Boiler
Iron Metabolism and Heme Synthesis Model
Model of Marcet Boiler
Vertical Water Tube Boiler
Dissect Flower
Hormones Mechanism of Action Model
Hypothalamus Pituitary Hormones Model
Bio Pineal Gland Model
DNA RNA Structure Model
DNA Replication Model
DNA Transcription Model
Transcription of Genetic Code Model
Regulation of Gene Expression Model
Model of Babcock and Wilcox Boiler
Gene Expression Model
Botany Model I 3D
Multi Purpose GNSS Receiver
DNA Repair Mechanism Model
Botany Model
Ii 3D
Geographical 3D Model
Power Driven Pipe Threading Machine
Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism Model
Recombinant DNA Technology Model
Telomerases Model
Inhibitors of DNA Replication Apoptosis Model
Biomolecules Model
Refrigerated Microcentrifuge Digital
Ph Buffer System Acidosis Model
Renal Function Test Model
Mononuclear Phagocyte System Model
Drawing T-Square
Reticuloendothelial System Model
Inmate Immunity Model
Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine
Refrigerated Centrifuge Brushless 20000 r.p.m.
Mini and Micro Centrifuges
Micro Centrifuge 16000 r.p.m.
Haematocrit Centrifuge 13000 r.p.m.
Haematocrit Centrifuge (Brushless) Model
Clinical Doctor Centrifuge
Centrifuge Machine Digital (5200 r.p.m.)
Mechanisms and Functions Model
Laboratory Centrifuge Machine
Role of T Cell and B Cells Model
Antigen Presenting Cells Model
Induction of Immune Response Model
Cell Mediated Immune Response Model
Micro Centrifuge High Speed Brushless
Immunoglobulin Structure and Functions Model
High Speed Lab Centrifuge
Bernoulli Theorem Apparatus
Microprocessor Research Centrifuge
Motorized Analytical Balance
Antibodies Model
Humoral Immune Response Model
Antibody Antigen Complex Model
Immunology Compliment System Model
Generation of Antibody Diversity Model
Hypersensitivity Reaction Model
Immune Regulation Autoimmunity Tolerance Model
Semi Micro Balance
Digital Analytical Balance
High Precision Balance
Metacentric Height Apparatus
Pelt on Wheel Turbine Test Rig
Hla Disease Association and Transplantation Model
Immunological Techniques Model
Metabolism Xenobiotics in Cell Model
Halogen Moisture Balance
Biomolecular Markers in Prostate Cancer Development and Progression Model
Cancer Metabolism Model
Cancer Detoxification Model
Biochemical Characteristics of Cancer Model
Precision Balance
Aerosol Impact Respiratory System Model
Precision Gold Balance
Comparison of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Model
Koch's Postulate Model
Bacterial Families Model
Classification of Virus Model
Normal Flora in Human Body Model
Gold Karat Purity Analyzer
Antibody Structure Model
Bacteria Causing Sepsis Model
Immunological Detection of Microorganisms Model
Economic Compact Balance
Table Top Balance
Platform Balance
Bacteria Cell and Cell Wall Model
Gram Positive and Gram Negative Cell Wall Model
Baby Weighing Scale
Bacterial Growth Curve Model
Bacterial Genome An Replication Model
Gene Transfer Conjugation Transduction Model
Staphylococcal Species and Disease Model
Laboratory Weights
Streptococcus Species and Disease Model
Chainomatic Analytical Balance
Dispensing Balance
Reciprocating Pump Test Rig
Letter Balance
Bacillus Species Anthrax Model
Physical Balance
Neisseria Species Model
Enterobacteriaceae Model
Escherichia and Salmonella Species Model
Electronic Top Loading Balance
Hydraulic Flume
Mechanism of Shigella Infection Model
Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of Plague Model
Vibrio and Yersinia Species Model
Helicobacter Disease and Infection Model
Infection of Haemophilus influenza and Species Model
Bordetella Pertussis and Disease Model
Francisella Species and Summary Model
Baby Cum Child
Yersinia Pestis and Species Model
Clostridium Species and Summary of Disease Model
Mechanism of Botulinum Toxin Model
Clinical Stages of Untreated Syphilis Model
Leptospira Species Summary Model
Reproduction Cycle of Chlamydia Model
Chlamydia Species Summary Model
T.B. Infection Model
Mycobacterium Species Model
Spotted Fever and Rickettsia Disease Model
Classification of Pathogenic Fungi Model
Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Mycoses Model
Intestinal Protozoa Infection Model
Baroness Personal Weighing Scale
Blood and Tissue Protozoal Infection Model
Replication Cycle of Viruses Model
Replication of DNA Viruses Model
Circular Suspension Scale
Effect of Viral Infection on Host Wall Model
Closed Circuit Jet on Vane Apparatus
Life Cycle of Papilloma Virus Model
Adenovirus Infection Model
Structure and Replication of Herpes Virus Model
Duchess Duchess Dx Personal Weighing Scale
Empress Personal Weighing Scale
Life Cycle of Ascaris Lumbricoides Model
Cyst of Intestinal Protozoa of Man Model
Height and Weight Scale
Helminth Eggs in Stool of Man Model
Malarial Parasites of Man Model
Metastatic Amoebiasis Model
Height Measuring Stand
Imperial Personal Weighing Scale
Life Cycle of Taenia Saginata Model
Life Cycle of Taenia Solium Model
Butcher Knife
Primary and Recurrent Herpes Simplex Infection Model
Life Cycle of Trichuris Trichiura Model
Life Cycle of Toxoplasma Gondi Model
Life Cycle of Balantidium Coli Model
Life Cycle of Mansonoides Model
Typical Course of Hepatitis B Virus Acute Chronic Model
Classification of Hepatitis Virus Model
Pedestal Scale
Disease Summary of UTI Model
Food Poisoning Model
Life Cycle of Enterobius Vermicularis Model
Personal Sleek Weighing Scale
Life Cycle of Ancylostoma Duodenale Model
Life Cycle of Strongyloides Stercoralis Model
Physician Scale
Life Cycle of Schistosoma Species Model
Life Cycle of Leishmania Donovani Model
Life Cycle of Plasmodium Model
Kitchen Magnum
Life Cycle of Wuchereria Bancrofti Model
Life Cycle of Dracunculus Medinensis Model
Life Cycle of Echinococcus Granulosus Model
Life Cycle of Fasciola Hepatica Model
Pathology and Pathogenesis of Pox Virus Model
Life Cycle of Isospora Belli
Life Cycle of Cryptosporidium Model
Postal and Parcel Scale
Life Cycle of Giardia Lamblia Model
Life Cycle of Entamoeba Histolytica Model
Diesel Steam Boiler
Classic Aquatronic Scale
Lab Scale
Thread Sucking Machine
Fitness Plus Personal Scale
Black Glass Weighing Scale
Balances Spring
Balance Spring Dial Type
Closed Circuit Apparatus
Balance Lever
Spring Balances Newton
Spring Balance Acrylic
3-4 Thread Overlock Machine
Vacuum Ironing Table
Ironing Machine
Electronic Platform Balance
Accurate Moisture Measurement
pH Indicator Paper (200 Leaves)
Auto Karl Fischer Titri Meter
Auto Colorimeter Analyzer Battery Operated
Auto Colorimeter Analyzer
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Basic Hydraulic Trainer
Auto Colorimeter
Microprocessor Haemoglobin Meter Battery Operated
Microprocessor Hemoglobin Meter
Flour Moisture Meters
Grain Moisture Meters
Auto Colorimeter Battery Operated
Micro Processor Haemoglobin Meter Battery Operated
Hay Moisture Meters
Red Pepper Moisture Meters
Seed Moisture Meters
Soil Moisture Meters
Tobacco Moisture Meters
Wood Moisture Meters
Digital Inclinometer
Slip Gauge Box
Combination Set
Bevel Protractor
Angle Gauge Block Set
Block Level
Degree Protractor
Pin Gauge
External Grove Caliper
Internal Grove Caliper
Inside Groove Vernier Caliper
Dial Bore Gauge
Digital Bore Scope
Incubator Shaker
Magnetic Stirrers
Laboratory Hot Plate
Kjeldahl Dry Bath (Tube Heating)
Laboratory Fume Hood
Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer (Horizontal)
Rectangular Steam Sterilizer (Horizontal)
Front Loading Autoclave
Portable Autoclave
Portable Autoclave (Cooker Type)
Table Top Autoclave
Cylindrical Sterilizer
Rectangular Sterilizer
Sliding Door Horizontal Steam Sterilizer
Bench Top Autoclaves
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Drying Cabinet Oven
Gyratory Sieve Shaker
Rotap Sieve Shaker
Universal Shaking Machine
Wet Sieve Shaker
Wrist Action Shaking Machine
Biomedical Waste Sterilizers
Horiz. Autoclave Cylindrical
Rect. Horizontal Autoclave
High Precision Water Bath
Paraffin Bath
Table Top Autoclave (20 L)
BOD Incubator
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Deep Freezer Low Temperature Cabinet
Oven Universal (Memmert Type)
Vacuum Oven (Round Rectangular)
Metabolic Shaker Water Bath
Clean Room Oven
Soft Wall Clean Room
Hard Wall Clean Room
Micro Clean Room
Hot Air Oven (Universal)
Industrial Drying Oven
Vacuum Ovens
Industrial Furnace (Grooved Type)
Carbon Di Oxide Incubator
Industrial Ovens
Laboratory Ovens
Bottle Coolers
Digimatic Micrometers ( DMM 01)
Digit Counter Micrometer (DCM)
Outside Micrometers (Etching Marking)
Outside Micrometers Printed Marking
Outside Micrometers Engraved Marking
Outside Micrometers with Micron Reading
Wide Range Adjustable Micrometer
Color Gauge Meter
Color Target Comparator
Digital Coating Thickness Meter
Digital Refractometer
Digital Viscometer
Laser Distancing Meter
Networking of Industrial Controllers Lab
Thermo Hygrograph
Weather Station
Leaf Area Meter
Optech Scanner Lab
Pentax Tribrach Adaptor Lab
Land Surveying Instruments Lab
Tribrach Lab
Prism Set Lab
Tripod Stand Lab
Ranging Rod Lab
Pole Holder Lab
Plane Table Lab
Nautical Sextant Lab
Distance Measure Laser Lab
Vernier Transit Theodolite German Pattern Lab
Watts Theodolites Lab
Laser Distance Meter Lite Lab
Wooden Tripod (Heavy) Lab
Vernier Theodolite Lab
Total Station Lab
Telescopic Alidade Lab
Theodolite Lab
Tangent Clinometer Lab
Positioning Electronic Total Station Lab
Mirror Stereoscope Lab
Handheld GPS Lab
Electronic Total Station Lab
Digital Theodolite Lab
Digital Planimeter Lab
Survey Lab Equipments Lab
Microprocessor UV-VIS Double beam Spectrophotometer (Two cell Holder) Lab
Advanced Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Single Beam (Scanning) Lab
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Double Beam Lab
Microprocessor Visible Spectrophotometer Lab
Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Single Beam Lab
Microprocessor UV - VIS Spectrophotometer Lab
Microprocessor UV - VIS Spectrophotometer Double Beam (Two Cell Holder) Lab
Microprocessor UV - VIS Spectrophotometer Double Beam Lab
Gas Chromatography Lab
Advance Gas Chromatography Lab
Gas Chromatography With Electronic Pressure & Flow Control Lab
Gas Chromatography Model for Analysis Lab
Columns for Gas Chromatography Lab
Septa for Gas Chromatography Lab
Syringes for Gas Chromatography Lab
Digital Pressure Monitor for Gas Chromatography Lab
Fittings and Connectors for Gas Chromatography Lab
Gas Sampling Valve Lab
Fine Needle Valve for Gas Chromatography Lab
Gas Sampling Bottle Lab
Gas Purifiers for Gas Chromatography Lab
Test Stand for Control Valves Lab
Trainer for Controller Tuning Lab
Trainer for Field Bus Applications Lab
Trainer for Industrial Controllers Lab
Training System Flow Control Lab
Training System Level Control Lab
Training System Position Control Lab
Training System Pressure Control Lab
Training System Temperature Control Lab
Flow Level Control Demonstration Unit Lab
pH-Value Control Trainer Lab
Test Stand for Level Pressure Control Lab
Stirred Tank Test Stand Lab
Multi-Process Control Trainer Lab
Industrial Process Control Rig Lab
Boiler Heating Batching Process Control System Lab
Heat Exchanger Process Control System Lab
Gas Flow Classification Lab
Magnetic Separation Lab
Fundamentals of Sedimentation Lab
Disc Centrifuge Lab
Gas Cyclone Lab
Hydrocyclone Lab
Cake and Depth Filtration Lab
Flow through Particle Layers Lab
Drum Cell Filter Lab
Process Training Unit Lab
Distillation Training Unit Lab
Flash Drum Separator Trainer Lab
Fluid Bed Catalytic Cracking Unit Lab
Glass Distillation Training Unit Lab
Heat Transfer Demonstrator Lab
Quadrant Balance for GSM Lab
Seed Germinator Single Chamber Lab
Humidity And Temperature Control Cabinet Lab
Environmental Chamber (Cooled Humidity Chamber) Lab
Plant Growth Chamber Lab
Mortuary Chamber Lab
Water Bath Rectangular Single Wall Lab
High Precision Water Bath Lab
Serological Water Bath Lab
Oil Bath High Temperature Lab
Tissue Floatation Bath Lab
Tissue Culture Rack Lab
Tissue Culture Hood Lab
Inoculation Chamber Lab
Reverse Osmosis Unit Lab
Rotary Vacuum Flash Evaporator Lab
Kjeldahl Combined Digestion And Distillation Unit Lab
Kjeldahl Dry Block Digester Lab
C.O.D. Digester Lab
Soxhlet Extraction Unit Lab
Crude Fibre Estimation Unit Lab
Melting Point Apparatus Lab
Digital Melting Point Apparatus Lab
Ultra Violet Fluorescence Inspection Cabinet Lab
Rectangular Hot Plate Lab
Vortex Shaker (Test Tube Shaker) Lab
Rotary Shaker (VDRL ROTATOR) Rotary Shaker (VDRL SHAKER) Lab
Tissue Homogenizer Lab
Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath Lab
Rotary Flask Shaker Lab
Kahn Reciprocating Shaking Machine Lab
Wrist Action Shaking Machine Lab
Test Tube Rotator (Slow Speed) Lab
Test Tube Roller (Blood Sample Mixer) Lab
Flocculator Jar Testing Apparatus Lab
Laboratory Stirrer Lab
Rotary Vacuum Pump Lab
Hand Vacuum Pump with Pressure Gauge Lab
Automatic Pipette Washer Lab
Filter Holder
Stainless Steel Lab
Sterility Test Unit Lab
Glass Bead Sterilizer Lab
Laboratory Jack Lab
Kjeldahl Distillation Unit Lab
Micro Kjeldahl Distillation Unit Lab
Water De-ionizer Double Bed Lab
Water De-ionizer Four Bed Lab
Water Distillation Table Metal Lab
Water Distillation Unit Glass Lab
Water Distillation Unit Quartz Lab
Water Distillation Wall Metal Lab
Chamber Lab
Walk in Chamber Lab
Piston Cylinder Lab
Ultrasonic Homogenizer (Sonicators) Lab
Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet Lab
Air Curtain Lab
Water Softener Lab
Laminar Air Flows Lab
Dynamic Pass Box Lab
Static Pass Box Lab
Air Shower Lab
Modular Clean Room Lab
Dispensing Booth Lab
Reverse Laminar Flow Lab
Sampling Booth Lab
Grossing Table Lab
Base Unit for Sanitary Modules Lab
Sterile Garment Cabinet Lab
Over Head Projectors Lab
Over Head Projector Lab
Overhead Projectors Lab
Customized Over Head Projectors Lab
Lab Over Head Projectors Lab
Portable Overhead Projector Lab
Slide Projector Lab
Tripod Projection Screen Lab
Insta Lock Projection Screen Lab
OHP Projector Trolley Lab
Projector Lift Lab
Overhead Projectors Low Voltage Lab
Overhead Projectors Twin-Bulb Lab
Senior Overhead Projectors Lab
Senior A4 Portable OHP With Triple Projection Lens Lab
Automatic Knife Sharpener Lab
Hand and Table Microtome Lab
Precision Rotary Microtome Spencer Type Lab
Rocking Microtome Cambridge Type Lab
Rotary Microtome Erma Type Lab
Freezing Microtome (Erma Type) Lab
Precision Microtome (AO Spencer Type) Lab
Wood Microtome Lab
Semi Automatic Cryostat Microtome Lab
Semi Automatic Rotary Microtome Lab
Spectrometer 6 Lab
Spectrometer 7 Lab
Double Beam Spectrophotometer Lab
Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Lab
Table Top Double Disk Variable Speed Metallurgical Polisher Grinder Lab
Disc Polishing Machine Lab
Polishing Consumables Lab
Electrolyte Analyzer Lab
Hematology Analyzer Lab
Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer Lab
Urine Chemistry Analyzer Lab
Blood Coagulator Analyzer Lab
Coagulator Analyzer Lab
Elisa Reader & Washer Lab
Digital Rain Gauge Lab
Evaporimeter Lab
Humidity Sensors Lab
Plant Canopy Analyzer Lab
Portable Weather Station Lab
Snow Sensor Lab
Stevenson Screen Lab
Sunshine Recorder Lab
Temperature Humidity Recorders Lab
Ultraviolet Sensor Lab
Virtual Weather Station Lab
Wind Speed Sensor Lab
Wind Vane Lab
Batch Enzyme Reactor Lab
Chemical Reactor Training Equipment Lab
Double Water Distiller Lab
Fluidisation And Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Unit Lab
Gas Absorption Column Lab
Laboratory Pasteuriser Lab
Liquid Chromatography Digital Lab
Rapid Extractor Lab
Rising Film Evaporator Lab
Sedimentation Studies Apparatus Lab
Solid Liquid Extraction Unit Lab
RTD Studies in Packed Bed Lab
Emulsion Polymerization Reactor Lab
Condensation Polymerization Reactor Lab
Hydrodynamics of Trickle Bed Lab
Combined Flow Reactor Lab
Adiabatic Batch Reactor Lab
Cascade Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Lab
Venturimeter Apparatus Lab
Isothermal Batch Reactor Lab
Isothermal Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor Lab
Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor Lab
Isothermal Semi-Batch Reactor Lab
Kinetics of Dissolution of Benzoic Acid Lab
Packed Bed Reactor Lab
Plug Flow Reactor Lab
Plug Flow Reactor Coiled Tube Type Lab
RTD Studies in CSTR Lab
RTD Studies in Plug Flow Reactor Lab
UV Photo Reactor Request Callback Lab
Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Apparatus Lab
Cascade C.S.T.R Lab
Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor Lab
CSTR Fixed Bed Reactors Lab
Glass Autoclaves Lab
Heating and Cooling Baths Lab
Magnetic Drive Coupling Lab
Plug Flow Reactor
Straight Tube Type Lab
UV Photo Reactor Lab
Non Stirred Pressure Vessels Lab
Pressure Leaf Filters Lab
Rocker Shaker Autoclaves Lab
Sparkler Horizontal Filter Press Lab
Bottom Stirred Autoclave Lab
Applications of Autoclave Lab
Multiple Stirred Autoclave System Lab
Gas Induction Reactors Lab
High Pressure Autoclaves Equipment Lab
Continuous Flow Micro Reactors Equipment Lab
High through-put Catalyst screening system Lab
Continuous Flow Glass Microreactors Lab
Fixed Bed Reactors Lab
Magnetic Drives Lab
Shaker Hydrogenator Lab
Acid Digestion Vessels Acid Digestion Bombs Lab
Vapor Phase Reactors Lab
Glass Body Autoclaves Lab
Eco Catalyst Screening Lab
Catalyst Screening and Multiple Reactors Lab
The Digestive System Human Microslide
Materials Kit
Instant Snow
The Circulatory System Microslide
Fabrics Sample Pack
Rust Race Lab Investigation
Reaction Timer
Central Nervous System Microslide
Teeth and Gums Microslide
Properties of Soaps and Detergents Consumer Chemistry Kit
Skin Microslide
Human Reproduction Microslide
Nerve and Muscle Action Microslide
The Reflex Arc Microslide
Properties of Antacids Consumer Chemistry Kit
Menstrual Cycle Model
Kitchen Consumer Chemistry Science Kit
Liquid Crystal Thermometer
Bases and The Ph Scale
Simulated Diabetes Testing
Exercise Tumble and Teach
Cell to Embryo Model
Teaching About Immunity Kit
Frog Model Activity Set
Microslide Monarch Butterfly
Investigating Pond Organisms
Microslide Lesson Set From Tadpole to Frog
Microslide Pond life
Life cycle of a Frog Poster
Respiration Apparatus
Substance Abuse Tumble and Teach
Tulgren Funnel
Tullgren Funnel
Human Body System Model
Human Heart Walk Thru
Understanding Biotechnology Techniques
Enzyme Biotechnology Kit
Four Month Fetus Model
Human Body Flip Chart
Endocrine System Model
Digestive System Walk Thru
Basic Histology Slide Set
Cell Division Slide Set of 9
Comprehensive Histology Slide Set
Human Histology Slide Set of 25
Inflatable Animal Cell Model
Inflatable Plant Cell Model
Microslide Animal Tissue Epithelium and Cartilage
Chemistry Demonstration Colourful Vanadium
Circulatory System Model
Chemistry Demonstration Formation of Eutectic Alloys
Microslide Animal Tissue Set 2
Chemistry Demonstration Le Chateliers Principle
Microslide Basic Human Histology
Microslide Cell Membrane
Chemistry Demonstration The Silicate Garden
Clock Reaction Demonstration
Traffic Light Reaction Demo Lab
Acid Rain
Weathering and Erosion
Environmental Chemistry: Nitrates
Phosphates and Eutrophication
C.S.I. Forensics Poster
Chemiluminescence in Blood Stain Detection
Crime Scene Investigation
Crime Scene Investigation - Forensic Chemistry Of Whodunit
Crime Scene Tape
Microslide the Cell Nucleus
The Cell Structure Microslide
Mitosis and Meiosis Set
Microscope Slides
Mitosis Simulation Investigation
Plant and Animal Cell Model Activity Set
Plant Cell Model
Visualizing Cells Poster
Visualising Meiosis Poster
Visualizing Mitosis Poster
Visualizing Osmosis and Diffusion
Key to Identifying Common Grasses
Key to Identifying Dispersal of Fruits and Seeds
Key to Identifying Land Invertebrates
Key to Identifying Trees and Shrubs
Key to Identifying Water Invertebrates
Animal Kingdom Microslide
Five Kingdoms of Life Microslide
Harmful Bacteria Microslide
Dissecting Tray with Wax
Dissection Pan
Pad and Cover - Large
Dissecting Boards Wood
Marine Plankton Microslide
The Kingdom Monera Microslide
The Kingdom Protista Microslide
Classification of Living Things Poster
The Kingdom of Fungi Microslide Set
The Plant Kingdom Microslide Lesson Set
Dissection Pan
Pad and Cover - Large (Set 15)
Dissection Pan
Pad and Cover - Medium
Dissection Pan
Pad and Cover - Medium (Set 15)
Dissection Pan
Pad and Cover - Small
Dissection Replacement Pad Large
Dissection Replacement Pad Medium
Dissection Replacement Pad Small
Forceps Glass Filled Nylon StrBlunt
Stainless Steel Blunt Tip
Stainless Steel Straight Fine Point
DNA Fingerprinting Simulation
The Earthworm Microslide
DNA Forensics Lab Investigation
Frog Dissection Model
Dissecting Needle
DNA Murder Mystery Lab Investigation
Scalpel Blade 12
Forensic Chemistry Chemical Detection of Fingerprints
Forensic Anthropology Talking Bones Lab Invest Kit
Scalpel Blade 15
Scalpel Blade 10
Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types
Scalpel Blade 11
Scalpel Blade 20
Forensic Chemistry of Chromatography (Document Analysis)
Scalpel Blade 21
Scalpel Blade 22
Forensic Chemistry of Drug Detection
Forensic Chemistry Hair Analysis
Scalpel Blade 23
Forensic Science Lab Investigation
Scalpel Blade 24
Gunshot Residue Presumptive Test Kit
Scalpel Handle Size 3
Physical Properties of Glass
Poster Fingerprint Identification (Laminated)
Presumptive Blood Test Kit
Environmental Chemistry Water Treatment and Filtration
Scalpel Handle Size 4
Green Chemistry Detergents and The Environment
Electrochemical Remediation of Wastewater
Scalpel with handle length 130mm
Green Chemistry Production of Biodiesel
The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Demonstration
Greener Synthesis of Acetylsalicylic Acid
Centrifuge Mini
Electrophoresis Power Supply
Dissecting Scissors 110mm
Dissecting Scissors 125mm
Dissecting Scissors 145mm
Daniel Cell Porous Pot
Distillation Apparatus
Electrode Carbon Rod
Electrode Carbon (pair)
Diagnosing Gene Defects
Electrode Platinum (pair)
Double Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus
Electrolysis Kit
Filter Pump Borosilicate Glass
Electrophoresis Lab Station I
Filter Pump Nickel Plated Brass
Electrophoresis Lab Station II
Fractional Distillation Assembly
Hand Centrifuge (4 Tube)
Electrophoresis Lab Station III
Hoffman Voltameter (PTFE) with Electrodes
Hoffman Voltameter Stand incl
Hotplate and Magnetic Stirrer
Interchangeable Glassware Joint Clips 10 19 Red
Interchangeable Glassware Joint Clips 14 23 Yellow
Interchangeable Glassware Joint Clips 19 26 Blue
Interchangeable Glassware Joint Clips 24 29 Green
Amino Acids Set
Bacterial Amylase Project Pack
Basic Enzymology Kit
Biotech Cheesemaking
Catalase 50ml
Concentrated Enzyme Buffer Ph 2.8
Concentrated Enzyme Buffer Ph 4.5
Concentrated Enzyme Buffer Ph 6.5
Effect of Temperature on Enzymes kit
Enzymes Set
Immobilised Enzymes Kit
Introduction To Enzymes
Pectinase 100ml
Pepsin Powder 50g
Trypsin Project Pack
Trypsin Powder 25g
Blood Typing Kit
Classification of Living Things
DNA Chromosome Staining Lab Activity
Kinetic Theory Model Polystyrene Piston
Fruit fly Genetics Kit
Kipps Gas Generator
Liebig Condenser 200mm
Genes and Probability
Poppit Beads Red
Poppit Beads Yellow
Human Genetic Disorders Poster
Visualizing Blood Poster
Simulating Natural Selection
Turning Genes On and Off
Adaptor for Disposable Breathing Filter
Liebig Condenser 500mm
Nanoheat Hotplate with water Bath
Battling Germs with Disinfectants
Nanoheat Hotplate Advanced
Breathing Fitness Health
Nanoheat Hotplate Basic
Nanoheat Magnetic Stirrer
Organic Chemistry Kit No 1 (27BU)
Drugs and Alcohol Vol.1 Clever Catch
Tobacco Prevention Clever Catch
Disposable Breathing Filter
Organic Chemistry Kit No 2 (34BU)
Disposable Mouth Pieces
Organic Chemistry Kit No 3 (10BU)
Disposable Nose Clip
Effects of Smoking
Effects of Smoking Model
Organic Chemistry Kit No 4 (46BU)
Effects of Smoking Refill
Heart Fitness
Organic Chemistry Kit No 5 (29BU)
HIV Aids Testing Kit
Lung Volume Bag Set
Lung Volume Kit
Microslide Aids
Animal Parasites of Man Microslide
Body Defences Against Infection
Microslide Drug Abuse Under Microscope
Simple Cell Kit 150mm H x 100mm dia
Human Diseases Microslide
Immunity Microslide Lesson Set
Nutrition Microslide
The Leaf of a Flowering Plant Microslide
Mouthpiece Holders Only
Mouthpieces Only
Simple Cell Plate Carbon 6mm
Simple Cell Plate Copper 1.5mm
Simple Cell Plate Lead 1.5mm
Peak Flow Meter
Simple Cell Plate Zinc 1.5mm
Simple Gas Preparation Kit
Steam Syringe and Jacket
Steam Trap
Vortex Mixer
Water bath Kit For Nano heat Hotplate
Metals and Smart Alloys Starter Pack
Nano Technology Ferro Fluids
Respiratory System Microslide
Plastics Sample Pack
The Senses Microslide
Skeleton System Microslide
Putty Blue 50g
Abdomen Section Model
Slime Black 140g
Slime Black 50g
Slime Blue 140g
Brain with Arteries Model
Slime Blue 50g
Slime Green 140g
Brain Model 2 part Life size
Slime Green 50g
Slime Red 140g
Slime Red 50g
Brain Model 4 part Life size
Slime Yellow 140g
Slime Yellow 50g
Smart Color Starter Pack
Smart Materials Presentation Pack
Dentition Development Model
Digestive Canal Model
Advanced Kit Student Micro science
Functional Ear Model
Ear Left Model
Female Pelvis Model
Basic Kit Student Micro science
Combo plate Micro science
Combo plate Micro science Organic
Heart Model Natural Size
Heart Model with Lungs and Larynx
Human Egg Model
Human Elbow Joint Model
Human Foetus Model
Human Heart Muscle Model
Combo still Heating Bottle and Lid (each)
Combo still Inner Reaction Vessel (each)
Human Sperm Model
Combo still Micro science
Human Upper and Lower Jaw Model
Kidney Section Model
Current Indicator LED
Dropper Bottle 10 ml
Electrode Lead
Filter Paper Micro scale
Gas Collecting Tube + Lid
Kidney Section Model with Nephrons and Blood Vessels
Gas Lid 1
Gas Lid 2
Gas Lid 3
Glass Combustion Tube
Glass Distillation Tube for Combo still
Kidney with Adrenal Gland Model
Magnifying Glass 25 mm dia lens
Micro burette Kit Micro Science
Micro burner
Micro Chem Worksheets Key Stage 3 in binder
Larynx Model Full Size 2 parts
Right Lung Model
Male Pelvis Section Model
Micro Chem Worksheets Key Stage 4 in binder
Period of Gestation Model
Skeleton Model with frame
Life Size
Skeleton Model With Muscles and Joint Ligaments
Micro Chem Worksheets Key Stage 5 in binder
Skin Section Model
Micro science Work Station Biology Physics and Chemistry
Half Size Torso Model With Head
Propettes Dropping
Torso Half Size Model
Reflux Tube for Combo Still
Torso Interchangeable Sex Organs Model
Retort Stand Cross Arm
Retort Stand Upright
Silicone Oil 50ml
Torso Model with Head
Bisexual Torso Model
Silicone Tube with U bend
Urinary Organs
Kidney and Bladder Model
Silicone Tubing
Spatula and Forceps
Heart Model 2 parts
Straw Electrode
Syringe Disposable Plastic
Test tube Glass Rimmed
Thermometer 0-150 C
Thermometer 0-50 C
Titration Kit Student Micro science
Vial Organic
Vials Large Plastic
Advanced Student Micro science Kit
Student Micro Science Kit
Battery Snap with Crocodile Clip
Nervous System Model
Systems of the Human Body Poster
Respiratory System Model
Sight and Sound Health
Organic Combo plate Micro science
Teeth Model
Urinary System Model
Heating Bottle and Lid
Vision Disc
Inner Reaction Vessel
Visking Tubing Clips
Visking Tubing 30m
Folding Magnifier 10X
Electricity Micro science Kit
Folding Magnifier 25 dia
Double Folding Magnifier 25 dia
Triple Folding Magnifier 25 dia
Giant Magnifier 2X Magnification
Pocket Magnifier
Magnifier Reading Glass 50mm
HIV Aids Testing Kit Simulated
Magnifying Glass Lens
Magnifier Reading Glass 60mm
Micro burette Kit
Magnifier Reading Glass 75mm
Reading Glass Magnifier Metal frame 5 10 cm
Micro science Work Station
Reading Glass Magnifier Metal Frame 6 15 cm
Mini Science Kit
Reading Glass Magnifier Metal Frame 6 20 cm
Reading Glass Magnifier Metal Frame 7.5 15 cm
Reading Glass Magnifier Metal Frame 7.5 20 cm
Reading Glass Magnifier Metal Frame 10 15 cm
Reading Glass Magnifier Metal Frame 10 20 cm
Characteristics of Materials Science Kit
Watchmakers Eye Glass
Dissolving and Changes Science Kit
Earth Sun and Moon Science Kit
Electricity Science Kit
Bacteria Slide Set
Friction and Force Science Kit
Gram Staining of Bacteria
Introduction to Microbiology Kit
Gases Around Us Science Kit
Investigating Spontaneous Generation
Light and Shadows Science Kit
Microbe Scavenger Hunt
Viruses and Bacteria Poster
Magnets and Springs Science Kit
Rocks and Soils Science Kit
Solids and Liquids Science Kit
Alpha Helix Molecular Model Kit
Teeth and Eating Science Kit
Heat Science Kit
Fat Glyceryl Tristearate Molecular Model Kit
Glucose Molecular Model Kit
Silicone Oil
Polypeptide Molecular Model Kit
Protein Beta Pleated Sheet Molecular Model Kit
RNA 24 base Protein Synthesis
Rimmed Glass Test tube
Stearic acid Saturated fat Molecular model kit
Biochemistry Molecular Model Set
Sucrose Molecular Model
20 Amino Acid Collection Molecular Model
7 Amino Acid Collection Molecular Model
Ten layer DNA Molecular Model
Student Titration Kit
Water Field Kit
Water Monitoring Kit
Mini DNA 22 layer base pair Molecular Model
Biochemistry 257 Atom Parts
Two layer DNA Molecular Model
Atom Activity Model
Inorganic Atom Molecular Model Set
RNA 12 base Molecular Model
Organic Atom Molecular Model Set
Organic Molecular and Orbital Model Set
Detergent Molecular Model Kit
Exploring the Solar System
Solar System Teachers Guide
The Planets Microslide
Raised Relief Map of the Moon
Illuminated Orbiter 110v
Orbiter Astronomy
Illuminated Orbiter Astronomy
Meteorites Poster
Solar System Planet Poster
Project Planetarium
Solar System Model Astronomy
Sun Scale Kit
Air Quality
Polyvinyl Chloride Model Kit
Alternative Energy Clever Catch
Green Earth Clever Catch
Soap Model kit
Sodium Chloride model kit
Recycling Clever Catch
Exploring Groundwater Contamination
Sodium Chloride Molecular Model Kit
Sulfur Model Kit
Grid Quadrat 100 Square
Grid Quadrat 25 Square
Terylene Model Kit
Backpack Water Quality
Backpack Soil Quality Test Kit
Zinc Blend model kit
Investigating Non Renewable Resources
Nylon Molecular Model 6.6
Investigating Renewable Resources
Hybridized Benzene C6H6 Model Set
Natural Energy
Folding Quadrat Frame
Unhybridized Benzene C6H6 Model Set
Complex Ions Model Set
Solar Furnace
Atom Elementary Organic Model Set
Sunpower House
Inorganic Organic Student Model Set
Inorganic Organic Teacher Model Set
Testing Drinking Water
Introductory Model Set
Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit
Key Stage 3 Science Model Set
Organic Student Model Set
Organic Teacher Model Set
Semi Space Filling Model Set
Testing Ponds and Streams Kit
U.V. Detecting Beads
Buck minster fullerene Model
Diamond Molecular Model
Graphite Molecular Model
Ice Molecular Model
Water Pollutants and Purification
Polypropylene Molecular Model
Water Sampler
Polystyrene Molecular Model
Pre Assembled Calcite Model
Pre Assembled Calcium Fluoride Model
Advanced Fossil Collection
Pre assembled Quartz Model
Variation and Evolution Fossil
Silicon Dioxide Diamond Structure Model
Life on Earth A Fossil History
Pre Assembled
And Copper Models
Earth History Fossil Reproductions Model
Exploring Geologic Time Poster
Atomic Orbital Model Set
Class Rock Pack
Electron Repulsion Atomic Orbital Model Set
Clever Catch Rocks
Earth Shakes
Expanded Rock Collection
Geology History Kit
Hydrocarbon Set
Igneous Rock Collection
Introductory Earth Science Collection
Metamorphic Rock Collection
Mineral Study Kit
Digital Voltmeter Ammeter With Shunts
Geiger Muller Tube
Mineral Test Kit
Geiger Muller Tube Holder
Mineralogy and Petrology
Planck Constant Apparatus
Planck Constant Determination Box
Volcano Model
Protactinium Generator
Radioactive Source Handling Tongs
Scaler Timer
Tel tron Diode S
Tel tron Dual Beam Tube S
Tel tron Electron Deflection Tube D
Tel tron Electron Diffraction Tube D
Tel tron Electron Diffraction Tube S
Tel tron Helmholtz Pair of Coils D
Tel tron Helmholtz Pair of Coils S
Tel tron Maltese Cross Tube D
Tel tron Perrin Tube D
Tel tron Perrin Tube S
Tel tron Tube Holder D
Tel tron Tube Holder S
Density Cube Set
Mohs Hardness Pencils
Ocean Floor Raised Relief Map
Density Cubes for Aluminium
Density Cubes For Brass
Density Cubes for Copper
Density Cubes for Lead
Bubble Cap Distillation Column
Density Cubes for Plastic
Forced Draft Tray Dryer
Density Cubes for Steel
Solid Liquid Extraction Packed Bed Type
Spray Tower
Sieve Plate Distillation Column
Packed Distillation Column
Motorised Gyroscope
Density Cubes for Stone
Journal Bearing Apparatus
Whirling of Shaft Apparatus
Density Cubes for Wood
Density Cubes For Zinc
Universal Vibration Apparatus
Cam Analysis Apparatus
Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus
Michell Tilting Pad Bearing Apparatus
Slip and Creep Measurement Apparatus
Metal Cylinders wood case Set
Density Metal Cubes 10mm
Density Metal Cubes 20mm
Density Metal Cubes 20 mm
Multi Cylinder Four Stroke Water Cooled Diesel Engine Test Rig
Battery Clip
Separating and Throttling Calorimeter
Battery Holder
Battery Holder with Flying Leads 1 x AA
Battery Holder with Flying Leads 2 x AA
Dental Model
Battery Holder with Flying Leads 2 x AAA
Long Battery Holder 4 x AA
Press Stud Battery Holder 2 x AA
Semi Automatic Mounting Press
Automatic Mounting Press
Short Battery Holder 4 X AA
Studs Battery Holder 3 x AA
Spectro Sample Polisher
Hand Polisher
Spectro Double Polisher Machine
Belt Polisher
Double Disc Polishing Machine (Floor Model)
Semi Automatic Polishing Machine
Single Disc Polishing Machine With Controller
Polishing Mach Machine
Speed Regulated Polishing Machine
Digital Polishing Machine (Table top)
Electrical Incinerator with Venturi Scrubber
Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder
Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod
Heat Transfer From Pin - Fin Apparatus
Heat Transfer In Forced Convection
Heat Transfer In Natural Convection
Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus
Dropwise and Filmwise Condensation Apparatus
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Unsteady State Heat Transfer Unit
Tags Battery Holder 3 x AA
Alkaline Battery PP3
Bernoullis Theorem Apparatus
Orifice and Mouthpiece Apparatus
Alkaline Battery AA
Carbon Zinc AA Battery
Alkaline AAA Battery
Zinc Carbon AAA Battery
Alkaline Battery C
Zinc Carbon C Battery
Zinc Carbon Battery D
Zinc Carbon Battery PP3
Discharge Over Notches
Impact of Jet on Vanes
Discharge Through Venturimeter and Orificemeter
Cavitation Apparatus
Losses Due To Pipe Fittings
Forced Vortex Apparatus
Hydraulic Bench
MES lamp Bulb
MES lamp Bulb 12 V
MES lamp Bulb 2.5 V
MES lamp Bulb 6 V
D Cell Battery Holder
Stack able Cell Holders
Buzzer Circuits Kit
Changeover Switch Circuits Kit
Push Switch Circuits Kit
Rheostat Circuits Kit
Universal Clip Circuits Kit
Component Holder
Single Contact Key
Crocodile leads Pack of 20
Electricity Circuits Kit
Micro science Electricity Kit
Forbidden Energy Gap Kit
Electricity Economy Kit
Fundamentals of Electronics
Common Minerals and Their Uses Poster
Minerals Poster
Jockey with insulated handle
Single Pole Knife Switch
Visualising Earth Processes Poster
Knife Switch Double Pole On Base
Knife Switch Single Pole Double Throw On Base
Lamp Holder
Rock Kit
Basic Rock Set
Rock Study Kit
LED Green
Rock and Rock Forming Minerals Collection
Sea Floor Spreading Activity Model
LED White
Sedimentary Rock Collection
Mini Motor Unit
Miniature LDR
National Grid Kit
Slightly Radioactive Mineral and Substance
Soil Kit
Mini National Grid Simulation Kit
Advanced Soil Kit
Types of Soil
Black Streak Plates
Investigating Electricity Poster
Glass Streak Plates
White Streak Plates
Volcano Activity Model
World Types of Soil
Potentio meter Module wire wound
Potentio meter Module carbon track
Potentio meter Module
Potentio Meter Wire Wound Module
Orienteering Compass
Carbon track Potentio meter Module
Wire wound Potentio Meter Module
Plotting Compass (One Glass Face)
Plotting Compass (Two glass face)
Single wire Potentio Meter
Pocket Compass 45mm
Pocket Compass with cover 45mm dia
Inflatable Globe Geopolitical
Topographic Modeling and Mapping Acivity Model
Geo Physical World Map
Earth Science Flip Chart
Resistance Coil 10 Ohm
Aneroid Barometer Demonstration Model
Coriolis Effect Kit
Water Cycle Model
Resistance Coil 2 Ohm
Resistance Coil 20 Ohm
Resistance Coil 200 Ohm
Resistance Coil 5 Ohm
Copper Rain Gauge
Resistance Coil 50 Ohm
Rheostat 1600 OHM
Rain Gauge Spare Measure Glass
Stream Table Kit
Rheostat 1325 ohm
Water Cycle Study Cards
Rheostat 16 ohm
Weather Station Thermometer Hygrometer
Rheostat 2.5 ohm
Rheostat 20 ohm
Rheostat 280 ohm
Weather Vane
Rheostat 300 ohm
Large Window Thermometer
Rheostat 37 ohm
Rheostat 4.5 ohm
Earthquakes Whiteboard Science
Our Solar System Whiteboard Science
Sun Earth Moon System Whiteboard Science
Rheostat 600 ohm
Slide Set Basic Botany
Rheostat 8.5 ohm
Basic Plant Anatomy Slide
Carrot Cloning Kit
Cauliflower Cloning Kit
Clinostat Electric
LED Green Circuit Board
Germination Model
LED Red Circuit Board
Investigating Photosynthesis
Environmental Adaptations of Plants
LDR Circuit Board
Plants without Flowers Lesson Set
The Root of a Flowering Plant
Vegetative Propagation Lesson Set
Microslide Photosynthesis
The Leaf of a Flowering Plant
Dicot Leaf Model
Red Stack able Plug Leads
Yellow Stack able Plug Leads
Monocot Root T.S. Model
Black Miniature Crocodile Clip
Monocot Stem T.S. Model
Typical Flower L.S. Model
Typical Flower Model
Red Miniature Crocodile Clip
Typical Plant Cell on Plastic Base Model
Photosynthesis Apparatus
Photosynthesis Teaching Model
Toggle Switch
Plant Culture Set
Plant Hormones Set
Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis
Black Test Lead
Red Test Lead
Plants and Plant Processes Poster
Potometer Apparatus White Stand
Sachs Water Culture Mineral Deficiency
Soil Less Garden
Basic Teaching Tank 12 Inch
Sample Teaching Tank 12 Inch
Wheatstone Bridge
Wheatstone Bridge Two Gap
Starter Kit Teaching Tank
Copper Bare Wire 0.28 dia
Air Pump Vacuum
Acrylic Bell Jar
Bell in Vacuum
Copper Bare Wire 0.31 dia
Forced Oscillation and Resonance Demo
Copper Bare Wire 0.40 dia
Loudspeaker Unit
Hollow Plano convex Lens Microwave Accessories
Copper Bare Wire 0.45 dia
Copper Bare Wire 0.56 dia
Copper Bare Wire 0.71 dia
Copper Bare Wire 0.90 dia
Copper Bare Wire 1.25 dia
Set of Plates Microwave Accessories
Constantan Bare Wire 16 swg
Eureka Bare Wire 18 swg
Eureka Bare Wire 20 swg
Constantan Bare Wire 22 Swg
Pump Plate 175mm
Pump Plate 200mm
Eureka Bare Wire 24 Swg
Eureka Bare Wire 26 swg
Constantan Bare Wire 28 swg
Eureka Bare Wire 30 Swg
Eureka Bare Wire 32 Swg
Eureka Bare Wire 34 swg
Nichrome Bare Wire 18 Swg
Nichrome Bare Wire 20 Swg
Nichrome Bare Wire 24 Swg
Nichrome Bare Wire 28 Swg
Eddy Current Unit
Electromagnet Kit
Force on a Conductor Apparatus
Induced Current Apparatus
Lenz Law - Open and closed loop
Pump Plate 250mm
Resonance Apparatus Brass Tube
Electromagnet with keeper
Ripple Tank Premium
Signal Generator and Amplifier
Copper Volta Meter
Helical Slinky Spring 150mm Metal
Helical Slinky Spring 75mm dia to 100mm Metal
Helical Slinky Spring 75mm dia to 50mm Metal
Conductive Paper
3 Wire Pattern Sonometer
Electric Field Apparatus
Dual Purpose Electroscope
Simple Pattern Sonometer
Electrostatic Investigation
Sound Energy Kit
Faraday Pails
Sound Spectrum Chart
Friction Cotton Cloth
Speed of Sound Kit
Friction Silk Cloth
Brass Friction Rod
Ebonite Friction Rod
Glass Friction Rod
Aluminium Tuning fork Note C 256 hz
Aluminium Tuning fork Note F 341 hz
Glass Brass Friction Rod
Aluminium Tuning Fork Note G 384 hz
Aluminium Tuning fork Note A 426 hz
Aluminium Tuning fork Note B 480 hz
Aluminium Tuning fork Note C 512 hz
Nylon Friction Rod
Parallel Plate Capacitor
Perspex Friction Rod
Gold Leaf
Adjustable Tuning fork
Gold Leaf Electroscope in Flask
Steel Tuning Fork Boxed Set of 8
Graaff Accessory kit
Graaff Generator Driven
Ultrasonic Apparatus Set
Coil turns (100)
Coil turns (1000)
Vibration Generator
Coil turns with mains connector
Helix Wave Form
Coil turns (2000)
Esave Ready To Go
Coil turns (50)
Demonstration Dynamo Model
Ac Dc Demonstration Motor
Demount able Transformer Kit
Fly Wheel Unit
Hand wheel Drive Unit
Head of Water Unit
Hero Engine
Triple Lamp Unit
Shaft Line Unit
Water Turbine with Dynamo Model
Small Motor Generator
Mounted Motor for Solar Cell
Spring Unit
Mounted Solar Cell
Turbine Engine
Turbine Pump Unit
Bar Breaking Apparatus
Bernoulli Tubes
Braided String
Large Bucket and Cylinder
Small Bucket and Cylinder
Capacitance Substitution Box
Crushing Can
Metal Spouting Cylinder
Ammeter 0-2A
Ammeter 0-5A
Dual Range Ammeter 0-1 and 0-5A
Vernier Calliper Dual Scale Plated Steel
Interscale Demonstration Meter
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 10A DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 10mA DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 10V AC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 1A DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 1V DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 500millivolt
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 50mA AC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 5V AC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 5V DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 100 millivolts
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 100mA AC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 100mA DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 10mA AC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 10V DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 15V AC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 15V DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 1A AC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 300V AC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 500mA AC
Demonstration Meter Dial 0 - 50mA DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 10 - 0 - 10V DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 10 - 0 - 10mA DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 2.5 - 0 - 2.5mA DC
Demonstration Meter Dial 5 - 0 - 5V DC
Digital Coulomb Meter
Perspex Spouting Cylinder
Displacement Vessel 100 x 50 mm
Digital Count Down Timer
Displacement Vessel 115 x 90 mm
EHT Power Supply
EHT Power Supply 110V
Displacement Vessel 225 x 125 mm
Electrometer and DC Amplifier
Fleming Apparatus
Dynamics Trolley
Elastic Materials Kit
Force Meter Tubular Balance Beige 1kg 10N
Force Meter Tubular Balance Blue 250g 2.5N
Force Meter Tubular Balance Red 2Kg 20N
Force Meter Tubular Balance White 3Kg 30N
Force Meter Tubular Balance Green 500g 5N
Force Meter Tubular Balance Yellow 5Kg 50N
Force Board wall type
Two Way Force Meter Green 5N
Two Way Force Meter Red 20N
Force Motion and Dynamics Kit
Two Way Force Meter White 30N
Two Way Force Meter Yellow 50N
Guinea and Feather Apparatus
Galvanometer 1-0-1mA
Galvanometer 30-0-30
Galvanometer 35-0-35mV
Linear Air Track Blower
Galvanometer 50-0-50mV
Linear Air Track with access
Plastic Magdeburg Hemisphere
Centre Zero Universal Meter Galvanometer
Moments study kit
High Tension Power Supply
Investigating Force and Motion
Pulley Block Assembly Set
Student Digital Joulemeter
Pulley ball bearing
Bench mounting E Shape
Double Tandem Pulley
Hexagonal Mass with Ring 5000g
Metal Pulley With Hook
Mains Joulemeter
Brass Mass Set Incl. Hanger 1000g
Brass Mass Set Incl. Hanger 100g
Plastic Pulley double Hook
Brass Mass Set Incl. Hanger 250g
Brass Mass Set Incl. Hanger 438g
Cast Alloy Mass Set 100g
Single Metal Pulley with Hook
Cast Alloy Mass Set 1000g
Large Format
Slotted Mass
Brass Slotted Mass
Young Modulus Wire Set
Young Modulus Apparatus
Brass Mass Small Form Hanger
Color Paddle
Hexagonal Mass with Ring
Compact Light Source
Large Format Cast Mass Hanger
Block Mirror Support
Metre Ruler Wooden
Bakelite Scale Pan
Brass Scale Pan
Smoothing Unit
Mirror Plane Glass
Newton Color Disc
Newton Hand Disc Spin Model
Ticker Tape Carbon Disc
Newton Ring Apparatus
Ticker Tape Holder
Optical Bench Kit
Ticker Tape Timer 12V
Optical Bench Set
Ticker Tape Roll
Ticker Tape Timer Input 6V AC
Long Optical Pin
Dual Range Voltmeter
Single Range Voltmeter
Pinhole Camera Kit
C Core and Clip
Polarizing Filter Demonstrator Kit
Coloured Floating Magnets
Polaroid Slides
Chrome Steel Bar Magnet
Magnetising and Demagnetising Coil
Polymer Optic Cable Set
Magnetic Activity Kit
Magnetics Kit
Materials Collection for Magnetism Studies
Metal Discs Set of 8
Metal Discs Set of 16
Metal Testing Strips
Nano Fluid Heat Capacity Apparatus
Nano Fluid Interferometer
Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
Ultrasonic Interferometer For Liquid
Ultrasonic Interferometer For Solid
Plancks Constant Kit
Curie Temperature Kit For Ferroelectric
Power Steering
Investigating Light Poste
Dielectric Constant Kit
Triangular Acrylic Prism
Rectangular Acrylic Prism
Equilateral Acrylic Prism
Universal B-H Curve Tracer
Triangular Acrylic Prism 25mm
B-H Curve Unit
Narrow Acrylic Prism
Fourier Analysis Kit
Acrylic Semi Circular Prism
Lattice Dynamics Kit
Boro silicate Glass Prism
Stefan Constant Kit
Boltzman Constant Kit
Clear Glass Prism
Capacitance and Permittivity Kit
Right Angled Acrylic Prism
Bulb Ray box
LED and Laser diode Characteristics Apparatus
Ray box Color Filters
Ray box Mirrored
Ray box Mirrored with accessories
Ray box Slit Plates
Ray box with Accessories
Reflection and Refraction Kit
Rotatable Optical Disc
Semiconductor Laser
Rotatable Disc Set
Simple Optical Bench
Sodium Spectral Lamp
Spectral Lamp with Holder
Student Spectrometer
Spectroscope kit
Spectrum Tube
Spectrum Tube Power Supply
Hand Held Stroboscope Model
Xenon Stroboscope
Bimetallic Strip
Simple Boyle Law
Boyle Law Apparatus
Bursting Bottle Without Plug
Aluminium Calorimeter
Combo still for Calorimeter Copper
Calorimeter Set
Aluminium Calorimeter Set
Joule Calorimeter Set
Joules Calorimeter
Conductive Putty
Conductivity of Metal Apparatus
Convection in Water
Rods For Thermal Conductivity
Steam Generator with handle
Thermo electric Converter
Wood and Metal Cylinder
Laser Experiment Kit
Fiber Optic Apparatus
Dipole Meter
Beginner Microscope Kit
Electrical Vibrator
Spare Pencil Jockey
Young Scientist Dual Scope
Spare Lead
Beginner Microscope Kit with Digital Camera
Fixed Voltage Stabilized Power Supply
Plastic Stereo Microscope
Temperature Co-efficient Resistance Coil
Plastic Stereo Microscope 20x and 40x Magnification
Telescope and Microscope Kit
Portable Wheatstone Bridge
Beginner Monocular Microscope Metal Frame
Field Trip Microscope with Wooden Carrying Case
Portable Wheatstone Bridge with Loop Test
Double Portable Bridge
Conductivity bridge Dip Type
All Purpose Dissecting Microscope
Beginner Dual Application Portable Microscope
Self Inductance Bridge
LED Corded Cordless Beginner Monocular Microscope
Industrial Double Bridge
LED Corded Cordless Dual View Microscope
Digital Camera Microscope with Dual View
Dual View Coaxial Focusing Beginner Microscope
Dual View with Digital Camera Coaxial Focusing Microscope
Special Water Bath
Cordless Compound Monocular Microscope
Monocular Compound Microscope
Copper Constantan Thermocouple
LED Kohler Illumination Binocular Microscope
Steam Boiler Element
Series Monocular Microscope
Callender and Griffith Bridge
Digital Trinocular Microscope With LED Illumination Series 40X-1000X
Self Inductance Anderson Bridge
Trinocular Microscope with LED Illumination Series 40X-1000X
Binocular 5W LED Kohler Illumination
Maxwell Inductance Bridge
Hay Bridge
Advanced Infinity Corrected Binocular Microscope
Null Detector
Advanced Infinity Corrected Trinocular Microscope
Advanced Infinity Corrected Digital Trinocular Microscope with LCD Touch Pad
Binocular Stereo Microscope WF 10x and 20x Eyepieces
Four Dial Condenser Box
Fixed Inductance Boxes
Series Binocular Stereo Microscope
Resistance Box Constantan and Manganin
Resistance Substitution Box
Binocular Stereo Microscope Frosted Glass Plate 1x and 3x Objective
Binocular Stereo Microscope Frosted Glass Plate 2x and 4x Objective
Economical Resistance Box Dial Type
Dual Power LED Stereo Microscope with Pillar Stand
Standard Cell
Cordless Rechargeable Dual Power LED Stereo Microscope
Cordless Rechargeable Tri Power LED Stereo Microscope
Resistance P.O. Box
Dual Power Binocular Stereo Microscope 1X and 3X Objective
Dual Power Binocular Stereo Microscope
Resistance P.O. Box 4
Potentiometer with Pencil Jockey
Potentiometer with Spring Type Press Jockey
Dual Power Trinocular Stereo Microscope
Dual Power Binocular Stereo Microscope 2X and 4X Objectives
Potentiometer Single wire
Dual Power Binocular Stereo Microscope Track Stand 1X and 2X Objective
Stabilized Power Supply
Dual Power Binocular Stereo Microscope Track Stand 1X and 3X Objective
Potentiometer Dial Pattern
Crompton Potentiometer
Dual Power Binocular Stereo Microscope Track Stand 2X and 4X Objective
Volt Ratio Box
Super Widefield Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope
Calibration of Voltmeter and Ammeter
Super Widefield Digital Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope
Digital Wide Field Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope
Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscope 0.5x and 2x Aux Lens
Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscope 6.7x-45x Magnification
Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope 3.3x-90x Magnification
P.O. Box Ratio Constantan Coil
P.O. Box Ratio Manganin Coil
Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope
Stand Alone LCD Screen Digital Microscope
Rheostat Single Tube
USB Digital Microscope with 2MP Camera
USB Digital Microscope with 5MP Camera
Groove Type Rheostat Tube
1080P Full HD Digital Microscope
Higher Range Rheostat
Potentiometer Wire
Variac Single and Three Phase
Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope
Rheostat Bank Single Phase
Animal Prepared Slide
Plastic Prepared Slides
Textile Fibre Prepared Slide Set
Lamp Load Single Phase
Small Organisms Prepared Slide
Variety Slides 100 Prepared Slides
Variety Set 25 Prepared Slides
Apologia Biology Prepared Slide Set
Basic Botany Prepared Slide Set
Basic Zoology Prepared Slide Set
Human Diseases Prepared Slide
Forensics Prepared Slide
Human Pathology Prepared Slide
Human Physiology Prepared Slide
Introduction to Biology Prepared Slide
Mammalian Physiology Prepared Slide
Microbial World Prepared Slide
Microbiology and Genetics Prepared Slide
Mitosis Prepared Slide
Insect Parts Prepared Slide
Pollen and Spores Prepared Slide
Mammalian Reproduction Prepared Slide
Water Life Prepared Slide
Microscope Discovery Activity Kit
Microscope Slide Making Kit
Dry Bath Digital
Digital Iso Block Dry Bath
My Block Dry Bath
My Block Mini Digital Dry Bath
Hotplate Stirrer
My Block Mini Dry Bath
Incu Shaker Mini with Flat Mat Platform
My Temp Heating and Cooling Incubator
Veginal Speculum
Incu Mixer MP Incubated Plate Vortexer
Artificial Vagina
Latex Liners and Cones
Semen Collecting Tubes and Cups
MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator
Vagina Wooden Stand
My Bath Series Water Bath
Shaking Water Bath with Universal Spring Platform
Insulating Bags
Hot Digital Water Bath 2 Liter
Hot Digital Water Bath 4 Liter
Hot Digital Water Bath 8 Liter
Artificial Insemination Glass Syringes
Inseminating Cathetors
Thermal Cycler
Mini Centrifuge 5
12 Centrifuge
Strip Spin 12 Centrifuge with Rotor
12 High Speed Centrifuge
Micro Plate Micro Centrifuge
Thawing Unit
Electrophoresis Dual Station
Artificial Insemination Gun Container
Electrophoresis Apparatus
Electrophoresis Classroom Kit
6 Tooth Gel Comb
Glass Slides
Double Comb 8 10
Casting Tray 7 x 14cm
Straws Cutting Scissor
Casting Tray 7 x 7cm
Straw Cutter
Miniature Viewing Box
Straw Holding Forceps
Hand Held Homogenizer
Soap Strips
Insemination gloves
Freezing Racks
Beadbug Microtube Homogenizer
Bead Blaster Microtube Homogenizer
Cut Section Model of Steering Gear Box
Goblet Holder
Goblet lifting Forcep
Geometric Tessellation Set
Rack and Pinion Type With Suspension
Liquid Nitrogen Measuring Stick
Spectrophotometer 400-1000nm
Spectrophotometer 335-1000nm
Thaw Monitor
Spectrophotometer 325-1000nm
Single Beam Spectrophotometer Wavelength Range 325-1100nm
Single Spectrophotometer Wavelength Range 190-1100nm
Vaccine Carrier
Liquid Nitrogen Container
Vaccine Carriers
Life Size Human Skull
Human Skull with Markings
Muscles and Sutures
Ice Packs
Colored Human Skull
Cold Boxes
Mini Skull 3 Parts
Numbered Human Skull
Human Fetal Skull
Skull With Blood Vessels
Human Skull with Brain
Human Skull with Cervical Spine
Universal Microscope Carrying Case
Human Skeleton 66 Full Size 168cm
Human Skeleton Hanging Muscle and Thick Zip Dust Cover
Human Skeleton Full Size with Thick Zip Dust Cover
Human Skeleton 66 H Hanging Thick Zip Dust Cover
Half Size Human Skeleton 84cm
Desktop Skeleton 17 (43cm)
Half Size Human Skeleton with Muscle
Half Size Human Skeleton 84cm with Nerve Ending
Human Skeleton Full Size 170cm Muscles and Ligaments
Human Skeleton 67 Full Size Flexible 170cm
Human Skeleton Full Size Flexible with Muscle 170cm
Pocket Instrument Set
Human Spinal Column
Color Coded Region Flexible Spinal Column
Fifth Cervical Vertebrae
Post Mortem Complete Set
Four Stage of Vertebrae Diseases
Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc
Bone Cutter
Human Brain Color Coded 4 Part
Life Size Brain Model 3 Part
Amputation Knife
Life Size Brain Model 8 Part
Bone Holding forcep
Post Mortem Chisel
Brain with Arteries 9 Part
Regional Brain Model
Large Teeth Model with Brush
Plaster saw Engle
Small Teeth Model with Brush
Bowl Scissor
Head Sagittal Section
Half Head with Musculature
Kidney Model
Life Size Kidney Model
Kidney Model 3x
Post mortem Scissor
Post Mortem Hammer
Umbilical Hernia Clamps
Post Mortem Gloves
Bone Shear
Plaster Shear
Human Respiratory System
Human Respiratory System with Magnified Alveolus
Lobule and Alveolus
Fetus Development Model
Female Pelvis
Blood Cell Model
Cell Mitosis Model
Spermatogenesis Model
Bacterial Model
Mammal Cell Meiosis Model
Neuron 2 Part
Cartilage Knife
Brain Knife
Lima Bean Leaf Structure Model
Monocotyledon Stem Model
Allis Tissue Forceps
Dicotyledon Stem Model
Dicotyledon Stem Column
Dissecting Forceps
Dicot Flower Model
Human Scalp Skin Section Model
Mallet Round
Skin Model
Spine Wrench
Steel Tape
Muscular Figure 85cm Model 27 Parts
Amputation Saw
Muscles of Human Leg Model
Pipe Saw
Muscles of Human Arm Model
Muscular Figure 50cm Model
Muscular Figure 20cm Model
Curved Operating Scissors
Hand Bone Model
Mayo Straight Scissors
Foot Skeleton Model
Mayo Curved Scissors
Metzenbaum Straight Scissors
Metzenbaum Curved Scissors
Bowel Scissor
4 Stages of Knee Joint Diseases
Hip Joint
Elbow Joint
Aural forcep
Bone Tissue Model
Long Throat Forcep
Straight and Curve Artery Forcep
Straight and Curved Dressing Scissors
Teeth Dissecting Forcep
Dressing Forcep
Cheatle forcep
Spong Holder
Babcock Forceps
Needle Holder
Towel Clip Cross Action
Dressing Scissors
Iris Scissors
Strabismus Scissors
Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors
Straight and Curved Metzenbaum Scissors
Stitch and Bandage Scissors
Artery Forcep
Tissue Forceps
Bone Nibbling Forcep
Bone Holding
Bone Screw and Plate Holding Forcep
Towel Clip Forcep
Clipping Scissor
Tongue Forcep
Cosmetic Surgeons Scissors
Bone Cutting Forcep
Kocher Hemostats Curved
Kelly Homeostatic Forceps
Instrument Tray
Catheter Tray
Hospital Bowls
Hospital Basin
Male and Female Urinal
Enema Can
Graduate Mesuring Jugs
Galli Pot
Forceps Jar
Dressing Jar
Electric Bowl Sterilizer
Laboratory Face Masks
Surgeon Cap
Disposable Shoe Cover
Laboratory Aprons
Laboratory Gloves
Disposable Sleeves
Disposable Slippers
Circuit Board Kit
Circuit Board Kit with Ammeter and Voltmeter
Density Kit
Surgeon Gowns
Dynamics Kit
Visitor Gown
Electronics Kit
Laminated Gown
Force Board Kit
Patient Gowns
Light Kit
PE Gloves
Non Woven Napkins
Electricity and Electromagnetism Kit
CAPS Natural Science and Technology kit
CAPS Natural Science and Technology kit plus model torso
Disposable Goggles
CAPS Natural Science kit
CAPS Natural Science kit plus Model Torso
Learner Chemistry Kit
Motorising Kit Model
Plastic Elastrator
Optic Bench Kit
Optic Bench Model
Elastrator Rings
Pneumatics and Hydraulics Mini Kit
Castration Knife
Castration Clamps
Ripple Tank Kit
Solar Energy Kit
FET CAPS Life Science kit
Mathematics kit
Tag Marker Pen
CAPS Technology kit
Group Technology Toolkit
Tag Reader
Individual Technology Toolkit
Microscope Accessory Kit
Microscope Kit
Soil Test Kit
Technology Kit Class Starter Pack
Worcester Circuit Board Kit
Rubber Stopper
Mass Piece
10g Mass Pieces
Connector Strip
2 Hole Rubber Stopper
Ear Tag Pliers
Tattooing Set
3D Geometry Set
50g Mass Pieces
Ear tags Aluminum
Ear tag Forceps Aluminium
6 Groove Spotting Tile
Brass Ear Tag
Brass Ear Tag Forceps
Alloy Boss Head
Angle Bracket Pack
Black Single Strand Panel Wire
Plastic Ear Tags
Plastic Ear Tag forceps
Bunsen Burner Butane Cartridge
Cam Pack
Card Board Geometry Set
Classroom Board T-Square
Tattooing ink
Branding Rod Set
Dissecting Needle Pack
Ear Notcher
Syringe all Glass
Syringe Nylon
Auto Syringe with Doze Adjustment
Veterinary Needles
Suture Needles
Double Burette Clamp
Dynamics Track Trolley
Bone Chisel
Electrodynamics Apparatus
Force Board Pulley
Fraction Set
Rib Shears
Gear Pack
Bone Mallet
Geometric Shapes
Handheld Magnifier
HDPE Bottle Dropper
Bone Scoop Scrapper
Plaster knife
Plaster Scissor
Iron Electrode Rod
Isosceles Prism
Plaster Cutting Shear
Lead Strip
Electrical Fumigator
White Board
Magnetic Geometry Set
Maths Rod Set
Scalp Vein
Mini Bipod Stand
Silk Thread
Motor Gear Pulley
Motor Mounting Bracket Pack
Non Absorbent Cotton Wool
Pasteur Pipette
Perspex Rod
Pinboard and Elastic Bands
Plastic Burette
Plastic Rod
Plastic Trough
Director Exploring Needle
Polypropylene Beaker
Abscess Knife Veterinary
Polystyrene Sphere
Polythene Strip
Suture Thread
Pulley Pack
PVC Tubing
B.P Knife Handle
B.P Blade
Ointment Spatula
Rectangular Prism
Suction Apparatus
Rubberised Wheel
Veterinary Clinical Thermometer
Safety Ruler
Needle Holding Forceps
Drenching Bottle
Sharp Tip Forcep
Rubber Stomach Tube
Sharp Tip Scissors
PVC Stomach Tube
Single Battery Holder
Rubber Douche Tube
Slinky Spring Bucket
Solid Rubber Stopper
Butcher Saw
Pig Holder
Specialised Gear Pack
Wire saw With T Handle
Horseley Trephines
Pregnancy Detector
Whelping forceps
Strip and Gusset Pack
Snook Ovariectomy Hook
Track and Bracket
Triple Scale DC Ammeter
Eye Speculum
Triple Scale DC Voltmeter
Utility Knife
Dog Catheter
Nipper For Dogs Claws
Whiteboard or Chalkboard Apparatus Set
Docking Puppies Tail Scissors
Wooden Burette Stand
Mouth Gag
Auto scope Set of Speculum
Trocar and Canula
Y Piece
Zinc Electrode Rod
Blunt Lambing Hook
Lambing and Farrowing Forceps
Foot Root Shear
Electrocautery Apparatus
Electric Airless Paint Sprayer Gun
Hob Days Vectis
Obstetric Hook
Emasculator Bitch
Orbital Sander Machine
Cat Catheter
Woodworkers Table Saw Machine
Disc Sander Belt
Mitre and Table Saw
Nail Cutter
Mouth Opener
Drenching Gun
Power Hand Drill
Sheap Shear
Farrowing Forceps
Pig Hook
Tooth Chisel
Tooth rasp Set
Tooth Cutter
Stomach Tube
Bailing Gun
Drawing Knife
Hook Knife
Farrier Tools Kit
Docking Machine
Firing Iron Set
Hoof Testing Forceps
Stomach Pump
Casting Rope
Horse Clipper
Pro bang
Curry Comb
Teat Dilator with screw
Teat Opener
Teat Plug
Teat Slitter
Teat Tumor Extractor
Teat Bistory
Hugs Teat Lancet
Teat Knife
Teat Hudson Set
Teat Scissor
Obstetric Chain
Bull Holder With Chain
Disc Sander
Bull Nose Punch
Portable Drum Sander
Portable Planer
Chain Saw
Thygesen Pattern Embryotome
Bull Nose Ring
Electric Stapler
Wire Handle Ball Formed
Horizontal Band Saw Machine
Valve Suture
Animal Awakener
Jointer Planer
Calf Puller
Circular Saw Machine
Wood Turning Lathe Machine
Non Electric Dehorner
Spindle Moulder Machine
Combination Surface Planer and Thicknesser
Square Ruler
Dowel Master
Dimension Saw Machine
Band Saw Brazing Machine
Sliding Panel Saw Machine
Drilling Machine
Radial Arm Saw
Air Compressor
Moisture Meter
Radial Cross Cutting Machine
Dovetail Machine
Universal Dust Collector
Tenoning Machine
TIG Welding Machine
Hand Drill Machine
ARC Welding Transformer
Arc Welding Machine
Gas Welding Equipment
TIG Welding Equipment
Electric Shear
Hydraulic Steel Worker
Pillar Drill Machine
High Precision Surface Grinder
Resistivity Meters Low Power
Resistivity Meters High Power
Resistivity Meters Advanced Version
Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder
Compressor Analyzer
Oxy-Acetylene Equipment
Electronic Leak Detector
Digital Clamp Meter
Manifold Gauge Set
Tube Bending Machine
Shielded Metal ARC Welding Machine
Plasma Cutting Machine
Manual Hand Shear
Bend Test Equipment
Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
Gas Welding Goggles
Welding Leather Gloves
Flat File
Triangular File
Round File
Pipe Welding Clamp
Electronic Analytical Balance
Sampling Tray
Water Bath 6 Hole
Universal Water Bath
Digital Constant Water Bath
Digital Double Door Drying Oven
Resistivity Meters
General Glass Thermometer
Thermometer Armor
Specific Gravity Bottle
Microprocessor Resistivity Meter
Tool Kit
ATS Resistivity Meter
Proton Precession Magnetometers
Continuous Well Loggers
Vibrating Table
GIS GPS Mapping
Construction Service
Block Making Machine
Telecommunication Services
Natural Resources Services
Site Dumper
Scaffold Platform
Mining Services
Hoisting Equipment
Forestry Services
Poker Vibrator
Pipe Threading Tool
Traffic Safety Services
6 G GNSS Receiver
Echo Sounder
Handheld GNSS Receiver
Multi Application GNSS Receiver
Low Cost High Accuracy GNSS Receiver
Photo Grammetry UAS
Mobile Laser Scanner System
Anima GPS Devices
Ultra GPS
Trimble Agriculture Solutions
FmX Integrated Display
Green seeker Handheld Sensor
Strap Wrench
Pipe Bender
Die Stock
Pipe Bending Machine
Guillotine Shears Machine
PPR Welding Machine
Rivet Gun
Nipple Chuck
Heavy Duty Bench Vice
Water Immersion Heater
Spray Gun
GPS Receiver
Survey Compass
Triple Prism Set
Robotic Total Station
Survey Umbrella
Tracing Table
Motorized Compression Tension Machine
Laboratory Concrete Mixer
Concrete Cover Meter
Bulk Density Kit
Dunagan Test Set
Organic Impurities Test Set
Sample Splitters (Riffle Boxes)
Los Angeles Abrasion Machine
Digital Point Load Tester
Impact Testing Machine
Drying Oven
CBR Test Machine Hand Operated
Laboratory Bench Oven
Field CBR Equipment
Motorised Casangarnde Equipment
Shrinkage Limit Set
Cone Apparatus
Pneumatic Shearing Machine
Particle Size Analysis Test Set
Soil Volume Change Meter
Plate Bearing Test
Core Cutter
Soil Permeability Apparatus
Motorised CBR Machine
Cone Penetrometer
Plastic Limit Roller
Plastic Limit Set
Prong Plate
Steel Cabinet
Geotechnical Gauge
Grain Size Chart
Sand Gauge Chart
Steel Drawer Cabinets
Direct Shear Apparatus
Expansion Index Test Apparatus
Sand Replacement Equipment
Permeability Test System
Triaxial Test Set
Chapman Flask
Length Gauge
Deval Attrition Testing Machine
Rebound Hammer
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester
Mortar Mixer
Test Bar Moulds
Blaine Fineness Apparatus
Length Comparator
Le Chatelier Flask
Shrinkage Bar Mould
Brass Ring Mould Pat Test
Standard Spatula
Vicat Apparatus
Flow Table
Universal Testing Machine
Computerized Universal Testing Machine
Torsion Testing Machine
Spring Testing Machine
Industrial Pneumatics Training Equipment
Erichen Cupping Testing Machine
Tensile Testing Machine
Compressible Flow Bench
Industrial Hydraulics Training Equipment
Hydraulics Bench
Fluid Friction Measurement
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus
Fatigue Testing Machine
Brinell Hardness Tester
Flow Meter Demonstration
Belt Grinder
Two in One Belt Grinder
Pipe Network Apparatus
Creep Testing Machine
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Auto Collimator
Universal Profile Projector
Angle Dekkor
Cavitation Demonstration
Computer Aided Optical Comparator
Center Lathe Machine
Surface Analysis System
Impact Testing Machine Charpy
Parting Tool Holder
Izod Striker
Variable Force Apparatus
Gear Trains Apparatus
Cam and Follower Apparatus
Flywheel Apparatus
Knurling Tool Holder
Wall Mounted Screw Jack
Machine Friction of Belts Apparatus
Boring Bars with Holder
Rope Belt Friction Apparatus
Winch Crab Single Double Purchase
Threading Tool Holder
Feeler Gauge
Impact of Jet Apparatus
Universal Milling Machine
Venturi meter and Orifice Meter Apparatus
Universal Dividing Head
Tilting and Swiveling Vice
Hydraulic Puller
Milling Arbor
Long Milling Arbors
Drilling Machine Vice
Radial Drilling Machine
Industrial Washing Machine
Fully SS Body Tumbler
Diesel Boiler
Reynolds Apparatus
Rota Meter Test Apparatus
Francis Turbine Test Rig
Kaplan Turbine Test Rig
Hydraulic Ram Test Rig
Gear Oil Pump Test Rig
Axial Flow Pump Test Rig
Centrifugal Pump Test Rig
Tilting Flume Apparatus
Wind Tunnel Test Rig
Electric Steam Boiler
Diesel Fired Boiler
Hydro Extractor V-Belt
Transparent Hydraulic Components
Double Needle Lockstitch Machine
Blind Hemming Sewing Machine
Pressure Testing Pump
CNC Lathe Machine Floor Model
CNC Lathe Machine
CNC Lathe Machine Table
CNC Trainer Lathe Machine
CNC Trainer Milling Machine
CNC Milling Machine XL
CNC Retrofitting Kit for Milling Machine
CNC Retrofit Kit for Conventional Universal Milling Machine
CNC Lathe Trainer
CNC Lathe Controller
CNC Milling Trainer Deluxe
CNC Lathe Trainer Stepper
Smart Mill 500
Smart Mill 600
Welding Training Set
Spinner 18DX
Spinner 22
Spinner 25
Measuring Tools
Dial Caliper
Flexible Manufacturing System
Engineers Square
External Micrometer
Single Ended Scriber
Steel Rule
Vernier Height Gauge
Measuring Tools Set
Miscellaneous Hand Tools
PLC and HMI Training Kit
8 Directional Vertical Milling
CNC Lathe System
CNC Milling Machine with Cabinet and PC
CNC Lathe Machine with Cabinet and PC
CNC Drilling Machine
Precision EDM Machine
Batch Enzyme Reactor
Chemical Reactor Training Equipment
Laboratory Pasteuriser
Anvil With Stand
Figure Stamp Set
Bench Vice
Vice Grip Pliers
Screw Drivers
Tool Box
Blow Lamp
Soldering Iron
Punch and Chisel Set
Tap and Die Set
Metric Small
Tap and Die Set
Metric Large
Wing Divider
Universal Surface Gauge
Plumb and Spirit Level
Rivet Set
Engineers Flat Files
Cabinet With Tools
Sedimentation Studies Apparatus
Dial Gauge
Liquid Chromatography Digital System
Gas Absorption Column
Rising Film Evaporator
Wire Brush For Cleaning Files
Mortise Chisels
Anaerobic Digester
Hand Wire Wrapping Tools
Solid Liquid Extraction Unit
Riveting Tool
Fluidisation and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Unit
Rapid Extractor
Flow Through Helical Coil
Vibration Lab
Motorized Gyroscope
Universal Governor Apparatus
Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
Isothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
Epicyclic Gear Apparatus
Plug Flow Reactor
Plug Flow Reactor (Coiled Tube Type)
Isothermal Batch Reactor
Isothermal Semi Batch Reactor
RTD Studies in Plug Flow Reactor
Three Stage Spur Gear
UV Photo Reactor
Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Apparatus
Corollis Component of Acceleration
Spur Gear Set
Rack and Pinion
Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor
Whit Worth Quick Return Mechanism
Adiabatic Batch Reactor
Scotch Yoke Mechanism
RTD Packed Bed Reactor Apparatus
Kinetics of Dissolution of Benzoic Acid
Cam and Follower Model
Reversing Gear
Internal Gear Pinion Drive
Emulsion Polymerization Reactor
Herring Bone Gear
Condensation Polymerization Reactor
Old ham Coupling
Hydrodynamics of Trickle Bed Reactor Apparatus
Strain Gauge Transducers
Combined Flow Reactor
Flow Control Trainer
Level Control Trainer
Coulomb Meter
Pressure Control Trainer Air
Atwood Machine
Temperature Control Heat Exchanger
Determination of the Gravitational Constant
Water Pressure Control Trainer
Automatic Temperature Control Trainer
Current To Pressure Measurement Trainer
Pressure To Current Measurement Trainer
Control Value Characteristics Trainer
Projectile Launcher
All Geared Lathe
Equipment For Studying Rotational Motion
Precision Gyroscope
Maxwells Pendulum
Equipment For Studying Centrifugal Force
Apparatus for the Study of Harmonic Oscillations
Forced Oscillation and Resonance
Michelson Interferometer
Newton Ring Microscope
Fibre Optics Kit
Thermal Expansion in Solids and Liquids
Boiling Point Elevation
Van De Graaff Generator
Applied Machines
Rotary Dryer
Distance Sensor
Force Sensor
Vernier Photogate Sensor
Low Current Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Infrared Distance Sensor
Light Sensor
Gas Laws Demonstration Unit
Thermo Electric Heat Pump
Combined Convection and Radiation
Vacuum and Fuel Pump Tester
Aviation Snips
Aviation Tin Snips
Caulking Gun
Center and Flat Drill Bits Set
Chipping Hammer
Club Hammers
Cross Cut Saw
Double Ended Spanner
Dowel Drill Bit Set
Dowel Sharpener Bits Set
Drill Bit Set
Drill Press
Edging Machine
Parallel and Counter Flow Heat Exchanger
Engineering Hammer
Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
Extension Cable
Extension Cable Reel
Anti Freeze Tester
Vertical and Horizontal Condenser
Fiberglass Surveyors Tape
Saw Sharpening File Set
T.S. Stem - Monocot Chart
Plant Cell Mitosis Chart
T.S. Dicot Stem Chart
Half Round File
T.S. Root - Monocot Chart
T.S. of Dicot Root Chart
Footprint Spanner
Root System Chart
Fore Plane
Types of Leaves Chart
Structure of Flower Chart
The Seed: Structure and Germination Chart
Germination of Seed: Bean and Pea Chart
Forstner Bit Set
Dispersal of Fruits and Seeds Chart
Photosynthesis Chart
Gas Welding Plant
Reproduction in Plants Chart
Pollination Chart
Gimlet Bits Set
Double Fertilization Chart
Glazing Hammer
Root Modifications Chart
Hydrophytes Chart
Mesophytes Chart
Xerophytes Chart
Fuel Injection Trainer - Multi Point EFI System
Insectivorous Plants Chart
Fungi Chart
HSS Universal Drill Bit Set
Algae Chart
Key Hole saws or Compass Saws
Viruses Chart
Bacteria Chart
Ladders A-Frame
Ladders Retractable
Large Angle Grinder
Oil Can
Oil Stone
Life Cycle of Fern Chart
Open Spanner
Spirogyra Chart
Pipe Vice
Life Cycle of a Mushroom Chart
Pipe Wrench
Calyx and Corolla Chart
Forstner Bits Set
Inflorescences Chart
Punch Tool
Plant Diseases Chart
Artificial Vegetative Propagation Chart
Rebate and Fillister Plane
Stem Modification Chart
Life Cycle of Moss Chart
Sanding Block
Leaf Modification Chart
Saw Clamp For Filing
Parasitic Plants Chart
Saw Teeth Setting Pliers
Shell Boring Bits for mortises Set
Mucor Chart
Regions of Root Chart
Auto Diagnostic Analyzer
Animal Kingdom Classification Chart
Animal Cell Chart
Animal Cell Organelles Chart
Animal Tissues Chart
Animal Cell Mitosis Chart
Animal Cell Meiosis Chart
Gametogenesis in Animals Chart
Shoulder Plane
Spanners Set
Cut Section Model of Two Stroke Single Cylinder Engine (Working)
Fertilization in Animals Chart
Protozoa Chart
Amoeba Chart
Malaria Parasite Chart
Paramoecium Chart
Hydra Chart
Tapeworm Chart
Spindle Moulder Cutters
Spindle Moulder Feeder
Hookworm Chart
Life History of Mosquito Chart
Life History of Frog Chart
Human Blood Chart
Body Defense Chart
Harmful Insects Chart
Beneficial Insects Chart
Food Habits of Birds Chart
Fish Anatomy Chart
Birth of a Birds Chick Chart
Earthworm - I External Morphology and Reproduction Chart
Earthworm - II Blood Circulation
Respiratory and Nervous System Chart
Earthworm - III Digestion
Skin and Excretion Chart
Spoke Shave Flat Face
Spoke Shave Round Face
Spray Booth System
Steel Racks
Straight Edges
Tap Reseater Cutter
Trimming Knife
Wire Brush
Work Bench
Yankee Screw Driver
Window Type Air Conditioner Test Rig
ICE Plant Tutor
Air Conditioning Test Rig
Cold Storage Test Rig
Mechanical Heat Pump Test Rig
Air Washer Test Rig
Cooling Tower Test Rig
Refrigeration Test Rig
Bending Spring
Cooper Pipe Cutter
Coping Saws
Copper Pipe Bender
Automotive Lighting Circuit
Automotive Electrical Circuit
Automotive Electronic Circuit
Vehicle Displays Principles Systems Trainer
Engine Management Principle
Ignition and Charging System
Digital Learning Content and Software Package
Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer
Sectioned Front Suspension Unit
Macpherson Strut Type Suspension
Hydraulic Brake Chassis Trainer
Pneumatic Air Brake Trainer
Anti-Locking Braking System Trainer
Shock Absorbing Trainer
EFI Petrol Engine Test Bed
Diesel Engine Test Bed
Automotive Electrical System Training
Torque Wrench
Grease Gun
Oil Filter Wrench
Battery Plier
Belt Tension Gauge
Gas Exhaust Analyzer
Gasoline Fuel Injection System Tester
Diesel Engine Compression Tester
Diesel Injector Tester
Digital Advance Timing Light
Battery Load Tester
Cylinder Compression Tester for Petrol Engine
Circuit Tester
Battery Quick Charger
Cut Sectional Model of Four Stroke Single Cylinder Engine Assembly
Worm and Roller Type
Re circulating Ball Type
Model Steering Jeep With Stub Axle
Cut Section Model of Fully Floating Differential and Rear Wheel Mechanism
Model Of Semi Floating Deferential And Wheel Mechanism
Model of Mechanical Brake System
Model of Air Brake System
Model of Air Brake System (Working)
Model of Hydraulic Brake Unit Four Wheel Type
Model of Drum Brake Unit
Model of Disc Brake System
Model of Hydraulic Braking System
Automotive Diesel Engine
Cylinder Air Compressor Test Rig
Computer Based Petrol Engine
Compression Testing Machine
Compression Testing Machine for Concrete
Compression Testing Machine Electrically Operated
Cube Testing Machine
Digital Compression Testing Machine
Semi Automatic Compression Testing Machine
Digital Display Compression Testing Machine
Compression Testing Machine Digital
Le Chatelier Mould
Laboratory Cement Autoclave
Heat of Hydration Apparatus
Jolting Apparatus
Prism Mould Three Gang
Stool Steel Stationary
Carts Tuffy
Lab Carts Stainless Steel
Shain Oak Mirror
Mobile Science Laboratory Unit
Mobile Demonstration Table with Drawers
Mobile Microscope Cabinet
Combination Mirror Markerboard
Wall Storage Case
Wall Storage Case with Hinged Oak-Framed Glazed Doors
Mobile Lab Station
Mobile Balance Storage Cabinet
Oak Student Table with Solid Epoxy Resin Top
Oak Student Table w Plastic Laminate Top
Oak Student Table with Chemguard Laminate Tabletop
Demo Cart Mobile
Economy Mobile Lab Table
Microscope Storage Cabinets
Activity Table
Science Table Hardwood
Science Table with Book Boxes Hardwood
Stool Hardwood
Science Table Hardwood Phenolic
Science Table with Book Boxes Hardwood Phenolic
Mobile Demo Cart
Storage Cabinet Wall-Mounted
Trapezoid Table
Mobile Demo Table
Steel Series Science Table
Success Series Stool
Mobile Project Collaboration Table
Project Storage Cabinet
Project Storage Cabinet with Lower Garage Area
Activity Cart
Mobile Project Support Cart
Mobile Project Support Cart with Lockable Drawers
Science Table with Book Boxes
Soil pH Test Paper
Soil pH Test Paper Refills
Plastic pH Strips
Glass Culture Test Tube
Wood Splints
Test Paper
Unbreakable Graduated Cylinder
Laboratory Scoop
Laboratory Scoop Handle
Micro Spatula
Draining Rack Hardwood
Right-Angle Clamp Holder
Glass Tubing Cutter
Hook Collar
Glassware Drying Rack
Hand Tally Counter
Jaws Burette Clamp
Thermometer Storage Rack
Thermometer Holder
Utility Tray
Culture Dish Holder
Lab Tool Kit
Label Tape
Thermometer Stand
Filtering Kit
Tri-Stir Beaker
Plastic Pipette
Drying Draining Rack
Gridded Petri Plate
Wet Dry Test Tube Rack
Well Plate
Eye-Dropping Dispensing Bottle
Label Tape Dispenser
Multi-Roll Label Tape Dispenser
Dispenser for Parafilm
Cotton Tipped Applicators
Litmus Strip
Lipid Test Strip
Spatula Set
Floating Tube Rack
Silicone Rubber Tubing
Neoprene Filter Adapter Set
Extension Clamp
Beaker with Handle
Boiling Flask
Burette Kit
Hydrometer Jar
Paper Mini Funnel
Hook Connector
Rod Connector
Liquid Measure Kit
A-Base Support Stand and Rod
Replacement Blade for ABS Parafilm Dispenser
Mist Spray Canister and Refill
Measuring Wheel
Dial Platform Scale
Portable pH Meter
Large Display Stopwatch
Student Balance
Student Thermometer
Demonstration Spring Scale
Electronic pH Tester
Circuit Balance Compatible with Foss
School Balance with Mass Set
Instant Read Dial Thermometer
Hanging Pan Balance
Calibrateable Digital Thermometer
Atomic Wall Clock
Pocket Scale
Measurement in the Laboratory Lab Investigation
Metric Slotted Weight Set
Compact Balance
Stainless Steel Pan
Memory Force Meter
Logger Sensor
Humidity Temperature Monitor
Customary Tape Measure
Solar Calculator
Angle Linear Ruler
Centimeter Cubes
Student Mass Set
Folding GeoShape
EZY Timer
Graph Paper
Weighing Boat
Weighing Dishes
Microslide Viewer
Universal Smartphone Optics Adapter
Amphioxus Preserved
Tripod Magnifier
Bibulous Paper
Acrylic Magnifier Boxes
Rectangular Magnifier
Two-Way Microscope
Illuminated Zoom Microscope
Field Trip Microscope
High School Microscope
Triple Folding Pocket Magnifier
Tri-Lens Hand Magnifier
Explorer Microscope
Ruled Microscope Slides
Giant Folding Magnifier
Plastic Microslides Round Wells
Dual Magnifier
Digital Microscope Pro
Digital Eyepiece Camera
Pocket Microscope
Amoeba Proteus
Insect Legs
Slide Holder
Dot Lens
LED Light Panel
Mobile Storage Cart
Beanbag Chair
Mobile Storage Unit
Round Table
Mobile Book Storage
Two-Level Book Stand
Two-Sided Mobile Library Cart
Book Display
Back Pack Storages
Blow-Molded Activity Table
Blow-Molded Activity Table - Round
Stacking Chair
Double Computer Desk
Tablet Table
Multipurpose Table
Pedestal Leg Table
Stack Chair
Movement Disc
Multimedia Table
Multimedia Engage Table
Tall Leg Insert
Desk Gray Nebula Top
Open Front Desk
2 Student Desk
Soft Rocker
Ball Chair Bubblegum
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Kit
Dialysis Membrane Tubing
Osmosis and Diffusion Lab
Photosynthesis and Respiration Chamber
Biology Lab Kit
Sit and Reach Box
Step Counter
Heart Rate Monitor Storage Case
Bee Pedometer
Long Jump Test Mat
Vertical Jump Test Mat
Pedometer Wall Storage System
Crunch Trainer
Scale with Body Fat Monitor
Individual Accelerometer Pedometer
Wireless Body Fat Scale
Dissection Kit - Fetal Pig
Dissecting Pan with Wax
Dissecting Pins
Disecto Flex-Pad
Deluxe Cover
Dissection Tray Cover
Intermediate Set
Disecto Module System
Polyethylene Pan
Plastic Forceps
Instrument Sorting Tray
Ultrasonic Cleaner Lab
Tie Post Kit
Learning Palette
Problem Solved Bar Model Math
Colored Chain Links
Geometric Volume Set
Easy Cutter
Dissectible Wood Cone
Orange Interlocking Base
Digital Clock Stamp
Dot Dice
Step-by-Step Number Line
Pattern Block Template
Transparent Block Set
Transparent Number
Graph Stamp Set
Math Yellow Pages
Bean Counter
Multilink Cube
Geometry Geo Strips
Blank Dice and Label Set
Pattern Block Activity Pack
Vinyl Real Graph Two Sided Mat
Comparative Fraction Strips
Fraction Pattern Block
Rainbow Cube
Mixed Coins
Blank Colored Flash Cards
Math Fraction Dice Set
Sand Timer
Polyhedra Dice
Pocket Ruler
Number Spinner Set
Pre-Algebra Learning Wrap-Ups
Coin Stamp Set
Multilink Mixed Pack
Multilink Isos
Base 10 Elementary Set
Counting Chips
Calculator Classroom Set
Geometric Stamp Set
Data and Chance Kit
Clever Catch Ball
Polydron Geometry Piece
Tangrams and Pentominoes
Double-Six Wooden Dominoes
The Equation Thinking Game
Foam Dot Dice
Trig Trainer Kit
Whiteboard Compass
Advanced Tiles
Question Quest Set
Simple Balance with Containers
Geometry Drawing Template
Deluxe Probability Kit
Geoblocks Kit
Overhead Deluxe Rainbow Fraction
Real-Life Math Data Analysis
Block Decimeter Cube
Foam Base 10 Starter Set
Hall Pass Timer
Quack and Count
Sea Shapes
Hands On Math
Radical Math Millennium Edition
Precalculus Reproducible Book
Sams Sneaker Squares
Safe-T Ruler
Table Easel for Question Quest Game Board
Mathword Card Game
Geometry Crossword
Equivalence Trio Game
Algebra Teacher Activities Kit
Dry Erase Teacher Coordinate Board
Geometry Toss-Up Ball
Integer Bingo
Geometry Chalkboard Topper
Number Line Ruler
Pre-Algebra Chart
Math Career Posters
Classroom Coin Set
Angle Viewer Protractor
Dry-Erase Board Triangle
Dry-Erase Board Compass
Decimal Dice
Xtreme Math Baseball Basic Kit
XY Coordinate Sticky Pad
Geometry Out Loud
Everyday Shapes Activity Set
Head Full of Number
Fraction Dominoes
Transparent Chart
Algebraic Tiles
Integer Flash Card
Place Value Flip Stand
Numeracy Building Fraction Fluency
String Designs for Triangle
Desktop Sorting Circle
Math Center Kit
Electronic Teaching Tool
Archimedean Solids Class Set
Opaque Geometric Solid
Flexible Ruler
Hands-On Trigonometry Proof
Graphing in the First Quadrant
Addition and Subtraction Flash Card
Place Value Tabletop Pocket Chart
Tri-Square Puzzle
Magnetic Whiteboard
Bear Counter
Fruit Counter
Square Up
Plastic Geometry Moveable Axes
Magnetic Protractor
Math Poster Set
Flexible Meterstick
Jumbo Dice in Dice
Magnetic Algebra Tiles
Operation Integer
Rounding and Estimation Flash Card
Place Value Discs
Algebraic Bosse Tiles X and Y
Foam Geometric Solids Set
Algebraic Z Bosse Tiles
Magnetic Graphing Paper
Fraction Formula Game
Equation Math Matching Game
Intersect Game
Trigmatch Game
Middle School Fraction Kit
Interlocking Fraction Circles Set
Fraction Measurement Set
Claim Stakers
Circle Trig Geoboard
Fruit Counters
Storage Container
Circular Protractor
Dissectible Sphere
Starter Balance
Algebra Lab Gear
Additional Caddy Divider
Graphing Calculator
Double Polyhedra Dice
Board Marker
Dark Skin Cancer Trainer
Sponge Lungs Demonstration Kit
Bio-Chemistry Analyzer
Digital Photocolarimeter
Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter
Digital HB Reader LCD Alpha Numeric
Biochemistry Analyser Automatic
Atomic Absorption Spectrophometer
True Double Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Cyclo Mixer
Machine Made Capillary
Auto Dispenser
Vacuum Blood Collection System
Ampule Filling and Sealing Device
Bottle Filling Machine
Fresnel Bi-Prism with Holder
Miniature X-Ray Contrasters
Stand for Lens Holder
Adjustable Slit
Micrometer Slit
Candle Holder
Ground Glass Screen
Hand Spectroscope
Universal Lens Holder Metallic
Universal Lens Holder
Spring Type
Elastic Cord with Eyelets
Fletchers Trolley
Inertia Bar
Centripetal Force Kit
Rotating Platform
Riders for Lever Simple Form
Guinea and Feather Apparatus
Spring Extension Steel
Set of Springs
Scale Pan
Bending of Beam Assembly
Wall Bracket for Vibratioin Needle
Lead Accumulator
Morse Key
Morse Sounder
Double 'C' Core and Clip
Pair of Coils - 120 Turns
Pair of Coils - 2400 Turns
Coil - 240 Turns
Oersteds Apparatus
Worcester Current Balance Kit
Magnetic Field Table
Diode Unit
Cadmium Sulphide Resistor Unit
Traffic Light
Logic Gates Tutor Miken
Leyden Jar
Large Electrolytic Capacitors
Baume Hydrometer
Cartesian Diver
Mercury Trough
At Wood Machine
Compound Pendulum
Micro Balance Kit
Latent Heat of Steam Apparatus
Hypsometer Copper
Iron Flask for Freezing
Thermostat Bimetallic
Ball Ended Magnets
Educational Compass
Needle Stand
Supplemental Restraint System Trainer
Displays and Accessories Systems Panel Trainer
Automotive Electrics Panel Trainer
Ignition and Charging Systems Panel Trainer
Vehicle Electrical System Trainer
Hybrid Vehicle Systems Panel Trainer
Engine Management Systems Board
Modern Auxiliary Systems Trainer
Modern Starting and Charging Systems Trainer
Modern Auto Lighting Circuits Trainer
Auto Electronics Trainer
Sectioned Diesel Engine (Common Rail) Trainer
Sectioned Gasoline Engine Trainer
HDI Common Rail Fuel Injection System Trainer
Distributorless Ignition System Trainer
Common Rail Diesel Engine (CAN Control) Trainer
Gasoline Engine Trainer
Sectioned Automatic Gearbox Trainer
Sectioned Manual Gearbox Trainer
Steering and Suspension System Trainer
Anti-Lock Braking System (Bosch) Trainer
Disc and Drum Braking System Trainer
Anti-Lock Braking Systems Panel Trainer
Air Conditioning Systems Panel Trainer
Air-Conditioning System Trainer
Gasoline Engine (CAN and Climate Control) Trainer
Sectioned Truck Diesel Engine (4-Cylinder) Trainer
4-Cylinder Truck Diesel Engine (Common Rail) Trainer
Diesel Engine Management Systems Panel Trainer
Sectioned Truck Rear Axle (with Reduction Hubs) Trainer
Sectioned Truck Gearbox Trainer
Disc Air Brake Trainer
Educational Robotics Invention Kit
Engineering Construction Kit
Biomedical Technology Kit
Fluid Power Student Resource Pack
Green Energy in Buildings Trainer
Sustainable Energy Production Trainer
Electronic Circuits Trainer
Research and Design Teaching Set
Structures and Materials Teaching Set
Injection Molding Trainer
Mobile Science Cart
Biology Experiment Kit Complete
Physics Experiment Kit Complete
Chemistry Experiment Kit Complete
Chemistry Apparatus Kit
Data Logging Kit Complete
Mechanisms Trainer
Electronic Circuits Trainer Teaching Set
Industrial Control Trainer
Electronic Communications Trainer
3D Rapid Prototyping Machine
Electronics Study Trainer
Electronic Circuits Consumable Pack
Hydraulics Trainer
Pneumatics Trainer
PLCs Trainer
Instrumentation and Control Trainer
Automotive Power Train Training Equipment
Basic Refrigeration Trainer
Universal Engineering Platform
Automotive Power Train Training Equipment SOHC Gasoline
Automotive Power Train Training Equipment DOHC Gasoline
Domestic Air Conditioner Trainer
Solar Power Generation Trainer
Sequence Experiment Apparatus
Telecommunication Simulation Software
Automotive Vehicle Gear Structure Training Equipment Operation Type
Large Yard Tractor Engine Fault Diagnosis System
Excavator Electric Circuit Training Simulator
Wheel Loaders Electric Circuit Training Simulator
Electric Forklift Electric Circuit Training
Power Steering Gear
Clutch Structure Trainer Hydraulics
Clutch Structure Trainer Mechanical Manual
FF Auto Transmission Stand Type
FF Auto Transmission 6 Steps
Trailer Air Brake Training Equipment
Trailer Type Air Brake System Training Equipment
LPI Engine Fault Diagnosis Training Equipment Auto Fault
DOHC Cylinder Head Model
Diesel Fuel Injection System VE pump
Diesel Fuel Injection System Inline Pump
Electric Vehicle Energy Management Training Equipment
Excavator VR Simulator
Engine Management System (MPI) Training Stand
Differential Gear
Heavy-Duty Vehicles Differential Gear Model
Tractor Differential Gear Model
Steam Condensing Trainer
Simple Compression Refrigeration Circuit
PLC Simulation Software
Motorised Gyroscope Apparatus
Motorised Governor Apparatus
Generation of Involute Gear Tooth Profile
Interference and Undercutting
Cariollis Component of Acceleration
Epicyclic Gear Train Holding Torque Apparatus
Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester
Tool Dynamometers
Milling Tool
Grinder Tool
Lathe Tool
Drilling Tool
Venturimeter and Orificemeter Calibration Set-Up
Study of Pipe Fitting
Friction in Pipe Lines Apparatus
Impact of Jet on Vanes Apparatus
Pitot Static Tube Set-Up
Free and Force Vortex Apparatus
Orifice and Mouthpieces Apparatus
Study of Flow Measurement Devices
Flow Over Weir or Open Channel Apparatus
Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Setup
Francis Turbine Test Setup
Kaplan Turbine Test Setup
Reciprocating Pump Test Setup
Gear Pump Test Setup
Hydraulic Ram Test Setup
Jet Pump Test Setup
Submersible Pump Test Rig
Fluid Mechines and Hydraulic Machines Models
Composite Walls Apparatus
Lagged Pipe Apparatus
Heat Pipe Apparatus
Citical Radius of Insulating Material
Pin Fin Appatatus
Natural Convection Apparatus
Specific Heat of Air Apparatus
Heat Transfer in Agitated Vessel
Stefan Boltzmans Apparatus
Critical Heat Flux Apparatus
Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger
Plate Type Heat Exchanger Apparatus
Thermal Conductivity of Liquid
Theramal Conductivity of Insulating Slabs
Thermocouple Calibration Test Rig
Single Stage Air Compressor Test Rig
Two Stage Air Compressor Test Rig
Rotary Air Compressor Test Rig
Centrifugal Blower Test Rig
Water Cooling Tower Apparatus
Separating Throttling Calorimeter
Steam Power Plant Trainer
Hydraulic Trainer Classic
Hydraulic Trainer Electrohydraulic
Pneumatic Trainer Basic
Electropneumatic Training
Digital Bomb Calorimeter
Open Wind Tunnel Apparatus
Thin Cylinder Apparatus
Verification Clarke S Maxwell Reciprocal Theorem
Behaviour of Column Struts Apparatus
Curved Member Apparatus
Deflection of Truss Apparatus
Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus
Elastic Properties of Deflected Beam Apparatus
Three Hinged Arch Apparatus
Shear Centre Apparatus
Suspension Bridge Apparatus
Portal Frame Apparatus
Redundant Joint Apparatus
Two Hinged Arch Apparatus
Unsymmetrical Bending Apparatus
Pinned Joint Model
Bending Moment and Shear Force Apparatus
Torsion of Rods Apparatus
CNC Mill Trainer
Ice Plant Trainer
Water Cooler Trainer
Desert Cooler Trainer
Mechanical Heat Pump Trainer
Window Air Conditioning (Actual Cut Section)
Domestic Refrigerator (Actual Cut Section)
Reciprocating Compressor (Actual Cut Section)
Rotary Compressor (Actual Cut Section)
Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector
Refrigerant Charging Unit
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Tool Kit
Handheld Anemometer Digital
Probe Type Anemometer Digital
Manual Steering System
4 Stroke 1 Cylinder Diesel Engine
4 Stroke 1 Cylinder Diesel Engine Motor Driven
2 Stroke 1 Cylinder Petrol Engine Manual Driven
4 Stroke 1 Cylinder Petrol Engine Driven Manual
4 Stroke 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine Motor Driven
4 Stroke 6 Cylinder Petrol Engine
Rack and Pinion Type Steering System
Steering System Actual Working
Telescopic and Collapsible Steering System
Power Steering System
Electrical Power Steering System
Hydraulic Power Steering System Actual Working
Power Steering Trainer System Actual Working
Steering Geometry and Wheel Alignment Trainer
Synchromesh Gear Box-4 Forward and 1 Reverse
Synchromesh Gear Box
Gear Box Actual Cut Section
Constant Mesh Gear Box Actual Cut Section
Sliding Mesh Gear Box Actual Cut Section
Transaxle Gear Box with Differential 4 Forward and 1 Reverse
Continuously Variable Transmission Actual Cut Section
Transfer Case Assembly Actual Cut Section
Automatic Gear Box Actual Cut Section
Differential Gear Assembly Actual Cut Section
Rear Axial Assembly with Differential Gear Fully Floating Type
Front Axel Assembly with Differential Gear
Car Chassis Rear Wheel Drive
Mock Layout of Car Wiring Conventional Type
Mock Layout of Car Wiring Latest Type
Electronic Ignition System of An Automobile
Coil Ignition System of An Automobile
Fuel Supply System of A Petrol Engine
Diesel Fuel Pump Actual Cut Section
Fuel Supply System of A 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine
Fuel Supply System Petrol MPFI Type
Fuel Supply System Diesel CRDI Type
Fully Automatic Battery Charger
Battery Cell Tester
Lubrication System of an Automobile
Cooling System of an Automobile
Turbo Charger
Catalytic Converter
Front Suspension System
Rear Suspension System
Single Shoe Brake Working Model
Double Shoe Brake Working Model
Band Brake Working Model
Mechanical Disc Brake Working Model
Internally Expanding Mechanical Drum Brake System
Vacuum Assisted Hydraulic Drum Brake
Air Brake Actual Working
Engineering Lab Equipments
Metallurgical Equipment
Indian Instruments
Pharmaceutical Instruments
Math Lab
Nano Science Instruments
Hospital Furniture
Porcelain Ware
Oil and Petroleum
Anatomical Models
Laboratory Glassware
Lab Plasticware
Chemistry Equipments
Survey Instruments
Physics Instruments
Blood Testing Instruments
Electrochemistry Instruments
Flame Photometer
Water Analysis Kit
Clean Air Systems
Heat and Refrigeration Systems
Razor Sharpener
Medical Anatomy Instruments
Psychology Lab Equipments
Pharmacology Instruments
pharmaceutical-instruments Pharmacology Equipments
Soxhlet And Digestion Units
Blood Bank Instruments
Tablet Making Machine
Tablet Testing Machines
Medical Chamber
Heat Transfer Lab Equipment
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Lab Equipment
Bottle Top Dispenser
Educational Furniture
Laboratory Heating Instruments
Hospital Equipments
Rocks and Minerals
Biology Lab Equipments
Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Apparatus
Laboratory Supplies
Research Equipment
Ward Furniture
Clean Air Equipments
Neonatal Equipment
Operation and Examination Lamp
Operation Theatre Furniture
Examination Table Couch
Delivery Room Furniture
Hospital Beds
Hospital Beds Super Range
Math lab instruments
Science Kit
Chemistry Equipment
Surveying Instruments
Test Tubes and Thermometer Pockets
Specimen Tubes and Vials
Spirit Burners
Discs and Joints
Screw Caps
Stoppers and Stopcocks
Medico Clinical Centrifuge
Volumetric Flasks and Measuring Cylinders
Funnels Dropping Separating
Chromatography Columns
Beakers and Flasks
Variac Dimmerstats
Signal Generators
Fiber Optic Trainers
Digital Electronics Trainer
Communication Trainer
Breadboard Trainers
Analog Electronics Trainer
Misc. Porcelain Ware
Power Electronics Trainers
Evaporating Dishes
Evaporating Dishes High Temperature
Casserole Basin with Handle
Crucibles With Lid High Temperature
Weights and Hangers
Scientific Instrument
Sound and Waves
Liquids and Air Pressure
Dental Models
AP Physics
Skeletons For Medical Students
ENT Models
Cancer Model
Diabetes Model
Implant Models
Brain Models
Neuro Models
Liver and Gastro Models
Gynae Models
Female Health
Utreus Models
Special Models
Arthritis Models
Heart and Artery Models
Ortho Models
Nurse Training Models
Life Support Training Models
Laboratory Adapter Oscilloscope Kit
Human Models
Volumetric PlasticWare
Slide Accessories
Tissue Culture
Pipette Accessories
Racks and Stand
Cryo Ware
General Labware
Molecular Sets
Centrifuge Ware
Kjeldahl Units (Without Glass Part)
Measuring Instruments
Photo Colorimeter
Single Beam Spectrophotometer
Conductivity Meter
TDS Meter
Salinity Meter
Colony Counter
Moisture Titrator
Dissolution Test Apparatus
Disintegration Test Apparatus
Friability Test Apparatus
Tap or Bulk Density Apparatus
Microprocessor Water and Soil Analysis Kit
Pharmaceutical Laboratory Equipments
Air Shower
Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
Inoculation Hood
Muffle Furnaces
Heating Mantles
Soxhlet and Digestion Unit
Mapping Equipment
Cryo Bath
Rotary Microtome Erma Type
Rotary Senior Microtome
Microtome Object Holders
Artificial Insemination
Veterinary Equipments
Small Animal Holder
Data Acquisition System
Automatic Razor Sharpener (Arthur Thomas Type)
Tablet Hardness Tester Pfizer Type
Tablet Counter Tablet Counting Device
New Nerve Muscle Chamber And Lucas Moist Chamber
Earth and Planetary Science Equipment
Brinell Hardness Tester For Metallurgy Lab
Semi Automatic Mounting Press For Metallurgy Lab
Automatic Mounting Press For Metallurgy Lab
Spectro Sample Polisher For Metallurgical Lab
Hand Polisher For Metallurgical Lab
Spectro Double Polisher Machine For Metallurgical Lab
Belt Polisher For Metallurgy Lab
Double Disc Polishing Machine (Floor Model) For Metallurgy Lab
Semi Automatic Polishing Machine For Metallurgical Lab
Single Disc Polishing Machine with controller For Metallurgical Lab
Polishing Mach Machine For Metallurgy Lab
Speed Regulated Polishing Machine For Metallurgical Lab
Digital Polishing Machine (Table top) For Metallurgical Lab
Heat Transfer From A Pin Fin
Dropwise Condensation Apparatus
Structural Mechanics Lab
Heat Transfer Lab
Thermodynamics Lab
Hydraulic Machine
Microscopes Slides and Cameras
Botany Charts
Zoology Chart
Chemistry Charts
Physics Charts
General Science Charts
Genetics and Evolution Charts
Human Physiology Charts
Life Sketch of Scientists
Food And Nutrition
Health Care Series
Prevent Diseases
First Aid Charts
Yogasana Charts
Mathematics Primary Charts
Charts on Geography
Changing Face of the Earth
Man and Environment
Weather Maps of India
Alphabet Charts
Special Charts
Nursery Rhymes
Moral Story Charts
Special Roll ups
Struggle For Indian Freedom
National Integration Charts
Life Sketch of Great Men
English Teaching Charts
English Grammar Charts
Military Science Charts
Army Charts
Police and NCC Charts
Maps Charts
State Maps Political
Health Education
Pipette Filling Device
Electronic Micropipettes
The Little Giant
Multichannel Micropipette
Single Channel Micropipette
Stands for Micropipettes
Civil and Draughtsman Equipment
Nautical Compass
Microscopes Slides Cameras
Survey Equipment
Soil Testing Equipments
Base Ten Blocks
Blood Bank Equipment
Dental Equipments
Number Concept
Pattern and Blocks
E.N.T. Equipments
Date and Finance
Hospital Holloware
OPD Equipments
Board Game
Medical Monitoring System
Rehabilitation Aids
Medical Sterilizers
Classroom Kite
Student Kits
Hospital Rubber Goods
Doctor Chair and Stools
Medical Cabinets Cupboards
Clean Air Benches
Bio Safety Cabinet
Veterinary Instruments
Physiotherapy Equipment
Laboratory Fume Hoods
Environmental Growth Chamber
Movable Cabinets Drawers
Surgery Equipment
Oxygen Therapy System
Infusion Pumps
Hospital Baby Crib
Hospital Foot Stools
X Ray Machine and Equipment
Waiting Chairs and Benches
Multipara Monitor Systems
Water Distillation Plant
Water Baths
Needle Destroyers
Electrical Defibrillator
ECG Machines
OT Equipment
Medical Ventilator
Pulse Oximeter
Syringe Pump
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Hot Plates Warming Tables
Dry Block Digester
Shaking Machines And Stirrers
General Laboratory Equipment
Ultra Sound Machines
BiPAP Ventilator
Neonatal Products
Endoscopy Camera
LED OT Light
Dental Microscopes
Plant Equipment
Ophthalmic Equipments
Science Skills Equipment
Weather Equipment
Whiteboard Science Equipment
Halogen Light Source
General Surgery Microscope
Gynae Colposcope
ENT Surgical Instruments
LED Headlights
Mobile Science Kit
Physics Lab Equipments
Biology Laboratory Instruments
Educational Rock and Minerals
Educational School Lab Equipment
Biology Equipment
School Lab
Educational Laboratory Apparatus
Interactive Board
Lab Supplies
Process Control Instrumentation Lab Equipment
Universal Moisture Meter
Post Office Box Dial Pattern
Decade Box
AC Rectifier Type Voltmeter Moving Coil Type
Switchboard Pannel
Rectifier Type
Power Supplies and Transformers
Training Kits for Communication Lab
Digital Electronic Experiments Computer Principles
Study of Multivibrators
Characteristics Operational Amplifiers
Verification of Network Theorem
Amplifiers Kits
Demonstration Models
Verification of Various Laws and Conservation of Signal
Semi Conductor Devices
Laser Experiment
Characteristics Of Vaccum Tubes
E M Apparatus
Digital Mesuring Instruments
Nuclear Physics
Test and Measuring Instruments
Spectrum Tubes
Light Equipment
Force and Motion Equipment
Van de Graaff
Electrostatics Apparatus
Power Supplies
Leads and Wires
Electricity Meters
Electricity Parts and Accessories
Electricity Apparatus Equipment
Electricity Kits
Battery Holders
Cells and Electrodes
Infrared Moisture Balance
Adapters Multiple
Adapters Cone
Adapters Vertical
Adapters Receiver
Adapters Cone Screw Thread
Adapters - Cone Socket with T Connection
Adapters with Stopcock
Magnifier Equipment
Animal Equipments
Biotechnology Equipments
Demonstration Equipment
Cell Equipments
Environmental Chemistry Equipment
Forensics Equipment
Green Chemistry Equipment
Lab Equipment
Lab Investigation Equipment
Micro Chemistry Equipment
Micro Science Equipment
Model Sets
Classification Equipments
Dissection Equipments
Electrophoresis Equipments
Enzyme Equipments
Genetics and Inheritance Equipments
Health Equipments
Human Biology Equipments
Microbiology Equipment
Molecular Model Equipment
Astronomy Equipment
Environment Equipment
Fossil Equipments
Geology Equipment
Atomic Physics Equipment
Density Equipment
Electricity Equipment
Electromagnetism Equipment
Electrostatics Equipment
Energy Transfer Equipment
Force Motion and Dynamic Equipment
Ultrasonics Laboratory Instrument
Light and Optics Equipment
Frozen Artificial Insemination Equipment
Renewable Energy Equipment
Sound and Waves
Laboratory Furniture
Cold Chain Equipment
Teat Instrument Set
Obstetrical and Gynecological Instruments
Canine Bovine Porcine
General Veterinary Instrument
Castration Pliers
Animal Identification
Veterinary Syringes Needles
Bone Instruments
Plaster Cutting Instruments
Hospital Instruments
Hospital Disposables Personal and Hospital Safety Kits
Hospital Hollowares
Hospital Scissors and Forceps
Post Mortem Instruments and Kits
Education Kit
General Lab Equipment
Vocational Training Laboratory Equipment
Woodworking Workshop Machines
Wood Workshop Portable Tool
Plant Engineering and Welding Equipment
Welding Equipment and Workshop Lab Machine
Earth Resistivity Meters Equipment
Standard Welding Equipment Set
Electrical Work Bench
Manufacturer Geophysical Instruments
Laser Technology Trainers
Handheld GPS Devices
Agriculture Lab Equipments
Workshop Tools
Plumbing Workshop Instrument
Concrete Laboratory
Soil Mechanics
Strength of Materials Lab Equipments
Applied Mechanics Lab Equipments
Hydrology Lab Equipments
Mechatronics Lab Equipments
CAD CAM Lab Equipments
Dynamics of Machine Lab Equipments
Metro logy Lab Equipments
Mechanical Workshop Lab Equipments
Refrigeration Air- conditioning Lab Equipments
Drawing Room Lab Equipments
Automobile Engineering Lab Equipments
Thermal Engineering Lab Equipments
Cement and Concrete Testing Equipments
Geotechnical Engineering Lab Equipments
Transportation Engineering Lab Equipments
Structural Engineering Lab Equipments
Analytical Instruments
Environmental Engineering Lab Equipments
Civil Engineering Models And Charts Equipment
Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Metal Manufacturing Training Machine
Washing Machine
Textile Technology
CNC Trainer Machine
Training Workshop Labs
Chemical Engineering Lab Equipment
Chemical Reaction
Physics Workshop Labs
Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipments
Civil Engineering Lab Equipments
Electrical Engineering Lab Equipments
Electronics and Telecommunication Lab Equipments
Pathology and Laboratory Equipments
Automobile Engineering Lab
Theory of Machine Lab
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab
I.C. Engine Lab

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