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Various Engineering Models, Charts and Accessories

Manufacturer and supplier of Mechanical Engineering Model Set. Civil Engineering Model Set. Automobile, KOM and DOM Model Set Engineering Model Set.Geometrical Model set made of wood consist of Different types of Geometrical figures like:Cube, Cuboid, Sphere, Hemisphere, Cylindrical shape, Pentagonal Block etc

Cotter Joint

Cotter Joint....

Product Code: VEMC0001 - (Cotter Joint)


Flexible Coupling

Flexible Coupling....

Product Code: VEMC0002 - (Flexible Coupling)


Tie rod Joint

Tie rod Joint....

Product Code: VEMC0003 - (Tie rod Joint)


Sellers coupling

Sellers coupling....

Product Code: VEMC0004 - (Sellers coupling)


Universal Coupling

Universal Coupling....

Product Code: VEMC0005 - (Universal Coupling)