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Lab Equipment and Accessories

Naugra Lab Equipments is a leading lab equipment & accessories manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Our diversified range of laboratory instruments & accessories are available at most competitive price. Client's satisfaction has always been our priority that's why we are the most preferred suppliers & exporters of lab instruments & accessories.

Our laboratory equipments & accessories are widely used in various schools, colleges, universities, testing & research lab around the world.

Few of our Lab Equipment & Accessories are Sampling Trays, Measuring Tapes, Graduated Measuring Jars, Funnels & Flasks, Moisture Tins etc.

Sampling Trays

Sampling Trays....

Product Code: LEMA0001 - (Sampling Trays)


Measuring Tapes

Measuring Tapes....

Product Code: LEMA0002 - (Measuring Tapes)


Graduated Measuring Jars

Graduated Measuring Jars....

Product Code: LEMA0003 - (Graduated Measuring Jars)


Funnels And Flasks

Funnels And Flasks....

Product Code: LEMA0004 - (Funnels And Flasks)


Moisture Tins

Moisture Tins....

Product Code: LEMA0005 - (Moisture Tins)