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Lab Equipment and Accessories

Digital Balance. Hot Plate. Digital Hot Air oven. pipettes. scales. centrifuges. Bunsen burners. freezers. BOD and COD incubators, coolers, stirrers, water baths, fume hoods, Spatula, Metal Brush, Measuring tape. vernier caliper. Enamel Tray. Therometers. Heating Mantles

Sampling Trays

Sampling Trays....

Product Code: LEMA0001 - (Sampling Trays)


Measuring Tapes

Measuring Tapes....

Product Code: LEMA0002 - (Measuring Tapes)


Graduated Measuring Jars

Graduated Measuring Jars....

Product Code: LEMA0003 - (Graduated Measuring Jars)


Funnels And Flasks

Funnels And Flasks....

Product Code: LEMA0004 - (Funnels And Flasks)


Moisture Tins

Moisture Tins....

Product Code: LEMA0005 - (Moisture Tins)