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Bitumen / Asphalt Testing Lab Equipment

comprehensive range of Road testing instruments, Transportation Engineering lab Equipment, Bitumen testing equipments, Asphalt testing instruments comprises of Ductility testing machine, Marshall stability test apparatus, Automatic marshal compactor, waterbath for penetration test

Bitumen/Centrifuge Extractor - Hand Operated

Bitumen/Centrifuge Extractor - Hand Operated....

Product Code: BATE0001 - (Bitumen/Centrifuge Extractor - Hand Operated)


Bitumen/Centrifuge Extractor - Motorized

Bitumen/Centrifuge Extractor - Motorized....

Product Code: BATE0002 - (Bitumen/Centrifuge Extractor - Motorized)


Bitumen Compactor

Bitumen Compactor....

Product Code: BATE0003 - (Bitumen Compactor)


Core Drilling Machine (Motorised)

Core Drilling Machine (Motorised)....

Product Code: BATE0004 - (Core Drilling Machine (Motorised))


Core Drilling Machine (Diesel Engine Model)

Core Drilling Machine (Diesel Engine Model)....

Product Code: BATE0005 - (Core Drilling Machine (Diesel Engine Model))