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Concrete Testing Laboratory Equipments

NaugraLabEquipments is counted as a renowned concrete testing laboratory equipments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters company in India. We deliver a wide range of advanced concrete testing lab equipments in branches ranging from educational institutions, government organizations, research centers, etc. Our concrete testing lab instruments are globally demanded and appreciated for their high quality, durability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. Our most demanded concrete testing laboratory instruments are precision engineered cube mould, concrete vibrator machine with nozzle, volume change apparatus, vibrating table, vee bee consistometer, etc.

Precision Engineered Cube Mould

Precision Engineered Cube Mould....

Product Code: CTLE0001 - (Precision Engineered Cube Mould)


Concrete Vibrator Machine With Nozzle

Concrete Vibrator Machine With Nozzle....

Product Code: CTLE0002 - (Concrete Vibrator Machine With Nozzle)


Volume Change Apparatus

Volume Change Apparatus....

Product Code: CTLE0003 - (Volume Change Apparatus)


Vibrating Table

Vibrating Table....

Product Code: CTLE0004 - (Vibrating Table)


Vee Bee Consistometer

Vee Bee Consistometer....

Product Code: CTLE0005 - (Vee Bee Consistometer)