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Material Science Equipments

NaugraLabEquipments is a most trusted name in material science equipments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. We are equipped with a well organized production unit, a team of qualified professionals, who integrate the latest technology with their skills to produce superior quality material science instruments. We are exporting high quality material science equipments around the world at the very competitive prices which are used in government organizations, universities, engineering colleges, polytechnics, vocational training schools etc. Some of our widely used material science equipments are sintering furnance, planetary mono mill machine, keithley nanovolt meter etc.

Sintering Furnance

Sintering Furnance....

Product Code: MSE0001 - (Sintering Furnance)


Planetary Mono Mill Machine

Planetary Mono Mill Machine....

Product Code: MSE0002 - (Planetary Mono Mill Machine)


Keithley Nanovolt Meter

Keithley Nanovolt Meter....

Product Code: MSE0003 - (Keithley Nanovolt Meter)


Naugra Specimen Mounting Machine

Naugra Specimen Mounting Machine....

Product Code: MSE0004 - (Naugra Specimen Mounting Machine)


Naugra Auto Collimator

Naugra Auto Collimator....

Product Code: MSE0005 - (Naugra Auto Collimator)


Tool Maker MicroscopeNaugra Tool Maker Microscope

Naugra Tool Maker Microscope....

Product Code: MSE0006 - (Tool Maker MicroscopeNaugra Tool Maker Microscope)