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Non Destructive Testing Equipment

Naugra Lab Equipments is a trusted non destructive testing equipment manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. We offer a wide range of non destructive testing instrument available at affordable price. We are the most promising superior quality non destructive testing instrument suppliers & exporters around the world.

Our non destructive testing equipments are used in various schools, colleges, universities, vocational training centers, government projects, industries, testing & research labs to evaluate the properties of a material.

Our Non Destructive Testing Equipment are Concrete Cover Meter, Concrete Mapping GPR, Concrete Moisture Meter, Concrete Rebar Detector, Concrete Resistivity Tester etc.

Concrete Cover Meter

Concrete Cover Meter....

Product Code: NDTE0001 - (Concrete Cover Meter)


Concrete Mapping GPR

Concrete Mapping GPR....

Product Code: NDTE0002 - (Concrete Mapping GPR)


Concrete Moisture Meter

Concrete Moisture Meter....

Product Code: NDTE0003 - (Concrete Moisture Meter)


Concrete Rebar Detector

Concrete Rebar Detector....

Product Code: NDTE0004 - (Concrete Rebar Detector)


Concrete Resistivity Tester

Concrete Resistivity Tester....

Product Code: NDTE0005 - (Concrete Resistivity Tester)