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Brake Disc & Drum Lathe Machine

Brake Disc & Drum Lathe Machine
Product Name: Brake Disc & Drum Lathe Machine
Product Code: GWM0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Brake Disc & Drum Lathe Machine.

Facing Capacity on diameter Max. mm 458
Facing capacity on width Max. mm 45
Total travel of the tool (cross wise) mm 140
Number of automatic cross feeds
available (for roughing & finis~iing) 2
Drum skimming capacity on dia mm 152.4 to 660.4
Maximum tool slide travel mm 205
Each division of cross slide 
micrometer takes a cut of
per side mm 0.025
on dia. mm 0.05 rpm
Spindle Speeds mm 120/80/54
Self feed travel/minute mm 24/16/10.8
Main Motor HP 1
Weight of the machine (appx.) Kgs 460
Shipping size in L x B x H (appx.) cm 170 x 92 x 76
Electric motor 1 No.
Starter 1 No.
Mandrels 3Nos.
Madrel extractor nuts 2 Nos.
Mandrel spanner 1 No.
Cones for Discs 1 Set
Cones for Drums 16 Nos
Distance pieces 6 Nos.
Flanged bushes 7 Nos.
Drum silencer belt 1 No.
Spanners 2 Nos.
Tungston Carbide tip tool 1 No.
Over-load/Safety pin 1 No.
Operation Manual 1 No.

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