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Bitumen Education Laboratory

Bitumen Laboratory - Bitumen Education Laboratory

Bitumen Mixer

Bitumen Mixer....

Product Code: NUEDOA0189 - (Bitumen Mixer)


Needle Penetrometer

Needle Penetrometer....

Product Code: NUEDOA0192 - (Needle Penetrometer)


Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

Closed Cup Flash Point Tester According To Pensky-Martens (ASTM D93)....

Product Code: NUEDOA0195 - (Closed Cup Flash Point Tester)


Automatic TBA Device for Determining The Softening Point

Automatic TBA Device for Determining The Softening Point....

Product Code: NUEDOA0198 - (Automatic TBA Device for Determining The Softening Point)


Ball and Ring Device

Ball and Ring Device....

Product Code: NUEDOA0201 - (Ball and Ring Device)




Product Code: NUEDOA0204 - (Ductilomètre)


Redwood BRTA Viscometer

Redwood BRTA Viscometer....

Product Code: NUEDOA0207 - (Redwood BRTA Viscometer)


Bitumen Bending Rheometer

Bitumen Bending Rheometer....

Product Code: NUEDOA0210 - (Bitumen Bending Rheometer)


Marshall Test Kit Including

Marshall Test Kit Including....

Product Code: NUEDOA0213 - (Marshall Test Kit Including)


50 Kn Press for Marshall Test

50 Kn Press for Marshall Test....

Product Code: NUEDOA0216 - (50 Kn Press for Marshall Test)


Test Duriez Normal Ø80 mm

Test Duriez Normal Ø80 mm....

Product Code: NUEDOA0219 - (Test Duriez Normal Ø80 mm)


Universal Electromechanical Testing Machine

Universal Electromechanical Testing Machine, Capacity 200 Kn....

Product Code: NUEDOA0222 - (Universal Electromechanical Testing Machine)


Sieve With Three-Dimensional Movement

Sieve With Three-Dimensional Movement....

Product Code: NUEDOA0225 - (Sieve With Three-Dimensional Movement)


Hydrostatic Weighing Frame

Hydrostatic Weighing Frame....

Product Code: NUEDOA0228 - (Hydrostatic Weighing Frame)


Friction Pendulum Type SRT Or Similar

Friction Pendulum Type SRT (Or Similar)....

Product Code: NUEDOA0231 - (Friction Pendulum Type SRT Or Similar)


Vacuum Pycnometer

Vacuum Pycnometer, Capacity 10 Liters....

Product Code: NUEDOA0234 - (Vacuum Pycnometer)