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Measurement Lab Equipment

Naugra Lab Equipments is a leading measurement lab equipment manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in india. Our measurement laboratory equipments are made of using latest equipments to ensure accuracy of the experiments & tests. Our measurement laboratory instruments are of latest design & cost effective in the long run that's why we are the leading supplier of measurement lab instruments in many schools, colleges, universities, vocational training centers, small & big industries, government organizations. Few of our Measurement Lab Equipment are Temperature Control Trainer, Computerized Level Control Trainer, Computerized Flow Control Trainer, Angular Measurement Trainers etc.

Angular Measurement Trainers

Angular Measurement Trainers....

Product Code: MEAS0001 - (Angular Measurement Trainers)


Computerized Flow Control Trainer

Computerized Flow Control Trainer....

Product Code: MEAS0002 - (Computerized Flow Control Trainer)


Computerized Level Control Trainer

Computerized Level Control Trainer....

Product Code: MEAS0003 - (Computerized Level Control Trainer)


Computerized Pressure Control Trainer

Computerized Pressure Control Trainer....

Product Code: MEAS0004 - (Computerized Pressure Control Trainer)


Temperature Control Trainer

Temperature Control Trainer....

Product Code: MEAS0005 - (Temperature Control Trainer)