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Soil Testing Lab Equipment

manufacturer and supplier of Civil engineering lab equipment, Geotechnical testing equipment includes Direct Shear apparatus, Triaxial testing machine, Consolidation test apparatus, California Bearing Ratio Apparatus, Unconfined compression test apparatus, Proctor compaction apparatus, Constant Head and falling head permeability apparatus

Liquid Limit Apparatus

Liquid Limit Apparatus....

Product Code: SOLE0001 - (Liquid Limit Apparatus)


Soil Sieve

Soil Sieve....

Product Code: SOLE0002 - (Soil Sieve)


Soil Moisture Tester

Soil Moisture Tester....

Product Code: SOLE0003 - (Soil Moisture Tester)


Soil Humidity And Density Apparatus

Soil Humidity And Density Apparatus....

Product Code: SOLE0004 - (Soil Humidity And Density Apparatus)


Consolidation Equipment (Settlement Of Soil)

Consolidation Equipment (Settlement Of Soil)....

Product Code: SOLE0005 - (Consolidation Equipment (Settlement Of Soil))