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Pathology and Laboratory Equipments

NaugraLabEquipments is a trusted pathology and laboratory equipments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. We deals in broad range of pathology and laboratory instruments at competitive prices around the world.

Our pathology and laboratory equipments are widely used in various engineering colleges, universities, vocational training lab and research labs. We are the most preferred exporters and suppliers because of our superior quality and tested raw materials used in manufacturing pathology and lab equipments.

Some of our high quality pathology and laboratory instruments are bio-chemistry analyzer, digital photocolarimeter, digital photoelectric colorimeter, digital hb reader lcd alpha numeric, biochemistry analyser automatic, atomic absorption spectrophometer, true double beam atomic absorption etc.

Naugra Lab Bio-Chemistry Analyzer

Naugra Lab Bio-Chemistry Analyzer....

Product Code: PTH0001 - (Naugra Lab Bio-Chemistry Analyzer)


Naugra Lab Digital Photocolarimeter

Naugra Lab Digital Photocolarimeter....

Product Code: PTH0002 - (Naugra Lab Digital Photocolarimeter)


Naugra Lab Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter

Naugra Lab Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter....

Product Code: PTH0003 - (Naugra Lab Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter)


Naugra Lab Digital HB Reader LCD Alpha Numeric

Naugra Lab Digital HB Reader LCD Alpha Numeric....

Product Code: PTH0004 - (Naugra Lab Digital HB Reader LCD Alpha Numeric)


Naugra Lab Biochemistry Analyser Automatic

Naugra Lab Biochemistry Analyser Automatic....

Product Code: PTH0005 - (Naugra Lab Biochemistry Analyser Automatic)


Naugra Lab Atomic Absorption Spectrophometer

Naugra Lab Atomic Absorption Spectrophometer....

Product Code: PTH0006 - (Naugra Lab Atomic Absorption Spectrophometer)


Naugra Lab True Double Beam Atomic Absorption

Naugra Lab True Double Beam Atomic Absorption....

Product Code: PTH0007 - (Naugra Lab True Double Beam Atomic Absorption)


Naugra Lab Cyclo Mixer

Naugra Lab Cyclo Mixer....

Product Code: PTH0008 - (Naugra Lab Cyclo Mixer)


Naugra Lab Machine Made Capillary

Naugra Lab Machine Made Capillary....

Product Code: PTH0009 - (Naugra Lab Machine Made Capillary)


Naugra Lab Haemometer

Naugra Lab Haemometer....

Product Code: PTH0010 - (Naugra Lab Haemometer)


Naugra Lab Auto Dispenser

Naugra Lab Auto Dispenser....

Product Code: PTH0011 - (Naugra Lab Auto Dispenser)


Naugra Lab Esrite

Naugra Lab Esrite....

Product Code: PTH0012 - (Naugra Lab Esrite)


Naugra Lab Vacuum Blood Collection System

Naugra Lab Vacuum Blood Collection System....

Product Code: PTH0013 - (Naugra Lab Vacuum Blood Collection System)


Naugra Lab Ampule Filling and Sealing Device

Naugra Lab Ampule Filling and Sealing Device....

Product Code: PTH0014 - (Naugra Lab Ampule Filling and Sealing Device)


Naugra Lab Bottle Filling Machine

Naugra Lab Bottle Filling Machine....

Product Code: PTH0015 - (Naugra Lab Bottle Filling Machine)