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Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments

Naugra Lab Equipments is a trusted fluid mechanics lab equipments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. We provide the innovative design of fluid mechanics laboratory equipments which makes us a leading fluid mechanics lab instruments suppliers and exporters across the nation. Our fluid mechanics laboratory equipments are used in many schools, colleges, universities, vocational training centers to check & study flow of liquid. Few of our fluid mechanics lab instruments are basic metacentric height, axial fan demonstration unit, cavitation demonstration, centrifugal fan demonstration unit etc.

Axial Fan Demonstration Unit

Axial Fan Demonstration Unit....

Product Code: FLUD0001 - (Axial Fan Demonstration Unit)


Basic Metacentric Height

Basic Metacentric Height....

Product Code: FLUD0002 - (Basic Metacentric Height)


Bernoullis Theorem Demonstration

Bernoullis Theorem Demonstration....

Product Code: FLUD0003 - (Bernoullis Theorem Demonstration)


Cavitation Demonstration

Cavitation Demonstration....

Product Code: FLUD0004 - (Cavitation Demonstration)


Centrifugal Fan Demonstration Unit

Centrifugal Fan Demonstration Unit....

Product Code: FLUD0005 - (Centrifugal Fan Demonstration Unit)