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Physics Workshop Labs

Physics Workshop Labs

Coulomb Meter

Coulomb Meter....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10001 - (Coulomb Meter)


Atwood Machine

Atwood Machine....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10002 - (Atwood Machine)


Determination of the Gravitational Constant

Determination of the Gravitational Constant....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10003 - (Determination of the Gravitational Constant)


Projectile Launcher

Projectile Launcher....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10004 - (Projectile Launcher)


Equipment For Studying Rotational Motion India

Equipment For Studying Rotational Motion....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10005 - (Equipment For Studying Rotational Motion India)


Precision Gyroscope

Precision Gyroscope....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10006 - (Precision Gyroscope)


Maxwells Pendulum

Maxwells Pendulum....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10007 - (Maxwells Pendulum)


Equipment For Studying Centrifugal Force

Equipment For Studying Centrifugal Force....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10008 - (Equipment For Studying Centrifugal Force)


Apparatus for the Study of Harmonic Oscillations

Apparatus for the Study of Harmonic Oscillations....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10009 - (Apparatus for the Study of Harmonic Oscillations)


Forced Oscillation and Resonance

Forced Oscillation and Resonance....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10010 - (Forced Oscillation and Resonance)


Michelson Interferometer

Michelson Interferometer....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10011 - (Michelson Interferometer)


Newton Ring Microscope

Newton Ring Microscope....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10012 - (Newton Ring Microscope)


Fibre Optics Kit

Fibre Optics Kit....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10013 - (Fibre Optics Kit)


Thermal Expansion in Solids and Liquids

Thermal Expansion in Solids and Liquids

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10014 - (Thermal Expansion in Solids and Liquids)


Boiling Point Elevation

Boiling Point Elevation....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10015 - (Boiling Point Elevation)


Electrostatic Kit

Electrostatic Kit....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10016 - (Electrostatic Kit)


Van De Graaff Generator India

Van De Graaff Generator....

Product Code: TVETLAB-20-WORK10017 - (Van De Graaff Generator India)