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School Lab Equipment and Instruments

Naugra Lab Equipments is a trusted school lab equipment & instruments manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Our school laboratory equipment & instruments are highly popular in many schools, colleges, universities, medical colleges, government organizations because of our premium quality & varied ranges available at most competitive price worldwide.

We manufacture school laboratory equipment & instruments for chemistry, physics, biology, geography, mathematics laboratories to make learning & experiment easy for the students. Our products are made of tested raw materials to ensure safety & accuracy of the experiments & tests.

Our School Lab Equipment and Instruments are Dissection Forceps Sharp, Dissection Kit With 14 Instruments etc.

Dissection Forceps Sharp

Dissection Forceps Sharp....

Product Code: SchoolLab0001 - (Dissection Forceps Sharp)


Dissection Kit With 14 Instruments

Dissection Kit With 14 Instruments....

Product Code: SchoolLab0002 - (Dissection Kit With 14 Instruments)