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Cement Testing Lab Equipment

Cement testing equipment has varieties of Civil engineering lab equipments comprises of Cement samplers, Le Chatelier flask, Le Chatelier moulds, Length comparator, Hydraulic shrinkage mould, High pressure Autoclave, Two gang prism mould, Blaine fineness apparatus, Standard Vicat apparatus, Vibrating machine, Marsh funnel viscometer, Bulk density of cement, Water retention apparatus

Vicat Apparatus

Vicat Apparatus....

Product Code: CEMT0001 - (Vicat Apparatus)


Concrete Mixer Machine

Concrete Mixer Machine....

Product Code: CEMT0002 - (Concrete Mixer Machine)


Cement Mortar Mixer

Cement Mortar Mixer....

Product Code: CEMT0003 - (Cement Mortar Mixer)


Waterbath For Le Chatlier Flask

Waterbath For Le Chatlier Flask....

Product Code: CEMT0004 - (Waterbath For Le Chatlier Flask)


Vicat Needle Apparatus With Dashpot

Vicat Needle Apparatus With Dashpot....

Product Code: CEMT0005 - (Vicat Needle Apparatus With Dashpot)