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Notch Tank Apparatus

Notch Tank Apparatus

Product Supply Code: NLAB-MECHANICALAB230022

Product Name: Notch Tank Apparatus

Tender Supply Category: Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments

Description and Specification of Notch Tank Apparatus for Lab Tenders
Notch Tank Apparatus Manufacturers and Suppliers India

The used to demonstrate different flow processes at different control structures in the open channel. In the closed channel, pressure components in a pipe are determined. The trainer includes a transparent experimental flume with upper limit, a height-adjustable sill and a closed water circuit. The water level in the experimental section is set with an adjustable plate weir at the water outlet. With a simple alteration, the experimental flume can be used as an open or closed channel.

The water level must be low when investigating the open-channel flow. To conduct the experiment, a weir is attached to the bottom of the channel or the height-adjustable sill is used. Furthermore, the discharge under a gate can also be demonstrated. Various weirs, which can be exchanged quickly and safely, are available as control structures.

When studying the closed channel, the water level needs to be high enough that the entire experimental section is flowed through. In this case the sill is used to change the cross-section flowed through.

The static pressures and the total pressure over the cross-section are detected by measuring tubes. The pressure difference is used to calculate the flow velocity.
Notch Tank Apparatus    

Investigation of flow processes in the open and closed channel
Flow processes in the open channel: gate, sill and various weirs
Closed water circuit with supply tank and pump
Discharge under a gate
Fully flowed through experimental section and change in cross-section over sill for experiments in the closed channel
Transparent measuring tubes for measuring static pressure and total pressure
Discharge under a gate
Hydraulic jump
Closed channel
Pipe flow with constant and variable flow cross- section
Measurement of static pressure and total pressure
Calculation of the flow velocity

Experimental section
Length: 1m
Cross-section W x H : 40x300mm
Supply tank: 70L
Power consumption: 250W
Max. Flow rate: 150L/min
Max. Head: 7,6m
230V, 50Hz, 1 phase

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