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Industrial Refrigeration Unit

Industrial Refrigeration Unit
Product Name: Industrial Refrigeration Unit
Product Code: REWL0005

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Industrial Refrigeration Unit.
Industrial Refrigeration Unit
Industrial Refrigeration Unit Manufacturer
Industrial Refrigeration Unit

This bench is mounted on a steel frame with aluminum nuts, with 4 castors, 2 locking

The components are industrial and the bench is instrumented to monitor all parameters following the action of a technical component.
Technical specifications

    Hermetic compressor, 400 W
    Forced air condenser with variable rate of flow
    2 refrigeration chambers with independent evaporators
    Thermostatic regulation valves and pressure regulator
    Temperature regulation with adjustable differential
    Exchanger for under-cooling of liquid
    Data acquisition system for operational parameters consisting of: 1 floating flowmeter, 2 pressure gauges 0-15 and 0-35 bars
    Temperature sensors throughout the circuit
    Wattmeter – voltmeter – ammeter
    Coolant recovery and refilling system consisting of: needle, liquid and moisture passage indicator, filter dehydrators.

Required services

    230 V – 50 Hz single phase

Dimensions and weight

    180 x 80 x 180 cm – 157 kg

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