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Liquid Limit Apparatus

Liquid Limit Apparatus
Product Name: Liquid Limit Apparatus
Product Code: SOLE0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Liquid Limit Apparatus.
Liquid Limit Apparatus

The Liquid Limit Apparatus Is Used To Determine The Liquid Limit Of The Soil, To Classify
The Soil, And To Provide Soil Consistency And Plastic Index Needed In Design & Construction
It Contains A Brass Pan, Used To Accommodate Soil Specimens, A Base Made From Vulcanite,
An Impacting Device, A Calculator And A Groove Handler
Simple Operation Makes It Very Easy To Handle


Electric Motor As Power
Falling Frequency Of The Disc. : 120 Hit / Min
In Fall Frequency Of The Disc. : 120 Strikes / Min
Embedded A Strike Counter

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