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Vicat Apparatus

Vicat Apparatus
Product Name: Vicat Apparatus
Product Code: CEMT0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Vicat Apparatus.

Vicat Apparatus Manufacturer and Supplier
Features :

    Meet GB/T1346, ASTM C187, ISO 9597
    The apparatus is used to determine water content requirement of normal cement consistency, setting time and the soundness of Portland cement
    For Determination Of Normal Consistency Of Hydraulic Cement, Gypsum Plaster And Lime Setting Time Of Cement, Gypsum Plaster And Gypsum Concrete

Technical Specifications of Vicat Apparatus:

    Complete with one each of mould, glass plate, Initial needle, final needle and consistency plunger. Sturdy steel Base plate, adjustable height main axis.
    A Frame With A Vertically Moving Bearing Rod
    Mould In The Form Of Frustum Of A Cone 70 Mm Bottom Dia.
    60 Mm Top Dia. And 40 Mm High With Base Plate
    Needle 1 Mm Dia. X 50 Mm Long
    Plunger 10 Mm Dia. X 50 Mm Long
    Plunger 19 Mm Dia. X 44.4 Mm Long
    Plunger 12.5 Mm Dia. X 25 Mm Long
    One Brass Weight

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