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Spectrometer (Simple)

Spectrometer (Simple)
Product Name: Spectrometer (Simple)
Product Code: LSP-IN-0005

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Spectrometer (Simple).

  • Used primarily for the precise measurement of radius of curvature of curved surfaces such as lenses and mirrors.
  • Stainless steel disc of about 40mm diameter, graduated 100 divisions, rests on the center on the center of a three pronged brass table, through a steel screw.
  • Each prong carries a pointed leg of MS below it equidistant from each other.
  • A vertical scale, graduated 10-0-10mm mounted on one of the prongs.
  •  Screw pitch 1mm, LC 0.01mm
  • Screw pitch 0.05mm, LC 0.005mm

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