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Intermediate Spectrometer

Intermediate Spectrometer
Product Name: Intermediate Spectrometer
Product Code: LSP-IN-0004

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Intermediate Spectrometer.

  • This is a robust instrument designed specifically for student use, which nevertheless is capable of very high performance.
  • The main structure is of heavy cast metal, with bright plated fittings.
  • The complete instrument is supplied with wooden case.
  • Scale: The 150mm diameter circle with protective plastic shield is fixed to the telescope movement and the table is attached to the double ended vernier, which reads to 1 minute of arc.
  • Both telescope and table rotation fine adjustment screws, and release of a clamping screw enables adjustment of both movements to be made by hand.
  • Collimator: Mounted on fixed and fitted with 178mm focus achromatic objectives, 25mm clear aperture. Also fitted is a unilaterally adjustable slit7mmlong.
  • Telescope: Mounted on moveable pillar and fitted with 178mm Focus achromatic objective, 25mm clear aperture.
  • Also fitted is a 8× Ramsden eyepiece and a glass cross line graticule. Both the telescope and collimator have rack and pinion focusing.
  • Means are provided for leveling the axis of both optical units and for squaring them to axis of rotation.
  • Prism Table: The table is marked with lines to assist placing the prism with respect to the table leveling screws.

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