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Standard Spectrometer

Standard Spectrometer
Product Name: Standard Spectrometer
Product Code: LSP-IN-0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Standard Spectrometer.

  • An economically priced instrument, which is nevertheless capable of much useful quantitative work.
  • The main structural parts, including the collimator and telescope bodies are heavy castings, other metal parts being bright plated.
  • Scale: 170mm diameter, divided 0 to 360° × 1°, independently rotatable with locking screw.
  • A springloaded vernier scale attached to the telescope mount provides readings to 0.1° (6 minutes of arc).
  • Collimator: Mounted on fixed pillar with axis adjustment. Objective lens has 150mm FL, an aperture of 21mm and is carried in spiral focusing system.
  • Unilaterally adjustable slit6mmlong.
  • Telescope: Mounted on moveable pillar with adjustment, locking screw and axis adjustment.
  • Objective lens has 170mm FL, 21mm aperture and is carried in a spiral focusing system.
  • Ramsden eyepiece with cross wires and locking ring focus adjustment.
  • Standard Accessories Supplied: 1 prism clamp for prisms up to 40mm high, 1 diffraction grating holder, aperture 25 × 25mm, 1 small screwdriver, 1 tommy bar for axis adjustment.

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