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CNC Lathe Controller

CNC Lathe Controller
Product Name: CNC Lathe Controller
Product Code: CNC0014

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

CNC Lathe Controller.

The controller is a cost-effective CNC Lathe controller - with all the push buttons, selector switches and MPG.
It is a complete controller and Machine Operator Panel (MOP) in one single box.
No. of axes: 2.5 axes
Spindle speed control: 0-10 V analog output
Resolution: Full/Half/Quarter/One-Eight
Digital inputs - 16
Digital Outputs - 16
Spindle encoder feedback: 1 axis
Control output: Clock and Direction
Interpolation - 2 axis linear and circular
Power Supply - 24V DC
Standard G/M code based programming
Terminations: D-sub connectors and FRC headers

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