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Spinner 18DX

Spinner 18DX
Product Name: Spinner 18DX
Product Code: CNC0025

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Spinner 18DX.

AC Digital spindle drive
AC digital servo drive for both axes
8 Station bi-directional turret
Reduction Sleeves – 1 set
Coolant system
Centralized and programmable lubrication 
Quality Electrical devices with air Conditioned panel
Boring Bar holders – 3 Nos
Axial Tool holder – 1 no
Controlled temperature humidity and dust Free electronics lube oil collector 
Hydraulic power pack 
Service Toolkit
Power operated Chuck with hydraulic cylinder 

Optional Accessories:-
Hydraulically operated tailstock
Rotating center for tailstock
Hydraulic collect chuck
Renishaw probe for auto tool
Auto door
Servo turret with live tools
Part catcher
Reduction sleeves
Tooled up machine to meet customer need
Rear or side chip conveyor
Bar feeder with bar puller

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