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CNC Milling Controller

CNC Milling Controller
Product Name: CNC Milling Controller
Product Code: CNC0015

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

CNC Milling Controller.

6 axis movement, 6 axis interpolation linkage movement.
6 stepper / servo motor control.
Independent servo spindle.
Speed prospect processing, control the speed transition smooth.
Support straight line magazine, disc magazine, cylinder tool change and magazine features customize.
System self-diagnoses and parameters backup, recovery function.
Support USB, Ethernet, serial communication, U disk, SD card operation.
Support MPG running G code.
G code track preview, real-time tracking and syntax check function.
Pulse frequency up to 1M.
56 input and 48 output ports.
2-channel 0-10v analog output Control.
a set of PWM analog control port.
256M built-in electronic disk, support 8G storage space expansion.

Metal parts processing (car/boat, electrical hardware processing industry).
Glass products (mobile phones, televisions, computers, electrical switches and other glass panel processing).
Wooden furniture garden art (furniture, handicrafts, wooden temple sculpture landscaping).
Flexible processing line (milling, grinding, polishing and other processes producing line factory).

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