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Naugra Lab CNC Micro Mill

Naugra Lab CNC Micro Mill
Product Name: Naugra Lab CNC Micro Mill
Product Code: CNC0033

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Naugra Lab CNC Micro Mill.

Stepping Resolution: 0.003mm
Mechanical repeatability: 0.01mm
Spindle Speed 1100 - 11000 RPM
Travel: X = 300mm, Y = 146mm, Z = 153mm
Adjustable tapered brass gib on X-axis
Ground steel sliding ways with adjustable brass gib
Rapid Travel of 30 in/min
Universal Standard G-Code import
Precision Mechanics
Box way Z-axis assembly with ground steel plate and tapered brass gib
Hard anodized aluminum table
1/2" (12.7mm) 20 pitch Cr-Mo lead screws

Complete System Includes:-
MicroMill with New Powerful 1/4 HP spindle motor.
Pulley set with the drive belt.
Any one 3mm / 4mm / 6mm collet with collet closer.
Electronic Chopper Driver Unit.
Input/Output Port Included.
200 oz-in. stepping motors.
Custom Win XP Mach 3 control software interface.
4th Axis Amplifier and Port (optional)
Printer cable, power cable.

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