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Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer

Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer
Product Name: Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer
Product Code: AUTO-IN-4003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

 Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer.
The trainer consists of a standard Automatic Air conditioning system used in Automobiles. It consists of the HVAC unit; the compressor is driven by an electric motor. (In automobiles, the engine drives the compressor.) The motor power is transferred to the compressor through the electric clutch.The Control Panel consists of the control knob for selection of Air conditioning mode, temperature controller. The actuators of HVAC unit are controlled by this control panel. A hot liquid tank is used to generate hot water for heating coil & supplied by a magnetic pump which can handle hot liquids. (In automobiles, heating is provided by Engine coolant from radiator). To power the automotive electric system, a battery is included with the trainer. A separate battery charger is used to charge the battery for experimentation.

Features :
The unit provides a complete simulation of the following elements of a fixed orifice tube cycling clutch climate control system:

  • Condenser
  • Fixed orifice tube
  • Compressor
  • Suction Accumulator
  • Evaporator Core
  • Hp-Service Valve
  • LP-Service Valve
  • Clutch cycling pressure switch AC pressure cut-off switch
  • Air distribution system controls-dashboard.
  • Blower motor control
  • Manifold gauge simulation
  • Leak detector simulator
  • Experiments Manual
  • Test Lead and Jumper cables
Pressure Switch Clutch cycling pressure switch AC pressure cut-off switch
Motor Blower motor control
Accessories Test Lead and Jumper cables
Tube Fixed orifice tube

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