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Shock Absorber Trainer

Shock Absorber Trainer
Product Name: Shock Absorber Trainer
Product Code: AUTO-IN-4004

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Shock Absorber Trainer.

The shock absorber is used to sustain & absorb the shock & jerk during working / running condition of machine / Vehicle. This trainer is designed to demonstrate the performance of shock absorber at different operating conditions. The setup includes a shock absorber with the fixed load placed over it. The shock absorber is attached to a follower which rests on a cam driven by the Electric motor through a reduction gearbox. The motor speed is controlled using a Variable Frequency Drive.A linear potentiometer is used to measure the compression of the shock absorber. The potentiometer is connected to the data acquisition card which displays the displacement with respect to time in graphical format. By changing the shock absorbers the performance of each of them can be compared.

Motor D.C. Motor with Speed Controller & ON/OFF Switch
Sensor Displacement Sensor
Plates Weight Plates
Gear Box Reduction Gear Box

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