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Universal Testing Lab Machine

Universal Testing Lab Machine
Product Name: Universal Testing Lab Machine
Product Code: UMT-0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Universal Testing Lab Machine.
Universal Testing Machine is designed for testing metals and other materials under tension, compression bending, transverse and shear loads. Hardness test on metals can also be conducted. 1000KN, is designed to perform tensile, compression, bending and shear tests on most widely varying materials, both in form of test pieces and as finished products. Hardness test on metals can also be performed. The equipment is calibrated in accordance with B.S. 1610 and I.S. 1828-1993. UTM comply with grade ‘A’ of B.S. 1610: 1964 and grade 1.0 of I.S. 1928-1993
Salient Features

        Loading Accuracy as high as ±1%
        Straining rate to cover a wide range of materials
        Continuous roll type load elongation recorder
        High reading accuracy due to large size and design of dial
Simple controls to facilitate ease of operation
Fully enclosed and protected load measuring system
Wide range of standard and special accessories including load stabilizer
Robust straining frame
Suitable for standard specimen and also structures.
Motorized UP / DOWN movement of lower crosshead to enable easy and rapid fixing of test specimen.
 Auto load selection facility

The machine consists of Straining Unit, Control panel (Power pack, complete with drive motor and an oil tank, control valve, a pendulum dynamometer, a load indicator system and an autographic recorder

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