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Hot Press

Hot Press
Product Name: Hot Press
Product Code: MFP0007

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Hot PressHot Press.

Hot Press is used to press and paste the mica to the board. In this machine the mica and the particle board are bonded together with the help of adhesive and heat of electrical heaters. The adhesive is applied on the board the mica and are placed in the machine. The heaters at the set temperature are heated and maintain that temperature automatically and the bottom plates of the press with the help of a switch start moving toward the upward direction. At the set pressure the plate will stop and start moving downward at the interval set by the user. Remove the board, mica is pasted on the board is ready for use.

Size of Hot Press 8' x 4'
Working height of machine 33 in
Material of Heating element Aluminum
Operating type Hydraulic
Mode of heating Electrical
Motor power required 3 HP
Working heating temperature 150 C
Maximum pressure 1500 PSI
Pressure in tons 40 Tons
Time taken to paste both side of mica 5 minutes
Day light 350 mm
No of day light 1no.
Electrical Power including heaters 20 kw
Area required for working 16 x 12 ft
Weight of the machine 2800 kgs (approx.)


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