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Beam Saw Machine

Beam Saw Machine
Product Name: Beam Saw Machine
Product Code: MFP0009

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Beam Saw Machine.

Maximum Cutting Height 75 mm
Maximum Cutting Length 3 mtrs
Maximum Cutting Width 3 mtrs
Diameter of Main Saw Blade 350 mm
Bore of Main Saw Blade 30 mm
Diameter of Scoring Saw Blade 150 mm
Bore of Scoring Saw Blade 45 mm
No of Stopper 4 pcs
Mode of Measurement Digital Readout
Motor Power of Main Saw Blade 5 hp
Motor Power of Scoring Saw Blade 1 hp
Feed motor power 1/2 hp
Air Table Motor Power 1/2 hp
Table Type Air Table
Compressed Air Required 8 bar

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