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Trunk Folding Machine

Trunk Folding Machine
Product Name: Trunk Folding Machine
Product Code: SCB0009

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Trunk Folding Machine.

Trunk Folding Machine .

Heavy duty hand operated trunk folding machines specially suitable to form heavy and large right angle and curved folds on the sides of the trunks and also suitable for folding the sides of trays and various other similar articles with help of suitable dies, operation through the bed by eccentric shaft raising and lowering the top beam, top beam has adjustment for height, complete with one M.S. bending die for 90° (square) bends, a set of gauges and bench mounting stand.

Width of sheet s 24.1/2" 36.1/2" 48.1/2" 51.1/2" 78"
Max. Capacity 20 swg. 20 swg. 20 swg. 20 swg. 20 swg.


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