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Bending Roller

Bending Roller
Product Name: Bending Roller
Product Code: SCB0010

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Bending Roller.

Bending Roller .

Hand operated slipout type bending rollers are specially designed for bending sheet into complete cylinders or curving them to suit different type of panel work equipped with a set of 3 mild steel properly machined, rollers, two rolls having grooves for permitting sheets previously wired, the front bottom roll has adjustment to suit various thickness of materials being admitted where as the back roll has adjustment for various dia. of cylinders to be formed, slipout type ideal for taking out rapidly formed small dia. cylinders without distortion, mounted on, stand:   Conical Bending Rollers Indigenous make hand operated conical bending roller suitable to form the cones from bucket body blanks with standard uniform taper as required in buckets, capacity to handle up to 20 swg. thick steel sheets and admits maximum width of sheets up to 18' Die of three conical rolls 3.7/8" at one end 2" at other end; top roll adjustable for various thickness end rear roll adjustable varying dia. of different sizes so buckets, complete mounted on heavy bench stand.

Max. width 12" 18" 24" 24" 36" 36" 48" 48"
Cap. in M.S. Swg. 24 24 20 18 20 18 20 18
BENDING ROLLERS (Heavy Duty) Hand operated heavy duty GEARED BENDING ROLLERS (Slipout type)
Bending Capacity        
M.S. Width & Thickness 3" x 1/6" 4" x 1/8" 4" x 1/4" 4" x 3/8"
  6" x 1/8" 6" x 1/4" 6" x 3/8" 8" x 1/8"
  8" x 1/4" 8" x 3/8"

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