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Structures Test Frame

Structures Test Frame
Product Name: Structures Test Frame
Product Code: STC0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Structures Test Frame.
Structures Test Frame Lab Equipments Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters Structures Test Frame

Description of Structures Test Frame

    A lightweight yet strong bench-mounting frame that holds interchangeable experiment modules and instrumentation from the AII Structures  Tester range.
    The frame has specially designed slots and self-positioning nuts that hold the Structures experiments and instruments. This fixing system is quick and easy to use. It allows students to change, position and secure each experiment. Adjustable feet support the frame to allow students to level the apparatus before use.
    Supplied in kit form  with instructions for use and a text book.

Features of Structures Test Frame

    A strong frame that holds the experiments of AII’s Structures Test range
    Holds the interchangeable experiment modules and instruments of AII’s Structures Test range
    Strong, bench-mounting frame
    Easy-to-use fixings and slots so students can quickly set up, remove or change experiments
    Also ideal for holding experiments during storage

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