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Portbale Electric Shears

Portbale Electric Shears
Product Name: Portbale Electric Shears
Product Code: SMH0012

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Portbale Electric Shears.

Portbale Electric Shears .

The portable electric shear is very useful and an indispensable tool in all workshops, assembly line, erection sites, coach building shops, tin smith and alike industries as it is handy, convenient and easily accessible to different types of shearing jobs in various materials upto 3 mm thickness (in M.S. with tensil strength 45kg sqr. mm.) for straight, round, ovel, curved and/or irregular shapes at rapid speed reducing thereby the production and maintanance cost considerably. A moving cutter moves against a stationary one in the anvil. The cutting speed is high and there is no loss of material. While a shear can be used for splitting sheets where the resistance to bending is not great, they are not recommended for cutting across wide and thick plates. On heavier gauges of material they should be regarded as trimming shears, main portion remaining flat; while the cut portion is bent away beneath the anvil. The anvil is designed so that scribed lines are well in view and are easily followed allowing straight lines and curves to be easily cut. The minimum cutting radius is approximately 3.1/2lnch. Blades are of special die steel and are of simple design. They are of sufficient length to stand fro 10 to 15 grindings. The motor is for intermitent operation and is of fan cooled type, suitable for operation on AC. 220 volts, single phase, 50 cycles with built-in "ON" "OFF" Switch, 2 meter long cable and plug.  Extra accessories: Spare blade Carbon brush

Maximum shearing capacity 3 mm (1/8")
Number of shear strokes at max. load 900 per min.
Number of shear strokes unloaded 1000 per min.
Shearing/cutting speed 2 Mtr. per Min.
Nominal input 550 watts.
Voltage 220 V
Weight (Approx.) 6.8 Kgs.

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