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Phote-Electro-Mechanical Integration Training System

Phote-Electro-Mechanical Integration Training System
Product Name: Phote-Electro-Mechanical Integration Training System
Product Code: MEH0005

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Phote-Electro-Mechanical Integration Training System.

- Installation and debugging of pneumatic system project:
- The installation of electrical control circuit and PLC programming projects:
- Mechanical and electrical equipment installation and debugging project
- Automatic control system installation and debugging project

consists of aluminum alloy guide rail type training platform, feeding mechanism, feeding material testing mechanism, carrying mechanism, material delivery and sorting mechanism, etc. Mechanisms are closely connected, students are freely to assemble and debugging.
control system adopts modules combination type, it consists of touching screen module, PLC module, inverter module, button module, power source module, wiring terminal strip and kinds of sensors. The touching screen module, PLC module, inverter module, button module are required to combine, install and debug during experiments.
MK-MET010 will help user learn kinds of technology, eg. motor drive, mechanical drive, pneumatic, touching screen control, PLC, sensor, frequency control etc. It offers one typical integration training environment for user to finish related technology training.
training system includes auto detection technology, pneumatic technology, PLC, electrical control circuit, inverter application, touching screen application, auto control technology teaching, mechanical system installation and debugging and system maintenance & faults detection training items.
Working Source: Three phase five wire system AC 380 V±10%, 50 Hz;
Training table overall size: 1200mm×800mm×840mm;
Frame material: Aluminium steel;
Whole set consumption apparent power: ≤1.5 KVA
Safety protection measurement: Grounding protection, leakage overload over current protection; adopting high insulating safety type socket and high strength safety experiment wires. 

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