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Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing

Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing
Product Name: Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing
Product Code: MEH0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing.

Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing Lab Equipments Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters

Journal bearings execute a sliding motion between a bearing journal and a bearing shell. This sliding motion is usually lubricated by an intermediate medium.
 Hydrodynamic journal bearings give wear-free continuous duty for large diameters at high rotational speeds, and are suitable for high and shock-type loading. They are usually constructed as split bearings. Frictional heat occurring during operation must be dissipated by the lubricant.
The is a horizontally split hydrodynamic pedestal journal bearing. The bearing shells are supported from a face in the spherical bearing housing so as to ensure uniform transfer of any forces that arise to the bottom housing. The journal bearing is lubricated by a loose lubricating ring. Standard commercially available mineral oils can be used.
An auxiliary shaft is supplied together with the bearing as an aid to assembly and functional testing.

    Learning Concept For Assembly Exercises On An Upright Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing
    Stainless Steel Drive Shaft
    Oil Lubrication
    Floating Edge Seal To Seal The Face Of The Shaft
    Sealing Of Contact Faces Of Housing Halves With Non-Setting Sealing Compound
    Complete Assembly Tool Kit
    Journal bearing parts and tools housed in a sheet-steel tool box .

Technical Data

    Bearing bore: D=80mm
    Drive shaft: nominal diameter: D=80mm


    Bearing housing: grey cast iron
    Bearing shells: steel supports, coated with white metal
    Seal: ultra-heat-resistant, fibre-reinforced plastic
    Shaft: stainless steel

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