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Naugra Lab Rotary Shaker

Naugra Lab Rotary Shaker
Product Name: Naugra Lab Rotary Shaker
Product Code: Shak0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Naugra Lab Rotary Shaker.

Rotary Shaker (Platform Type)

Body made out of thick mild steel sheet finished in staving enamel paint heavy-duty motors of suitable capacities are provided for long time, continuous operation.

Fixed speed and variable speed models are offered. 

Platform provided with rubber discs or wire partitions to hold flasks.

To work on 220V AC to 50 Hz single phase.

Optional:- 0-60 minutes timer.

Platform  Size  Holding Cap     Motor HP

45x45 cm 25 flasks of 100 ml    0.25

55x55cm  25 Flask of 250 ml    0.25

90x90cm 49 flaks of 250 ml     0.25 100x100cm       81 flasks of 500 ml   1

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