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Naugra Lab Plethysmometer

Naugra Lab Plethysmometer
Product Name: Naugra Lab Plethysmometer
Product Code: INS0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Naugra Lab Plethysmometer.

The Digital Plethysmometer is a highly useful tool to evaluate the inflammatory response experimentally induced in small rodents and to screen potential anti-inflammatory or anti-oedema properties of pharmacological substance. 
Digital Plethysmometer is a micro controlled volume meter, specially designed for accurate measurement of the rat / mouse paw swelling.
The control unit can be zeroed between successive readings by pressing the reset key, so as to avoid the error arising due to adherence of water to the paw of the animal.
For screening of inflammation or oedema in mouse or rat.
Foot switch allowing rapid hands-free experiments can be used to control the end point of the measurement.
The water displacement produced by the immersion of the animal paw in the measuring tube is reflected in to the second tube, inducing the volume displacement. 
This displacement value is recorded.

Stable & comfortable reading on graphical LCD display
No need of separate tube assembly for rat & mice
Resolution : 0.01 ml
Button touch auto- calibration mode making hassle free calibration
High accuracy : ± 0.01 ml
Easy to use pedal switch
Data entry for: Experiment Nos./ Sequence Nos./Sex of Animal / Paw : Left – Right etc.
Data storage for 100000 experiments
Provision to add experiment name, comment & animal weight(grams) in the software report.
Six Point Calibration 0.50ml, 1.00ml, 2.00ml, 3.00ml, 4.00ml & 5.00ml.
Software for PC Connectivity using RS232 serial interface for data transfer and report generation with graphical presentation.

Accuracy : ± 0.01ml
Calibration : Auto and Manual
Resolution : 0.01ml
Display : GLCD
Material of composition : Methacrylate, S.S. 304
Animals to be tested : Mouse, Rat
PC Connectivity : By Using RS232 Cable

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