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Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

Los Angeles Abrasion Machine
Product Name: Los Angeles Abrasion Machine
Product Code: ConcreteLab0011

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Los Angeles Abrasion Machine.

The test covers the procedure for testing coarse aggregates for resistance to abrasion.
The machine consists of a rolled steel drum having an inside dia. of 711 mm and internal length 508 mm.
The drum is rotated by a speed reducer driven by an electric motor at a speed of between 31 and 33 r.p.m.
The machine is equipped with an automatic counter, which can be preset to the required number of revolutions of the drum or the total working time.
The unit is supplied without the abrasive charge, which has to be ordered separately depending on the standard in use.

The machine is supplied without the safety cabinet and it can be upgraded with:
CE compliant safety cabinet with door opening switch.
Noise reduction and CE compliant safety cabinet with door opening switch

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