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Concrete Cover Meter

Concrete Cover Meter
Product Name: Concrete Cover Meter
Product Code: ConcreteLab0005

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Concrete Cover Meter.

Reinforcement depth measurement Bar size can be preset if known or detected automatically for survey and investigation tasks. 
For non-standard bar sizes, large diameter pipes or other pre-fabricated items.
It can also show absolute measurements that can be used to look up cover using custom tables. 
For immediate results on-site, the onscreen gauge and audio feedback rapidly pin-point rebar location and orientation. 

± 1 mm up to 60 mm cover
± 2 mm up to 120 mm
± 3 mm up to 160 mm
± 4 mm over 160 mm Automatic Bar
Sizing Accuracy ± 0.5 mm – ± 1.5 mm

Resolution : 0.1 mm
Operating Depth 6 mm bar up to 60 mm cover 40 mm bar up to 80 mm cover
Bar Resolution Bar size: 16 mm Cover: 60 mm Minimum spacing: 70 mm
Bar size: 16 mm Cover: 100 mm Minimum spacing: 110 mm
Bar size: 25 mm Cover: 130 mm Minimum spacing: 150 mm
Operating Weight 800 g Battery Operation 20 hrs

Probe with integral cable.
Battery charger.
Spare probe sole-plate.
Certificate of Conformity.
Light & tough equipment bag

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