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Industrial Drying Oven (Tray Drier)

Industrial Drying Oven (Tray Drier)
Product Name: Industrial Drying Oven (Tray Drier)
Product Code: LON-ON-0009

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Industrial Drying Oven (Tray Drier).
Triple Walled Industrial Drying Oven (Tray Drier) is Suitable for heat treatment, baking and drying applications in industries, or Institutes engaged in the production of vaccines. Tablets, Bottle Sterilizing Drying Chemicals, PCB Processing, Armature Windings, Soaking electronic components like Yoke, Coils, EHT Coils, Transformers etc.
Triple walled construction on heavy iron angle, inner chamber made of Mild steel painted with temp. resistant paint and outer finished with hammer tone paint
Forced convection system by motor & blowers fitted ensures good mixing, strong dispersion and maintains higher temperature uniformity inside the chamber & no cross contamination.
Air circulation is provided by heavy duty blower with ventilators are provided on the top of Oven.
Thermal loss is prevented by filling mineral wool (Insulation) in space between the outer body & Inner chamber.
Door Gasket fixed on the double walled door for proper sealing.
Fitted with heavy hinges with a ball catcher, spring loaded door closing device. Door is duly insulated.
Tubular Air heaters made of SS are placed at bottom and sides for uniform heat distribution.
Temperature is controlled by electronic digital temperature indicator cum controller from 50°C to 250°C ± 5°C. fitted on the front panel for easy operations.
Temperature is displayed by Digital LED with SV and PV display at front of the oven.
Front Panel is provided with ON/OFF switch, temperature controller and indicators
Supplied with other accessories but without trays & trolley
Operating Voltage: 440 Volts three phase AC supply.

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